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The Best ATV Dust Masks for More Comfort & Breathability

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best ATV dust mask

ATV or All-Terrain Vehicle riding is a thrilling activity that offers a relaxing and fun time. However, there are certain rules regarding ATV safety that we should follow. One of the important things to pay attention to is protecting our lungs when riding in dusty environments.

Here’re some clues for new riders to pick the best ATV dust mask among the many pieces available:

  • Materials – I always recommend cloth masks made of soft and breathable fabrics such as microfiber polyester. These masks can ensure both elasticity and protection for riders in dusty areas. Indeed, there are other good options, including neoprene masks or mesh poly ones.
  • Breathability – An ATV face mask must offer decent ventilation for riders. As we take part in such an active outdoor sport, the sunlight or wind might be unforgiving sometimes. Therefore, it is important that we breathe just fine in our protective masks.
  • Protective features – ATV riding masks must be able to shield users against dust and dirt, which are prevalent at the sites. Furthermore, it would help if the piece could block UV rays, protecting our skin from sunburn and other harmful effects of the harsh weather.

Besides these factors, there are more clues to help us choose just the perfect mask for our outdoor activities. Among them is the pattern and style of the mask, which help us show our unique personalities.

Read on below to see the widely-loved shields used and recommended by many. Also, feel free to dig further into the buying guide to make a well-informed decision.


<strong>Featured Products</strong>

Best Overall

Terra Kuda Face Neck Gaiter Mask

– Against dust particles, UV rays
– Lightweight & stretchy microfiber fabric
– Comes in various colors and patterns


Editor’s Pick

JOEYOUNG 3D Face Sun Mask

– Block 95% Ultraviolet lights
– Soft and comfortable feels
– Ideal for any season


Premium Choice

S A Company UV Face Shield

– A valuable pack of 5 pieces
– A UPF 40 mask to block sun rays
– Stylish masks with various colors and patterns


9 Best Dust Mask for ATV Riding Reviews

1. Terra Kuda Face Neck Gaiter Mask

Another great choice of ATV dust mask for face and neck coverage is the Terra Kuda Gaiter Mask. In truth, many might already recognize the signature brand name print on the piece many workers, riders, or fishers wear.

The essential feature of this mask for ATV riding is its multi-wrap design. The brand adopts advanced fabric welding technology to ensure the mask stays on our face during the most active tasks. Therefore, it will not slip off during a road race.

Still, the best ATV dust masks must have good protection against large dust particles and different weather conditions. Luckily, many models of this mask, with their UPF 20, can keep run rays from burning our skin. Furthermore, it is good at keeping dust, bugs, sand, and dirt at the racing site at bay.

Furthermore, this dust mask for ATV is incredibly lightweight and comfortable. I was genuinely surprised by how soft and stretchy the microfiber fabric is. Furthermore, its moisture-wicking material makes the mask dry and breathable even during hot weather. I really cannot ask for more than this.

A beautiful pattern is another important thing that helps ATV racers determine their final pick. And I am happy that these masks come in multiple cool colors and designs that contribute to riders’ stylish looks.

However, washing the piece too often and with a strong cycle can make the stitches come loose. So, that’s one thing to remember when using and washing this ATV mask.
  • Multi-wrap design with advanced fabric welding technology to secure the mask
  • A good ATV dust mask against dust particles, UV rays (UPF 20 rating), sand, etc
  • Lightweight, soft, and stretchy microfiber fabric for comfortable wear
  • Wicks moisture for extremely breathable use in hot weather
  • Comes in various colors and patterns for stylish wear
  • A strong machine-washed cycle can make the stitches come loose
I deem this ATV riding mask a stylish and functional one to prevent me from inhaling dust and getting sunburnt. Anyone seeking reusable masks that are breathable and soft should consider this design.

2. JOEYOUNG 3D Face Sun Mask

The JOEYOUNG 3D Face Sun Mask is a super cool design that many ATV racers might not want to miss out on having. I love the vintage American flag and the flag & skull models, so I already purchased both.

Such an extensive collection with vivid colors and 3D designs make it hard for me to pick my favorites. It ranges from mysterious patterns to exotic prints and nature-inspired pieces. Fellow riders with different tastes can easily do group-shopping here, considering how versatile these dust masks are.

