What Color is Your Hard Hat?

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Assigning meaning to the various colors of hard hats seems to fall into the realm of necessity, convenience or both. There are however some informal practices that have evolved over the years when assigning hard hat colors and you can read more in-depth information about that here. That is also premium content that costs $ 1.00. Some transportation departments assign hard hat colors to specific stations on the job. So, a visitor’s hard hat would be green and a

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This is the original post from 2008 about hard hat colors with updated links as of 1/5/2013. This post gives examples of how some government transportation entities use hard hat colors and includes some specifically from California. It also provides OSHA information and link, some background on the Helmets to HardHats program with link, and some history of construction hard hats.

One thought on “What Color is Your Hard Hat?”

  1. We are a company http://www.addedvalueprinting.com that specializes in suppling and printing logos on safety hard hats. We are often asked if there is a standard in terms of what group should wear what color hat. The issue is that if everyone doesn’t follow these guidelines in the feild, there will be more confusin.

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