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The Best Eyeglass Cleaners

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best eyeglass cleaner

Eyeglasses are a precious accessory for many of us and an essential part of our lives. Either you own a pair of precision glasses for daily wear, designer sunglasses, or safety goggles for heavy-duty work, taking care of the pair’s lens is a must. Only by that do we have the ultimate clarity to handle tasks every day.

But the search for the right agent can be time-consuming due to the variety of products available. So, if you are here to find the best eyeglass cleaner, check out the widely-loved products from reliable brands below. Also, see some useful tips we gather for your eyewear maintenance. Read on!


Featured Products

Best Overall

Koala Eyeglass Spray Kit

– A safe type II Lab-grade H20 solution
– Eliminates dirt, grime, and oily fingerprints
– Leaves no white streaks after cleaning


Editor’s Pick

Optix 55 Lens Cleaner

– Works well on digital touch screens
– Comes in big 8z size and compact 2oz size for traveling
– Includes three microfiber cloths for gentle and non-scratch cleaning


Premium Choice

CarbonKlean Peeps

– Ideal for cleaning glasses with special coatings
– Ensures breezy, fast, and thorough dirt removal
– Comes ready-to-use and in a portable size


Best Eyeglass Cleaner Reviews

1. Koala Eyeglass Lens Cleaner Spray Kit

While browsing through any list of the best lens cleaners for glasses, chances are, you will come across this spray kit from Koala Lifestyle.

This spray is an American-made product known for its reliable uses on various lens coatings. There is no alcohol and ammonia in its formula, as it is produced with type II Lab-grade H20. Since we cannot use just any solution to treat special lenses to avoid damaging their effects, opting for a safe product like this one is a must.

In that case, this Koala eyeglass cleaner should be your go-to agent for AR, polarized, mirror, expensive designer sunglasses, and more. Its non-scratch solution will not penetrate the glasses while cleaning them.

Regarding its use, you can rely on the agent to eliminate dirt and grime stuck in the frame and lenses. It also helps remove fingerprints, which often contain oil that blurs the glasses. Notably, it will leave no ugly white streaks, ensuring optimal clarity for wearers afterward.

More importantly, it will not affect our health or our eyes while keeping our eyewear squeaky clean. With this biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-fragrant product, you can offer maintenance for your kids’ glasses without worry.

This value pack also includes three Japanese microfibers Koala Koths soft enough to help with daily dirt removal for the glasses lenses.

However, this one cannot offer the superb anti-fog effect that you might need to wear face masks to work with glasses.
  • A safe type II Lab-grade H20 solution with no alcohol and ammonia
  • Ideal for use on AR, polarized, mirror, expensive designer sunglasses, and more
  • Eliminates dirt, grime, and oily fingerprints
  • Leaves no white streaks after cleaning
  • A biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-fragrant product for safe use
  • Packs three soft Japanese microfiber Koala Koths for dirt cleaning
Although this eyeglass cleaning solution is not an all-rounder that solves our issue of fogging, it still can keep our eyewear clean and our special lenses intact.

2. Optix 55 Lens Cleaner Spray Kit

At a low price, the Optix 55 Kit offers superb cleaning without residues. It is among the few products that receive a perfect rating from the majority of users.

The five-star-worthy cleaner allows you to start and end your day with crystal-clear lenses. Just with some gentle wipings on the surface, all smudges and dirt stuck on your glasses will be removed. Notably, wearers can clean their anti-glare lenses with this solution without worrying about scratches.

It never ceases to amaze me how this solution works wonders on multiple digital screens. Besides eyewear, I often spray the agent on my laptop and phone touch screens to eliminate all the dirt and my oily fingerprints on their surfaces.

Another nice thing about this versatile solution is its portable size. In one package, you will get two large bottles of 8 oz and one small bottle of 2oz for traveling. Thus, we can pack the mini-size one in our pouch for daily use or vacations.

Apart from the spray, the brand also packs three microfiber cloths for gentle and non-scratch cleaning. Many people would think that these pieces are of low quality because of the package’s affordable price, but that’s far from the truth. You can reuse this premium cleaning cloth for your lenses and other electronic screens.

