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The Best Eyeglass Cleaning Cloths

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best eyeglass cleaning cloth

Whether you wear prescription glasses to correct your vision or sunglasses and safety eyewear for outdoor tasks, lens maintenance is essential. In addition, those gear require thorough and gentle cleaning every day, both during and after work, especially when your workplace is dusty.

Knowing the struggle of choosing the best eyeglass cleaning cloth among numerous choices available, we offer this shortlist of excellent microfiber cleaners. After trials and errors, we are confident that these quality items will help you as much as they help us with eyewear issues.

So dig in to find out your suitable one and check out some helpful guide on cleaning and taking care of your glasses.


<strong>Featured Products</strong>

Best Overall

MagicFiber Microfiber

– Leaves no lint and streak on glass lenses
– Ideal for cleaning digital device screens
– Quality and soft weaving cleans gently without scratches


Editor’s Pick

Koala Kloth Cleaning Cloth

– A top-notch product fabricated from premium Japanese material
– An ultra-fine and densely woven cloth
– Leaves no scratches and lint on lenses


Best Value for Money

Your Choice Microfiber

– An incredibly soft cloth that cleans gently
– Quick-drying and durable cleaning cloth
– Lint-free cloth for touch screens, watches,…


Best Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth Reviews

1. MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

A premium product like the MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths makes a whole world of difference. Many users, including me, benefit a lot from the convenience of this piece.

All the hype about this microfiber cleaning towel is about its quality weaving. From the first touch, I could tell that the fabric was incredibly soft and smooth. It can clean without creating the smallest scratches or marks on your eyeglasses. And unlike cheaply-made products, this one will leave no lint and streak after a thorough cleaning.

You can rely on quality microfiber weaves to absorb oil, moisture and eliminate smudges. The treated lenses will be shiny again, as they are free of static dust, fingerprints, and more. I genuinely mean it when I say that the cleaning cloth is a “Magic Fiber”, just like its brand name.

Besides eyewear lenses, it excels at cleaning multiple digital devices such as our phones, TV, or computer screens. Also, we can offer intricate cleaning for our precious camera lenses with this soft and high-quality cloth without worries. It is truly a versatile product that can accompany us in daily use.

Regarding its sizing, each piece measures 6 inches wide and 7 inches long, which allows easy cleaning for glasses lenses. Also, when buying in bulk, you can receive both black and gray pieces.

Some buyers deem this multiple-package product a bit pricey, but we should expect such a price tag for a superior cleaning cloth like this one.
  • Quality and soft weaving cleans gently without scratches and marks
  • Leaves no lint and streak on glass lenses
  • Absorbs oil, moisture and removes smudges, dust, and fingerprints
  • Ideal for cleaning digital device screens and camera lenses
  • Measures 6 x 7 inches, available in black and grey
  • A quality product that costs more than standard cleaning cloths
In my opinion, the high-priced lens cleaning cloth is worth my investment. It allows me to see clearly with clean eyewear and spares me the worry of scratching the lens surfaces.

2. Koala Kloth Glasses Cleaning Cloth

The Koala Kloth Glasses Cleaning Cloth is an excellent pick for people who wear glasses with special coatings, as such eyewear requires top-notch care.

Staying true to its promise, Koala Lifestyle is among the few brands that offer wearers peace of mind when taking care of their glasses. In truth, their product is fabricated from premium Japanese material, ensuring ultimate safety even when used on expensive designer sunglasses.

The high-quality microfiber cloth is ultra-fine and densely woven as the result of the brand’s honeycomb matrix construction. Long story short, the final product creates no lint on glass lenses, allowing us to enjoy clarity after cleaning.

Due to such high-end material and advanced construction, this cleaning cloth is usable on anti-glare, anti-reflective lenses, blue-light blockers, prescription, and reading glasses also. Worry not about scratches when you use the piece to eliminate dust on your camera lenses.

Furthermore, we can utilize this eyeglasses cleaning cloth for a long time due to its durability. Multiple cleaning and washing will not damage the piece too soon, offering us a great value of money once we purchase it in bulk. But this product is not one of the affordable cleaners for those with a low budget to spend.
  • A top-notch product fabricated from premium Japanese material
  • An ultra-fine and densely woven cloth with honeycomb matrix construction
  • Safe for use on glasses with special coatings, prescription, reading, camera lenses
  • Leaves no scratches and lint on lenses
  • Durable eye glass cleaning cloth withstands much washing
  • Not among the affordable microfiber cleaners available
Take all its excellent features into consideration; this is a reliable eyeglass cleaner for coated lens and high-end glasses. If you own such a pair and want to take good care of it, get a Koala Kloth towel.

