In Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and New York there is an attempt underway to bend the building codes a bit. In all three states the Amish have sued local governments claiming the building code requirements run counter to their religious beliefs. Now, one group has made it a federal case.

In Morristown, NY, 11 families that belong to one of the more austere Orders of the religion have brought a federal suit claiming the building codes discriminate against their religion. Apparently these Amish families don’t mind buying the building permits and following most of the requirements but there are some sticking points. They say the requirement for smoke detectors and submitting engineering plans, and allowing inspections all violate their religious beliefs.

Previously the group lost a similar suit when a town judge ruled their religion gave them no special standing to avoid compliance with building codes. There have been 10 Amish prosecuted in the town for code violations since 2006.

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