Lastly, while other solutions might annoy you with overwhelming scents, this one is formulated without alcohol or ammonia to emit no putrid smell.

Just a heads up, this cleaner cannot do away with condensation on eyeglasses in humid conditions.
  • Cleans anti-glare lenses with some gentle wipings
  • Works well on digital touch screens
  • Comes in big 8z size and compact 2oz size for traveling
  • Includes three microfiber cloths for gentle and non-scratch cleaning
  • An ammonia and alcohol free eyeglass cleaner with no unpleasant smell
  • At an affordable price
  • Not an anti-fog eyeglass lens cleaner
No one can deny the convenience this set of three spray bottles and cleaning clothes bring to their life. So, if you want your glasses and touchscreens to be crystal-clear always, pick this value kit.

3. CarbonKlean Peeps Eyeglass Lens Cleaner

The CarbonKlean Lens Cleaner is a modern device that makes your life easier. The brand is proud to introduce such a straightforward and convenient item for people who wear eyeglasses every day.

The technology behind this cleaner is carbon microfiber, promoting excellent efficacy when cleaning glass surfaces. Due to its advanced manufacturing process, the product is applicable to all types of eyewear lenses, even ones with special coatings like anti-scratch, anti-fog, or polarized.

Of course, removing dirt from regular pairs is a breeze with this peeps eyeglass cleaner. It rubs away all smudges and grimes stubbornly clinging on the lens surfaces. The cleaning cloth resembles “tongs”, as it clears faster and more thoroughly than traditional pieces.

You can expect no complicated installation with this convenient device. Furthermore, it is easy to hold with a measurement of 4 inches long and 1 inch thick. Just put it inside your bag and bring it everywhere you want.

Besides, we get to choose our favorite color among seven unique shades offered by the brand. I purchased the soft-touch black model for myself and the soft-touch lavender one for my daughter. You can also opt for the green, gray, red, blue, or pink pieces, which all look sleek and beautiful.

Still, this type of cleaner will be more expensive than traditional ones, considering its advanced technology. Plus, it might wear out after a year of use, so be ready to replace it with a new one after frequent use.
  • A modern cleaner with carbon microfiber technology
  • Ideal for cleaning glasses with special coatings
  • Ensures breezy, fast, and thorough dirt removal
  • Comes ready-to-use and in a portable size
  • Available in seven unique and sleek shades, including lavender, pink, green,…
  • Costs a bit more than traditional cleaners and wears out after a year
Overall, I deem this modern device the best eyeglass cleaner for coated lenses due to its gentle and thorough wiping. Also, you can purchase multiple pieces with a sophisticated matching your family members’ preferences.

4. Carl Zeiss Vision Lens Care Pack

Another highly recommended product for eyeglasses cleaner is the Carl Zeiss Vision Lens Care Pack. The set gives value to our money with its versatile applications.

In one purchase, you will get two bottles of cleaning solution measuring 8 oz each. Packed with them are two pieces of microfiber cloths made for gentle cleaning. It is not exaggerating to say that this is the best glasses cleaner set for the price.

This care pack makes our days a bit brighter with its superb clearing attributes. Firstly, the solution is formulated with 4 – 6% of isopropyl or rubbing alcohol; thus, it can keep your glasses squeaky clean. Notably, even with such a chemical, this product can be used on anti-glare and anti-scratch coatings without damaging their functions.

Best of all, there are no white streaks left on the lenses after you clean them with this agent. It does away with blurry spots that block our vision.

Regarding its applications, the solution proves to be effective on electronics screens, too. In truth, it will get rid of dust and oil stuck on your phone, laptop, computer screens, and even cameras without hassle. Just a few sprays and gentle wiping, any touch screen would be clear again for use.