3. Your Choice Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Everyone wants an all-around piece in their bag that cleans glasses and phone screens safely. If that’s the case for you, look no further than the Your Choice Microfiber Cleaning Cloths.

This item makes life easier for glass wearers with its compact size that fits inside their pockets and cases. Measuring 6 inches wide and 7 inches long, it is foldable in a smaller shape. Yet, it is big enough for us to polish glasses without touching the lens surface with our dirty hands. Yet, some users wish the cloth could be a tad thicker.

What people love the most about this product is its incredible softness. Once the towel touches the lens, it cleans the surface gently along with our movements. Its soft weaving will wipe away dust and dirt stuck on the eyewear to reveal sparkly clean lenses without scratches and marks.

This lint-free cleaning cloth is also trusted to use on touch screens, watches, and jewelry. That proves its superb performance and high-quality material that ensures safe application on delicate surfaces.

Some other nice things about the item are its quick-drying and durable feature. You can wash the cloth many times and expect it to stay smooth and functional as a newly-bought one. Also, in a package of six pieces, you will have two in black, two in grey, and two in blue, which are enough to share among family members.
  • A compact size of 6×7 inches, foldable for small pockets and cases
  • An incredibly soft cloth that cleans gently
  • Wipes away dust and dirt without scratching
  • Lint-free cloth for touch screens, watches, and jewelry
  • Quick-drying and durable cleaning cloth
  • Available in black, gray, and blue
  • Should be a bit thicker than it currently is
All in all, there is no major downside to this product that stops us from utilizing it for our eyewear cleaning. This product from Your Choice is indeed a must-have item for dusting off glasses and phone screens.

4. Elite Tech Gear Blue Oversized Microfiber Cloth

Smudges and fingerprints on lenses are super annoying, especially when we have to wear glasses all day. That’s where the Elite Tech Gear Blue Oversized Microfiber Cloth shows its great use.

Soft and safe are how we describe this awesome lens cleaner. We care not to scratch our eyewear badly while eliminating dirt from it, so we need a product like this one. It is made of ultra-fine microfiber — the high-quality material that does not make even the tiniest marks on our precious glasses lenses.

This cleaning cloth becomes numerous users’ top choice due to its wide-ranging applications. For instance, we can take the piece out to clean eyeglasses, phone, and iPad screens with ease. That is due to the advanced microfiber fabric technology that produces the item, making it safe for delicate surfaces.

The accessory stands out even more with its large dimensions. Unlike other mini cleaning cloths, this one measures 12 x 12 inches, allowing users to clean large surfaces quickly. On the other hand, the piece is foldable to stay neatly inside a small eyewear case to bring it everywhere.

As expected from a quality cleaning cloth, this one is quick-drying and washable. It is also environmentally friendly, as you can use the item for an extended time without worry about its weave fraying.

Beyond that, it will disappoint you a little bit if you want a cleaner to reduce static electricity on lenses and touch screens.
  • Soft and safe ultra-fine cloth for eliminating dirt, smudges, and fingerprints
  • Causes no scratches and marks on precious lenses
  • Made with advanced microfiber fabric technology, ideal for delicate surfaces
  • A large eyeglass cleaning cloth at 12 x 12 inches
  • Foldable and easy to carry along in eyewear case
  • Quick-drying, washable, and durable enough for reusing
  • Does not reduce static electricity on lenses and touch screens that well
This glasses cleaning cloth delivers what it’s intended to do for dirty glasses and screens. Even without the static-reduction function, it is still a great accessory to have in hand.

5. MightyMicroCloth Lens Cleaning Cloths

Aesthetics is among the determining factors for many buyers when they seek cleaners for their high-end glasses. Luckily, MightyMicroCloth manages to incorporate both stylish look and practical use in their optical microfiber cloths.

The brand has black and grey pieces packed for people who want basic colors. Other than that, there are cleaning cloths in wine pink, royal blue, wine, green and more for you to choose from.

Notably, these pieces are stored separately in a transparent case, allowing you to hold them in your hand and bring them along in your bag without exposing them to dust. Besides, it is convenient that the items are available in two sizes; the small one is 6 inches long and 7 inches wide, and the large one is 10 x 10 inches.

After deciding on your favorite color and ideal size, it’s time to get the package and enjoy its superb functionality. This well-made cloth is so soft and smooth that we can feel that right way when touching its surface. So, you can rely on it to clean your optical glass and photographic devices without damaging them with tiny scratches.

Another perk of this cloth must be its attribute to reduce static electricity. That means after cleaning, your glasses will attract less static dust, which often builds up quickly if you work at a dusty place.