But, that’s not the only awesome thing about this face mask. I have only good comments on the UV protection of this piece. It can block nearly 95% of Ultraviolet lights from hitting our skin. With that, the mask is more impressive than many cloth shields I have used.

Furthermore, it is made suitable to wear in any weather, be it hot seasons or chilly autumns. This ATV mask’s material is high-quality Polyester microfiber, which excels at absorbing sweat really fast. Furthermore, it can cover our face against the cold winter wind.

I also adore how soft and comfortable this mask feels against my skin. It truly emits no weird odor. And while the mask allows machine washing, it cannot tolerate water temperature higher than 40℃, or else we risk ruining the sweat-absorbent feature. So, we should be careful when cleaning the piece.
  • An extensive collection with vivid colors and 3D designs
  • Good UV protection, blocking 95% Ultraviolet lights
  • Ideal for any season due to the moisture-wicking Polyester microfiber
  • Soft and comfortable feels, without weird smell
  • Requires careful cleaning, no water hotter than 40℃ allowed
This dirt bike dust mask is easily a winner in style among many cloth models available. Furthermore, its UV protection and comfort are commendable.

3. S A Company UV Face Shield

As a quality product made for outdoor activities, the S A Company UV Face Shield is surely a reliable piece for riding ATV. It does more than block the dust.

The quality material is among the reasons why many ATV drivers and outdoor workers love this piece. The brand produces its own cloth to ensure good quality for long-lasting use; that’s why the piece is machine-washable. More importantly, the fabric wicks moisture to keep it cool and breathable.

Regarding this riding dust mask’s protective features, it acts as a barrier against dust, wind, cold, and UV lights. Therefore, the fabric is a versatile tubular design, helpful in many situations and all year round.

It is common knowledge that this piece blocks dust well. However, many might not know that it is rated UPF 40 for shielding against harmful sun rays. Also, the winter cold and unforgiving wind cannot faze drivers as long as they have this piece on.

I also love the cool and stylish patterns on these ATV face masks. Scrolling through the whole collection is kind of fun, as it presents basic to plain colors, both cool skull and joker pieces. The brand even offers gorgeous purple and blue ones that can be used as bandanas.

Plus, there are five masks per pack, so it is good value for our money. However, among five pieces, one did not come in the color I ordered. So, I suppose there might be isolated shipping issues.
  • Quality cloth produced by the brand, long-lasting and machine-washable
  • Moisture-wicking mask to keep it cool and breathable
  • Versatile tubular piece used for outdoor activities and work
  • A UPF 40 mask to block sun rays, also protects against dust, wind, and cold
  • Stylish ATV masks with various color and pattern choices
  • A valuable pack of 5 pieces
  • There might be mistakes in shipping the right colors
This mask offers incredible use for any dusty environment, be it riding space or work sites. Many ATV riders love it as a racing dust mask.

4. iHeartRaves Cool Neck Gaiter Mask

The iHeartRaves Cool Neck Gaiter Mask can easily fit most face contours. It is possible simply because of the mask’s large and multi-functional design, measuring 20 inches long and 9 inches wide.

Besides, the mask material allows stretching with its 4-way elastic fabric and raw edges. Therefore, we can use this ATV dust mask to cover our neck, head, and wrist without a problem.

Needless to say, a road dust mask must be lightweight and breathable since we often face excessive heat and wind along the way. That’s why this gaiter is an excellent choice with its moisture-wicking and thin polyester material. The brand claims it absorbs users’ sweat in minutes to maintain the cool and comfortably dry feeling.

Another important requirement for off-road dust masks must be the ability to block UV light. Luckily, this gaiter can do it well. It shields my face and skin even in other outdoor activities and not just racing games.

Of course, I can’t go without mentioning some cool models the mask has. Among them, my favorites are the rainbow skeleton and galaxy patterns. Anyone who prefers basic design can go for the dripping moon, star search, or tribal pieces. There are also colorful and vivid prints for those who want to stand out in the crowd.