However, you should keep this solution away from little children’s reach, as it is not safe to use around them.
  • Comes with two 8-oz bottles for long-term use
  • Two pieces of microfiber included for gentle cleaning
  • Formulated with 4 – 6% of isopropyl or rubbing alcohol for powerful cleaning
  • Safe for use on anti-glare and scratch-resistant coatings
  • Leaves no streak and blurry spots behind
  • Suitable for electronics screens
  • Requires to be kept beyond children’s reach for safety
Many users claim that these two big bottles can offer them sufficient eyeglass cleaning for a lifetime. That is enough to show you how cost-effective this lens care pack is.

5. Calyptus Eyeglass Lens Cleaner Spray Kit

The Calyptus Spray Kit packs three bottles and pieces of clothes for you to have the best cleaning experience. For me, it is the ideal product for daily and traveling use.

Wearing glasses requires careful maintenance, especially for premium lens finishes that help with our visibility. Those can include anti-glare, mirrored or polarized glasses for minimal visual distortion, or prescription eyewear to correct our vision,… For such pieces, this safe solution is the best companion.

It helps clean all the specks of dirt collected at our workplace or on our way to the office. The agent also eliminates oily traces of our fingers on smart devices like phones or iPad. Such a potent cleaning property is possible due to its effective formula.

If you are often irritated with the overwhelming smell of alcohol cleaners, this one is your ideal pick as it gives off no such scent. You can trust this non-toxic and natural product for daily eyewear cleaning for your families.

What the brand is proud of is not just the solution spray but also the ultra-fine dense cloth pieces in the set. They are not just any microfiber cleaning fabric but among the best ones. You can rely on them to have lint-free rubbing on your premium lenses.

However, there are some issues with the spray nozzle at first, as it drips a bit rather than smooth spraying. But it works fine after a few uses, so I do not think the bottle design is faulty.
  • Allows careful maintenance for a premium lens like polarized, prescription, etc
  • Cleans all the dirt, oily finger traces on glasses and smart devices
  • Comes with no irritating scent
  • A non-toxic and natural eyeglass cleaner spray for family use
  • Premium-quality ultra-fine dense microfiber cloths for cleaning
  • First sprays might not as smooth as expected due to the nozzle
Overall, the eyeglass cleaner cloth and the solution wipe off dirt on my eyeglasses in some seconds. They are the best to have in your pocket for a busy day with glasses on.

6. Care Touch Alcohol-Free Lens Cleaner Kit

I adore the Care Touch product quality and customer service after utilizing their Alcohol-Free Lens Cleaner Kit. All the troubles with blurry and dirty glasses are solvable with much care from this set.

This solution is undeniably quick-drying and effective, as it clears our lenses within several seconds upon contact. As the brand claims, we can “see the world in perfect clarity” after using the product to clean dirt and grimes on glasses. With this agent, preparation for work with our protective eyewear takes only a short time.

As a superior cleaner for coated lenses, the product is expected to work wonders on various surfaces. In truth, you can apply this ammonia and alcohol-free agent on transition, anti-fog, or anti-reflective lenses with utter confidence.

Offering extra help for our thorough cleaning is the microfiber cloths available in every Care Touch set. It is made of extra-fine fiber, making sure no scratches and hazes are left on the surfaces after cleaning. As a result, many users love to clean their phone screens and camera lenses with this product.

As I said before, another thing that makes many buyers loyal to this eye glasses lens cleaner is the brand’s responsive service. Also, they wrap every cloth wipe individually, so the package comes in perfect condition for use right away.

Lastly, you can smell a bit of rose perfume, but it disappears after a month or two. So its formula cannot keep the scent for long, not after exposure to air.
  • A quick-drying and effective lens cleaner for eyeglasses
  • Eliminates dirt and grimes for us to see clearly
  • Ammonia & alcohol-free agent for transition, anti-fog, anti-reflective lenses
  • Offers thorough yet no-scratch cleaning with extra-fine microfiber cloths
  • Responsive customer services and thoughtful wrappings
  • The rose perfume scent fades after a month or two
I am glad the cleaner does not emit a putrid smell that triggers allergic reactions. More importantly, the kit provides everything we need for glasses and screen maintenance.

