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These are the writers guidelines. They tell how to submit ideas for publication. They also detail the kinds of things Construction Informer is looking for. Please submit articles that are complete and accurate. We will edit all articles for active sentence and paragraph structure, efficiency with words, topical focus, SEO, subject matter, clarity, and necessary fixes to grammar, spelling and punctuation. Construction Informer follows the Associated Press Style Guide for styling, and it makes publication quicker and easier if your articles use that style.

Royalty free photos, graphics, and or videos are extremely important. State availability, but best to include thumbnails with your inquiry along with links to the full sized versions.

We view readability as very important so we put each article through the Flesch-Kincaid readability test. Here are the writers guidelines readability goals:

  • Passive sentences of 10% or less
  • Reading grade level between 8th and 12th grades
  • Human interest of 30% or greater

We Don’t Publish

  • Previously published articles
  • Previously published infographics
  • Home improvement, or articles for homeowners
  • Machine-written articles
  • Advertisements parading as articles

We Look For

Your article should provide information for construction contractors, architects and/or engineers. Here are some topic examples.

  • new technologies useful for constructing buildings and infrastructure;
  • research on, and advances in building science;
  • information technology hardware and applications that people  working in the AEC industry would find useful;
  • ideas AEC business owners could use in marketing their businesses;
  • management techniques that address management issues unique to the industry;
  • case studies showing how construction/architecture companies have improved services, overcome obstacles, or improved processes;
  • Journalistic reports on news items relating to construction;
  • Interviews with construction, architecture and engineering experts that explore issues faced by the AEC industries.

Every good story needs conflict to hold reader attention. If your stories never expose the negative, or don’t even flirt with it, they are probably avoiding reality. And, readers today are looking for authenticity. The reality of the world is that for every positive there is a negative. Sure, as a PR person you are confined by your clients’ dread of the negative. So, use Construction Informer as channel to convince your clients they will get better results if they tell it like it really is. This is the place to tell stories that reveal, inform and inspire, and that aren’t sprinkled with marketing hype.

Royalty free photos, graphics, and or videos are extremely important. State availability, but best to include thumbnails with your inquiry along with links to the full sized versions.

About Links

If you write about something technical you should include links to the sources you used. We consider each outbound link on its own merits, and on how well it supports the article. Sometimes we remove links because they point to sources that aren’t closely related to this industry. In many cases we publish outbound links as “nofollow.”  When including links please do so from the perspective of offering additional information and/or to identify sources of information included in the article. We won’t publish links that are included simply for the purposes of passing page rank.  We encourage a link to your professional writer’s page. Please also include a short bio at the end of the article.

It’s Challenging

Too many articles we receive don’t present new or useful information. Or, writers don’t find a unique angle to a story that explores the topic from a fresh perspective. If you don’t work in construction, or, you don’t have construction experience, you should base your article on interviews with people who do work in the industry. Authors often go to great length telling readers about the things they face everyday. This audience already knows about those things, so introductions should quickly tell what you’ll reveal in the article.

Articles for CI are time consuming to write. They must be well thought-out, well researched and sourced, and written in context with the AEC industry. They need to use terms and phrases familiar to people in the industry. Please send a query with an outline of the article before you write it. The outline should include a title, and at least the main points you’ll cover.  Mention sources as well.

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