However, if we don’t know how to tie the mask properly, fogging on glasses might happen.
  • A large and multi-functional design (20 inches x 9 inches)
  • Elastic material with raw edges, allowing stretching 4 ways
  • Lightweight, thin, and moisture-wicking polyester, ideal for road biking
  • Blocks UV light, dust, and wind well for racing and outdoor activities
  • Colorful and basic patterns are available, including galaxy, tribal, etc
  • Might fog the glasses if not tied properly
It is indeed among the best dust masks for preventing dust, UV rays, and sweat from affecting our performances. I would rebuy this piece without a doubt when my current pieces are worn out.

5. ATV Tek Elite Deluxe Neoprene Dust Mask

The ATV Tek Elite Deluxe Neoprene Dust Mask works well as a breathable and protective face shield for drivers and workers alike.

At first glance, we might have an impression of a heavy-duty work mask. In truth, its efficiency in blocking dust particles is as high as 99.5%. Therefore, we can trust the piece to not let our lungs clog with dirt and dust while on an off-road adventure.

As a mask for dirt dust, it is good at maintaining cool air and breathability for wearers. Even when the hot season comes, I can still use this dust mask for my tasks and occasional drives without feeling suffocated.

Furthermore, this ATV Tek mask is a good fit for any face size and contours. It comes with a 3D nose box that allows bending until it achieves a comfortable and complete seal. Furthermore, the ear loops are small yet soft enough not to hurt my ears or compromise security.

Many might not know that this mask is a versatile piece that can pass as an ATV and UTV dust mask. It is also washable without the requirement for filter removal or replacement. So, that’s one hassle task off of the list.

However, this off-road riding mask will cost a bit more than standard dust masks on the market. I think wearers can judge it for themselves if the piece is worth their investment.
  • ATV and UTV dust mask that effectively blocks 99.5% of dust particles
  • Maintains cool air and breathability for wearers in hot seasons
  • Fits various face sizes and contours with an adjustable 3D nose box
  • Soft and small ear loops to not hurt users or compromise security
  • Allows washing and long-term use without filter removal or replacement
  • Costs a bit more than other ATV dust masks
I am sure many drivers love this dust mask for their UTV and ATV riding races. From my experience, the piece is a versatile and protective shield for outdoor sports.

6. BASE CAMP Urban Dust Mask

The BASE CAMP Urban Dust Mask takes protection for ATV riders to a new level with its activated carbon filter. People can have sun protection as well as a shield against small particles with this piece on.

First of all, I love the comfortable neoprene material that makes this dust mask. It offers a tight seal to my face with its nice form. Furthermore, it is a reusable mask that allows repeated hand or machine washing without wear and tear too soon.

A safety gear piece designed for professional use, this face mask does more than block dirt. Its filtration system with activated carbon can shield us against fumes and small particles attacking our respiratory system. It works like a charm even in dusty environments like race sites.

Back to the mask design, I appreciate that it comes with an adjustable nose clip. It can be easily bent to enhance the protection ability of the mask. Besides, the ear loops are soft enough not to leave red marks and hurt my ears.

However, it might take a wash, then several days, for the initial smell of neoprene to fade. After that time, we can use this dust mask for ATV riding without worrying about any weird odor.
  • Made of comfortable and durable neoprene material for machine washing
  • Has a nice form that offers a good seal and sun barrier
  • Has activated carbon filters to block fine particles, vehicle fumes, and dust
  • Features an adjustable nose clip and soft ear loops for comfortable wear
  • Takes one wash and several days for the neoprene smell to fade
This ATV dust face mask is an excellent addition to any rider or worker’s safety gear collection. Its performance filter is excellent in keeping dust and vehicle exhaust fumes from attacking our lungs.

7. ATV Tek Dust Mask Bandana

Another quality pick especially made for off-road activities is the ATV Tek Dust Mask Bandana. It has a flawless design and great protection features that I find tricky to resist.

I bought its red model last summer, and the mask is still intact. That speaks volumes about the product’s durability. In fact, its fabric is of good quality, and frequent washing will not result in fading or losing important properties. Furthermore, it is fairly easy to rinse dirt off this mask.

Regarding the mask’s fit, its ideal length can cover our face and our neck, making sure we do not get sunburnt after hours under the harsh sunlight. Also, its ideal dimension can cover a neck size of 20 inches without tightening too much.