7. EVEO Eyeglass Cleaner Spray

The EVEO Eyeglass Cleaner Spray draws my attention with its sleek bottle design and exceeds my expectation with premium cleaning service. I can see why optical stores choose this product for their customers.

This care kit becomes my companion for eliminating dirt and oily smudges on my prescription glasses and my iPhone screen. It does not damage the eyewear lens or ruins the electronic device’s touch-screen feature, so I am happy to utilize the product for a long time.

While handling tasks at the workplace, you might need a soft cloth to wipe off moisture or marks on your glasses from time to time. In that case, Evevo offers two cleaner clothes to help you quickly get the lens clarity back. These high-quality wipes are reusable, saving you much trouble and money buying disposable products.

The set is truly a bang for the buck as it comes with two bottles of 4 oz cleaning liquid and two high-tech fiber towels. Such combination ensures no yucky residues or films on your lenses after a thorough cleaning. Furthermore, they even reduce static electricity for the eyewear, making it less subjected to static dust.

Another perk of this eyeglass cleaner is the absence of a weird smell and strong fragrance, unlike many alcohol-based products in the market. It allows us to clean the lenses without feeling overwhelmed by the irritating scent.

However, some users wish for large-size eyeglass cleaner wipes as the cloth is a tad too small for them to clean without touching the other side of the lens with bare hands.
  • Eliminates dust for prescription glasses and various digital screens
  • The high-quality wipes are soft and reusable, thus convenient for daily use
  • Bang-for-the-buck set with two cleaner bottles and two high-tech fiber towels
  • Cleans without leaving yucky residues or films
  • Reduces static electricity on eyeglass lenses
  • Emits no weird smell and strong fragrance
  • The cleaning cloth is a tad smaller than desired
This care kit stands out with its great design, quality wipes, and functional spray solution for this price range. I will always come back for more.

8. Optix 55 Lens Cleaner Anti Fog Spray for Glasses

If you scroll this list to find a defogging and cleaning solution in one bottle, stop right here. Check out the Optix 55 Lens Cleaner Anti Fog Spray to see why it is essentially what you need.

This mini-size spray measuring 2 oz delivers multi-functions for glasses wearers. First of all, it helps remove dirt on lenses without scratching their surfaces. You can rely on it to have crystal-clear viewing with your eyewear throughout the day.

The included microfiber cleaning cloth does a good job of wiping off dust, too. You can bring both of them in your pocket while going to work. Besides, thanks to the small towel, there will be no streaks left on the glass lenses after cleaning.

Notably, this spray solution is applicable for various eyewear types, even ones with special anti-reflective coating. You can also use both the agent and the cloth to eliminate fingerprints or smudges on all kinds of sport and safety goggles, glass windows, scopes, shields, and more.

Yet, the thing that makes the Optix 55 lens cleaner stand out is its ability to reduce fogging issues. Hence, you can spray the liquid on your glasses and continue work while wearing masks without suffering from blurry and misty spots.

Of course, you should follow the directions to make the product work as intended. The solution might take several sprays and some more minutes to settle before you can wipe it off.
  • Defogger and cleaner in one bottle
  • Offers crystal-clear viewing after removing dirt without scratches
  • Ideal for various eyewear pieces, even ones with anti-reflective coating
  • Eliminates smudges on sport, safety goggles, glass windows, scopes, shields, …
  • Reduces fogging to wear glasses with masks
  • Takes several sprays and some more minutes to settle to work as intended
In the COVID-19 pandemic, this cleaning and defogging spray will be a big help for many workers. If you work in medical care, on the construction site, or in a laboratory, equip yourself with this best lens cleaner for glasses.

9. Leader 25 C- Clear Lens Cleaning Solution

Keep your eyeglass in mint condition with the Leader 25 C- Clear Lens Cleaning Solution. It is a fantastic solution for not only your goggles but multiple screens and shields.

Besides dust, grease and oil are stubborn smudges that cling to your safety glasses at the end of the workday. To eliminate such dirt with ease, you can apply this concentrated solution to the lens surface. It will penetrate and remove all grimes with just a few drops and wipings.

