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If you’re interested in contributing articles to CI please read the writers guidelines. When you have an idea that fits those guidelines, use the form on this page to submit a title and outline of the article. We’ll definitely respond to queries we think fit the guidelines and some of those that could fit them with some changes. If you don’t hear from us in a week or two, your query probably won’t work. Don’t give up though. Sorry, can’t reply to everyone.  

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All guest posts/contributed articles will be published with “nofollow’ text links except those that point to URLs identifying source material used for the article. When including links please do so from the perspective of offering additional information and/or to identifying sources of information included in the article. We won’t publish links that are included simply for the purposes of passing page rank. A link to your professional writer’s page is encouraged. Please also include a short bio at the end of the article. We very seldom publish do-it-yourself, homeowner and home improvement content since the blog serves the construction industry and not consumers or homeowners.

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