Yet, the most outstanding feature of this ATV Tek mask is its filters. The incorporated filtration pieces can keep 99.5% of dust particles from attacking our nose, mouth, and lung.

When we wear this ATV dust mask and goggles, fogging issues are unlikely to occur and irritate us. The thing is, this piece comes with exhaust valves that dissipate heat, vapor, and carbon dioxide well. It allows users to breathe comfortably without fatigue and avoids the condensation of glasses.

A small note, though, is that we can wear the standard helmet just fine with the mask. But it will be a bit of a hassle to put on a full-face helmet.
  • Beautiful red mask with colorfast fabric that allows multiple cleanings
  • Ideal dimensions to cover the face and a neck size of 20 inches
  • Blocks 99.5% of dust particles from entering the respiratory system
  • Features exhaust valves that dissipate heat, vapor, and carbon dioxide
  • A breathable mask that ensures no glass lens fogging
  • Not the most convenient mask to pair with a full-face helmet
All in all, this ATV Tek dust mask is a functional piece to have with other safety gear when we ride and race in harsh weather.

8. Wolfsnout All Sport Dust Mask Red

The Wolfsnout All Sport Dust Mask Red is a reusable mask that offers long-term protection and easy use for racers or workers.

What makes this gaiter stand out among other masks is its USA-made quality cell filter foam. This dust mask filter with multiple layers allows us to breathe in fresh air while working in dusty environments, be it an enclosed area or the open racing road.

Notably, with such a protection property, this motocross dust mask does not hinder breathing. We should not feel fatigued during and after wearing a face mask, and this model ensures just that. It has a roomy breathing chamber in the mouth and nose area for breathability.

Many drivers love this Wolfsnout dust mask because it can easily be worn with helmets and goggles. It takes convenience up a notch with such a unique design of a small mask attached to a long strap. With this, we do not have to take off any gear piece to wear the product.

Indeed, the quality material allows this dust mask to be used for a long time. We can easily wash the piece without taking off or disassembling anything. It is also a breeze to maneuver and maintain since there is no requirement for replacement filters.

However, the strap might be loose if we stretch it too much, so that’s one thing to pay attention to when using the piece. Other than that, it works as intended.
  • USA-made quality open-cell foam filter to block dust particulates
  • Ensures no breathing fatigue with its roomy breathing chamber
  • Conveniently worn with helmets and goggles
  • Easy to wear and remove, without taking off other gear
  • A washable mask that does not require replacing filters
  • Careful not to stretch the mask strap
The best road masks prevent users from inhaling dirt, dust, and other harmful particles prevalent outdoors. I deem this functional piece a perfect pick of an all sport off-road dust mask.

9. Novemkada Dustproof Activated Carbon Mask

I wear the Novemkada Dustproof Activated Carbon Mask for a dust-free ATV riding game, and it always works. And the protective features are not the only appeal of this well-made face mask.

I deem its design the ideal manifestation of modern masks. I can put it on like a standard face mask with a compact and low-profile design. It is a breeze to wear this item with helmets, large-sized goggles, and earplugs without obstruction.

What’s more, this helmet dust mask can filter out vehicle exhaust, dirt, and dust in the air we breathe in while at the racing site or not. We can put the piece on to block 98% of particulates, pollen, and fumes. Therefore, this mask is actually a versatile model usable in various settings.

I also notice how this mask for ATV riding is comfortable to wear. For instance, its strap is thin and soft enough while going under the ear for easy wear. Furthermore, the nose bridge is adjustable, as we can use our fingers to press until it settles nicely onto our nose.

I am also grateful that the brand includes detailed instructions for installing the filter and valves on this mask. We can keep using the piece for a long time, as long as we clean the shell often and replace the filters when necessary.

However, this mask might feel a bit warm when the weather outside is too hot and humid.
  • A standard low-profile face mask to wear with safety gear
  • Has filters to block 98% of particulates, pollen, fumes, etc
  • Thin and soft straps that allow easy wear
  • Adjustable nose bridge to conform to any face type
  • Includes detailed instruction for replacing the filters and valves
  • Feels a little warm when the weather is too hot and humid
Overall, I am always pleased to see this ATV dust mask work to block potential hazards from hurting my nose and lungs.