You should also know that this agent’s formula contains no silicone and alcohol. Thus it is safe for use on polycarbonate, glass, and even plastic surfaces. So, this multi-functional solution can be your companion in cleaning various work gear, including face respirators, CRT screens, microscopes, or protective goggles.

Apart from cleaning thoroughly, the product can leave a film that resists fog and minimizes static dust. Those attributes can maintain our eyewear’s clarity all day without condensation and excessive dust. Hence, you should be able to put on face masks to handle tasks without trouble.

Plus, this purchase can be of excellent use for you for an extended time. At a reasonable price, you get in return a 16-oz bottle of powerful solution that serves multiple purposes.

Still, I am a bit bothered by its distinct fragrance for some minutes during application. After that, the scent fades, so it’s honestly no big deal.
  • Penetrates and removes oil, grease, and dirt
  • No silicone and alcohol, thus safe for use on polycarbonate, glass & plastic
  • Cleans face respirators, CRT screens, microscopes, or protective goggles
  • Allows the lenses to resist fogging and minimizes static dust
  • Long-term use with a 16 oz of solution
  • There is some distinct scent that fades after some minutes
The minor downside should not prevent you from experiencing all excellent functions this eyeglass cleaner offers. You can ensure all-day clarity for your lens as it can resist condensation and static dust after being treated with the solution.

10. Flents Wipe ‘N Clear Eyeglass Lens Cleaner

We can hardly say no to a wide-ranging product that does more than just cleaning. And the Flents Lens Cleaner is among those irresistible solutions.

Office workers who spend most of their time in front of computer screens should always wear blue-light blocking lenses. If you own such a pair, having a cleaner suitable for your glasses like this one is a must. The agent will not damage the function of those lenses while ensuring optimal visibility for your eyes.

Another thing that this lens cleaner does is reducing static on eyewear lenses. This is for the glasses to attract less dust when you perform at the construction site, garages, and more.

Nothing is more annoying than cleaning your glasses and seeing multiple tiny white streaks on the lens surfaces afterward. Luckily, such inconvenience will not occur when you use this streak and residue-free solution. After eliminating all grime and smudges, it will leave the surface squeaky clean.

Furthermore, this one is also a fast-drying lens cleaner in an easy-to-spray bottle. Utilizing it will shorten our preparation time before work, allowing us to have a stress and hassle-free application within some minutes.

If you want to bring this agent along to clear your goggles during work, it is better to purchase a smaller-sized bottle measuring around 2 oz. Otherwise, packing this 8-oz spray inside your pouch will take much space for other gear and stuff.
  • Perfect for cleaning blue light blocking lenses
  • Reduces static, making the lenses attract less dust
  • Free of white streaks and residues after cleaning
  • Eliminates grimes and smudges easily
  • A fast-drying lens cleaner
  • Comes in an easy-to-spray bottle for quick application
  • A large bottle of 8 oz might not be ideal for bringing along
The bottom line is, other than the big bottle size, this product delivers what we need for our lens cleaner product: effective and easy to use.

11. Onwon Mini Eyeglass Microfiber Cleaner

The Onwon Mini Eyeglass Microfiber Cleaner is a pocket-size item that helps you with dirty lenses anywhere, anytime. I think everyone who wears prescription glasses should have one of these clips inside their pouch.

I deem this set a real bargain as it comes with five cleaning clips that can be used among my family members. Each of them has one in their favorite colors: red, blue, black, yellow, or green.

Regarding its construction, you can see the item resembles a clip featuring a soft brush on each arm. The plastic frame holds a microfiber cleaning cloth that will get rid of dirt stuck on your lenses in several circular moves. More importantly, it leaves no trace or scratches after cleaning gently and thoroughly.

This cleaner is the best for a quick clearing before work or after a shift in a dusty workplace. Anytime you see blurry spots or too much static dust on the goggles, just take the clip out and wipe both sides of the lenses a bit. And voila! You are ready to work again, with crystal-clear vision.

Besides, this mini lens brush is super lightweight and small in size. Thus, everyone can pack it along with other essentials before going to work or traveling.

However, I cannot say these pieces are durable, as they require replacement after a few months of use. Luckily, this multiple-pack product is budget-friendly, so purchasing it is cost-effective after all.
  • Offers give pieces of cleaning clips in one affordable package
  • Comes in random colors, including: red, blue, black, yellow, or green
  • Features soft brush for gentle cleaning without leaving traces and scratches
  • Ideal for quick cleaning to eliminate blurry sports and static dust
  • Super lightweight and compact for easy carrying
  • Requires replacement after a few months of frequent use
All in all, there is no need to purchase a spray solution if you have this convenient brush clip in hand. It allows us to have excellent clarity throughout the day, especially during hectic work shifts.

12. Crizal Glasses Cleaner

Owning a pair of anti-reflective sunglasses or safety goggles requires us to look closely when purchasing lens care products. To shorten such a long search, let me introduce this doctor-recommended solution – the Crizal Glasses Cleaner.

The agent delivers what the brand promises us, which is a crisp and clear vision. You can remove dirt, grimes, and oils all together in several wipes, leaving streak-free lenses. That way, you can say goodbye to all the smudges, moisture, and blurry stains that hinder your visibility at work.

Besides work gear like safety goggles, anti-reflective glasses, or blue light blockers, this wide-raging agent works like a charm on various surfaces. You can clean the dust and oily fingerprints on computer and phone touch screens with several sprays of this solution. Besides, feel free to wipe telescopes, microscopes, and camera lenses, too.

It is a delight to find a potent yet safe and gentle on special lens coating. And it is even better when optical doctors recommend that product. Such qualification can put your mind at ease while using the solution on expensive designer sunglasses and more.

There will be two 2-oz spray bottles and two pieces of soft microfiber cloth in this valuable purchase. You can keep them neatly inside your pocket while working or going out; they will not take much space.

If there’s anything that I want an upgrade for this product, that will be its big nozzle. I think a narrower one would save us from wasting much liquid for one cleaning session.
  • Doctor-recommended solution for a crisp and clear vision
  • Removes dirt, grimes, and oils all together for streak-free lenses
  • Ideal for safety goggles, anti-reflective glasses, or blue light blockers
  • Effective on digital gadgets, telescopes, microscopes, and camera lenses
  • Potent yet gentle and safe on special and expensive coatings
  • A valuable purchase with two 2-oz bottles and two soft microfiber cloths
  • The nozzle should be narrower
Overall, we can rely on this best eyeglass cleaner, especially for our high-end and special lens coating, supporting our visibility.

13. Cleanix Glasses Cleaner Kit

We can see through crystal-clear lenses when having the Cleanix Glasses Cleaner Kit by our side. Plus, this multiple-package set is widely loved among families due to its versatility.

Many buyers value a safe cleaning formula that does not harm their coated eyeglasses. If you are among them, purchasing this alcohol-free solution makes excellent sense. It is marketed to be usable for all lenses, including regular glasses and ones with a unique finish.

With the help of this agent, dirty laptop and phone screens or dusty camera lenses will no longer be an irritating problem for many of us. In truth, it eliminates all grimes and oils on such surfaces with some sprays and several wiping using a soft cloth.

If you do not have a microfiber towel for such cleaning, worry not, as this package offers you three pieces of high-quality cloth. As a result, you can comfortably bring back spotless surfaces without needing any complicated and expensive tools.

And I am sure that the brand packaging will be a pleasant surprise for you, as they wrap each set separately and carefully. You will not experience careless wrapping, leaking liquids, or any inconvenience when shopping for Cleanix products.

However, if you expect the solution to offer you a fog-free lens even with a face mask on, it will slightly disappoint you. That is because the product only cleans well, and it is not ideal for defogging shields and goggles.
  • A safe formula with no alcohol, ideal for coated lenses
  • Cleans dirty laptop and phone screens, dusty camera lenses, and more
  • Features three microfiber towels for thorough cleaning
  • Careful package without faulty wrapping or leaking fluids
  • Not for defogging glasses and shields
After all, this set is the perfect pick for clearing your eyeglasses with special finishes and coatings. If you have digital screens and camera lenses to take care of, the solution can help, too.