What to Look for When Buying ATV Dust Masks?


ATV dust masks are pretty easy to find around riding areas, where there is often dust and not many other hazardous elements. However, to find the best mask, there are many factors worth considering:

Materials – Different mask materials have specific properties that deliver comfort and breathability for long-hour wear. Choosing one among many is easy if we know what kind of features we want in the dust masks. So, here’re some common options:

  • Neoprene is not a breathable fabric, but a face mask made of neoprene is water-resistant and elastic. Therefore, it can protect wearers from light rain and offer a tight seal. Furthermore, neoprene makes durable and functional dust masks that can shield against winter wind quite well.
  • Flexible and resilient mesh nylon is another common material used for making dust masks. These masks promote free stretching, thus allowing washing and reuse without wear and tear. Furthermore, mesh products are rather breathable, ideal for making summer masks.
  • Microfiber polyester is a combination of polyamide and polyester; this material excels at wicking moisture. It is chosen to make ventilated face masks used in hot weather. Furthermore, it is rather stretchy, ideal for making bandanas, wrist bands, and more.

Protection properties – There are some face masks featuring replaceable filters, while others are just simply cloth pieces that keep dirt at bay. Of course, the price will vary, and it will help us determine a suitable piece that serves our situation well. However, please know that both designs are good at blocking dust for ATV riding and woodworking.

Usually, people use a cloth piece as their off-road dust mask as it is breathable and convenient to wear. These products can keep large dust particles from entering our lungs. Furthermore, with a broad coverage and sufficient UPF rating, it is a good mask to shield against UV light.

Still, in some cases, ATV or UTV riders prefer standard face masks with a filtration system, as they want more efficient gear to protect their respiratory system. Since there will be a compromise in terms of blocking UV rays, they should pair the mask with sunglasses or even a full-face helmet.

Fit and breathability – Any mask we wear for active outdoor sports must be breathable enough. And more importantly, make sure it fits our face contours without slipping off every 10 minutes.

The dimension and material of the cloth mask are important factors in choosing a good one. It should be stretchy enough, especially on the edges, so it can fit around our noses better.

For a standard face mask, the nose clip incorporated must allow free adjustment to achieve a good seal. Furthermore, it should come with an exhaust or cool air valve to effectively let fresh air in and hot breath out. That way, we do not feel moisture and heat build-up inside.

Patterns – Why does pattern even matter when choosing dust masks? Well, across face masks, the UPF ratings actually vary, depending on the colors or patterns the mask has. You should always ask the manufacturers or sellers to choose the desired level of protection.

Furthermore, patterns speak for our styles. And in ATV riding, the style and the thrill are a big part of the experience. So, if you love cool basic pieces, galaxy or nature-inspired designs, 3D animation, or mysterious vintage models, just take a look around. There are many available products to match your requirements.

What Are the Most Popular ATV Dust Mask Brands?


Many brands mentioned in the review above are famous manufacturers that make stylish and functional ATV dust masks. These include S A, ATV Tek, Base Camp, Terra Kuda, iHeartRaves, and more.

You can also check out a Fightech dust mask or Axsyon dust mask, which are also nice-looking face shields from reliable brands that offer decent protection.

Can N95 Masks Be Used for Dust?

Yes, N95 masks are usable for blocking hazardous dust. Still, we recommend switching to dust masks for breathability and comfort while riding ATVs.

How to Tell if My Atv Dust Mask Fits Properly?

If your mask already fits well, you will notice that:

  • The mask covers your mouth, chin, and nose without any open gaps that let the air in and out freely. With that, all the edges must form a good seal around your face. For a cloth mask, make sure it covers your neck entirely.
  • The ties, ear loops, or headbands must be tightened or hooked comfortably and securely without hurting your ears or pulling your hair. When wearing the mask, you should not feel too much constriction or pressure on your nose and cheekbones.
  • You should feel comfortable and breathable in the ATV mask without adjusting now and then.


Hopefully, among various available masks, you already have your best ATV dust mask in mind. Remember that all the protective gear must be worn readily and securely to safely enjoy outdoor activities.

On a side note, make sure you wash the mask often and wash it following the instructions to ensure hygiene and good use for a long time.

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