14. Better Seeing Eyeglass Cleaner Kit

A good product does more than just clean, it becomes a part of our life that makes work and daily routine go smoothly. For me, the Better Seeing Eyeglass Cleaner Kit is such a great companion in that sense.

If you take care of your eyewear since day one, it will always look new. And since the lenses require more maintenance effort, it is advisable to choose a high-quality cleaner like this American-made solution from Better Seeing. You can trust its magic to make your lens squeaky clean without spots and stains.

The notable feature of this agent is its smear-free technicolor. With that, it offers us twice the clarity regular products do and zero of the annoying smudges. For your information, the brand has tested their cleaner kit on various objects to prove its superb efficacy.

I appreciate that the solution covers a wide range of applications, from the glasses we wear to our gadgets. For instance, it helps you get rid of oily prints on iPad, Kindle, laptop screens, and even camera lenses.

If you are in a hurry or in the middle of tasks, the premium cleaning cloth included in this package can provide a quick wipe. It eliminates dust and condensation on our eyewear lenses in a few circular moves of our hands, allowing us to get back to work right away.

Regarding its small travel size of 2 oz per bottle, this kit can cost you a bit more than many competing products.
  • An American-made product for reliable use
  • Smear-free technicolor for superb clarity and zero smudges
  • Cleans various devices, including glasses to electronic gadgets, camera lenses
  • Packs a premium cleaning cloth for quick wiping
  • Comes in a small size bottle of 2 oz for traveling
  • A bit pricer than many competing lens cleaners
If you spend big money on high-end glasses, it will be better to utilize this quality kit to care for the pair. It will ensure long-lasting clarity for brand-new-looking eyeglasses.

15. Foame The Eyeglass Cleaner

Another entry that should impress many users is the Foame The Eyeglass Cleaner. The solution is a different kind of cleaning agent, yet it provides excellent results.

Using this foaming shampoo is like taking a bath for your glasses. Its formula is potent enough to lift bacteria off your eyewear lenses. In other words, the product disinfects the whole piece, leaving us with clean glasses to wear in medical workplaces and laboratory conditions.

This superior anti-bacterial cleaner encourages users to discard the old ways of cleaning dirt and grime on glasses. It adopts a more effective and radical method that makes sure no harmful germs would attack our eyes and harm our vision in the long term. It cares more about our health than just lens clarity.

Besides better hygiene for daily eyewear, we can also ensure our goggles and shields sparkle like a new piece. In truth, the foaming agent creates no residues on treated surfaces. Also, it leaves no scratches that can hindrance our visibility later. Hence, we can trust us with expensive and high-end glasses.

Yet, some of us might be under the impression that this product is tricky to use. But that’s not the case at all, as the shampoo only requires a quick application, careful rubbing, then gently rinsing off with water. After some minutes of cleaning, your glasses are ready for the next day’s tasks.

Beyond that, you should purchase microfiber cloth to aid cleaning since this package does not include the item.
  • A foaming shampoo that lifts bacterias of glass lenses
  • Ideal for work in the medical field, laboratory conditions
  • The anti-germ formula for more effective cleaning
  • Offers better hygiene and lens clarity
  • Leaves no scratches and residues
  • Easy to use: a quick applying, careful rubbing, and gently rinsing off
  • There is no microfiber cleaning cloth included
Overall, I would recommend this product if you want to disinfect your glasses for better hygiene and more transparent lenses. Plus, it does not cost as much as you might imagine.

16. Zeiss Lens Cleaner Spray

We cannot complete our list without mentioning the five-star-worthy Zeiss Spray. After utilizing this product for some time, I can attest that its function is worth the hype.

You can expect the best service from this cleaning agent and its high-tech formula. Some sprays of the potent liquid will eliminate signs of dirt, blurry fingerprints, oily stains, and other smudges off the eyewear lenses.

It wastes no time to clean our glasses so that we can prepare for work faster. The quick-drying formula contributes significantly to this feature. Thus, I can trust the cleaner to bring back sparkly lenses in no time to handle my tasks with optimal clarity.

Furthermore, no ammonia is included while producing this solution, making it a safe product for various devices. I often spray this fluid on my film camera lens to lift off dirt stuck on it. According to the brand’s claim, you can also use the agent on binoculars, scopes, touch screens to enjoy superb cleaning.

Along with four bottles of solution measuring 8 oz each, you are provided with four microfiber cleaning cloths. The complete set saves us much trouble for purchasing soft towels.

The thing is, most buyers, including me, buy this package to refill pocket-size bottles. If you want to bring the solution on short trips or to the work site, you should put it in a smaller bottle with spray.
  • Adopts a high-tech formula that eliminates dirt, blurry fingerprints, oily stains, …
  • A quick-drying agent for effortless cleaning
  • No ammonia, thus safe for use on various devices
  • Versatile product that is applicable on the camera lens, binoculars, touch screens
  • Comes with four 8oz bottles and four cleaning cloths
  • Should be put in a smaller-size bottle for traveling
This lens and screen cleaner gets the job done, requiring minimal effort from us. Hence, I consider it a worthwhile investment for long-term use.

What to Look for When Buying Eyeglass Cleaners?


The selection of the best eyeglass cleaners will be different depending on your specific eyewear type with special lenses and so on. Most people want versatile products that work on different glasses and devices. Others need an eyeglass cleaner for transition lenses or their only piece of safety goggles.

If you are still in the dark with the whole process, check out these essential factors that help you decide:

Safe for special coatings – Most of us do not only wear regular glasses, as our piece often comes with different finishes or coatings for a better vision. That’s why a non-scratching, alcohol and ammonia-free solution should be our best pick. It will not penetrate the lenses while eliminating dirt effectively.

Besides, there are many all-around products in the market that clean both eyeglasses and digital screens without damage. My brands reviewed above have such versatile solutions for your camera lenses, laptop touch screens, and more.

Wiping cloth – The good news is that the most cleaner package comes with a wiping cloth for us to bring along to work. However, not all towels are of high quality to offer us gentle and thorough cleaning without scratches. So, in some cases, we should purchase the microfiber cloth separately to ensure our precious lenses do not suffer from thin and low-quality wipes.

Defogging function – Another thing that many users expect in their glass cleaner is the anti-fog feature. If that’s the case for you, make sure you opt for the cleaning and defogging solution in one bottle. It is essential if we need to wear face masks with safety goggles to work every day.

Bottle size – This is not a determining factor for which product we should choose, as efficacy and safety are much more critical. Yet, it is advisable to know if we need a big-size bottle to share among family members or little ones for traveling. In case you love the functions of a solution measuring 16 oz or more, it is still okay; we just need to purchase a pocket-size bottle to bring it along with us.

How to Clean Your Glasses?


There will be attached manuals in each cleaner, either a microfiber brush, disinfection foam or cleaning spray. We suggest you wash and dry your glasses first with lukewarm water. After that, apply the cleaning agent you have on its lenses and gently rub it in circles on both sides. Plus, do not forget to wipe all the fluid off your eyewear for streak-free clarity.

Is It OK to Clean Glasses with Rubbing Alcohol?

No, it is not. We do not recommend using rubbing alcohol to clean your lenses, especially ones with coatings. The agent contains high-concentrated acids, which can damage the lenses.

Can I Use Eyeglass Cleaners to Clean My Laptop/TV?

Yes, you can. There are many eyeglass cleaners safe for use on touch screens and digital screens. So, if your chosen solution is a multi-functional product that works wonders on those devices, feel free to clean them with it. Just make sure you rub the TV and laptop surface gently.


Taking care of our prescription specs, sunglasses, or safety goggles is a task that many seem to ignore. But it is not complicated or expensive if we choose the best eyeglass cleaner that suits our needs. Hopefully, the recommended list above helps you make the right decision. And once you purchase the product, follow the instructions to clean your glasses thoroughly.

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