The only gripe I have with this otherwise perfect microfiber cloth for eyeglasses is its thickness. I would love a slightly thicker piece that promotes better durability.
  • Available in multiple colors, from black and gray to wine, wine pink, etc
  • Packed separately in a transparent case for easy holding and carrying
  • Offers two sizes: 6 x 7-inch piece, and 10 x 10- inch piece
  • Soft and smooth to our touch, thus safe for optical glass and photographic devices
  • Reduces static electricity, thus minimizing static dust build-up
  • Not as thick as desired for better durability
If you seek the best cloth for cleaning glasses that leaves no dust or scratches and even reduces static electricity, consider purchasing this package.

6. Clean & Clear Microfiber Cloth

Another premium-quality accessory for eyeglasses that you should get your hands on is the Clean & Clear Microfiber Cloth. It’s a real treat for the lenses that are subjected to dust and dirt all day long.

The brand does not just claim the superiority of their product quality but actually puts it through strict tests to meet specific requirements. In detail, the test reports from COLTS Laboratories (Ophthalmic Product Testing Services) show that this cleaning cloth can reduce static electricity on glass lenses to lessen dust attraction.

Furthermore, the test proves its incredible performance in caring for various surfaces. It is because the microfiber fabric is super soft, allowing gentle wipings without damaging the eyewear lenses. Plus, the brand takes pride in its premium cloth textile as it meets Human-ecological Requirement standards.

After using the piece to absorb dirt and moisture, if you want to wash it by hand or let the washing machine do the work, it’s all fine. Since this cleaning cloth is durable with its quality textile, repeated washings and use will not fray the piece anytime soon.

One last thing that makes me fall for this brand’s product even more is the thoughtful packaging. When you receive the kit, your cleaning cloth will be kept inside a nice paper case, looking like a small present. So, you can give it to your family members or colleagues who often wear glasses to work.

Some users want the cloth in bigger sizes, as the piece measures 8 x 8 inches. Still, I feel okay with its current dimensions.
  • A cleaning cloth that is tested to reduce static electricity
  • Went through tests of COLTS Laboratories
  • Meet Human-Ecological Requirement
  • Soft microfiber textile that offers gentle wiping
  • A machine-washable piece that is durable enough for repeated uses
  • A thoughtful package like a present in a nice paper case
  • There should be bigger sizes besides the current 8×8-inch ones
Overall, this tested microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth is compatible with various lenses due to its softness and superior textile.

7. Care Touch Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Other than giving us effortless cleaning for eyeglasses, the Care Touch Microfiber Cleaning Cloth comes in two beautiful colors: blue and navy. You can expect the best performance from this quality item.

Many of us assume that daily lens cleaning must involve chemicals like solvents. But that’s not the case when we have a functional cleaner like this piece. It can absorb moisture and oils while lifting dust and dirt from delicate eyewear lenses. Thus, there is no need for bringing extra tools or potent agents to work every day.

This lightweight and compact accessory is enough to eliminate smudges on our glasses, and it can ensure brighter viewing for us at the worksite. The piece cleans neatly without leaving lint and streaks on the lens surface, giving us a crystal-clear lens for close-up tasks.

Besides, due to its highly soft microfiber textile, we can utilize the piece for various devices, be it computer screens or camera lenses. It is amazing to know that the cleaning cloth will not scratch the coating on our glasses or affect the touch-screen function of electronic gadgets.

You should also know that the durable piece can withstand machine washing without being ripped. Such a feature shows how long-lasting the cleaning cloth can be.

Aslo, the piece is 6 inches wide and 7 inches long — the standard size of cleaning cloths that most brands offer. But, it is understandable if you want a piece larger than this.
  • Available in two beautiful colors: blue and navy
  • Absorbs moisture and oils while lifting dust and dirt without solvents
  • Lightweight and compact piece to bring to work
  • Ensures bright viewing with lint and streak-free cleaning
  • Soft microfiber textile to clean coated lenses and touch-screen gadgets
  • Withstands machine washing without being ripped
  • Only one size available: 6 x 7 inches
All in all, you might wish for bigger pieces produced by this brand in the future. But in the meantime, its cleaning functions and softness are sufficient for our daily use.

8. EliteTechGear Most Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

EliteTechGear has surprised me with its Most Amazing Microfiber Cleaning Cloth that delivers convenient lens clearing. On opening this package, I was delighted to see those five standard pieces measuring 6 x 7 inches and a large piece as the bonus.

The large cleaning cloth comes with a dimension of 12 x 12 inches. It solves the issue that many buyers have with their small cleaners. The bonus item turns out to be helpful as it allows them to clean larger surfaces with ease.

The optical lens is among the applications that this soft microfiber cloth covers. We can wipe our eyewear gently and have all dirt and dust eliminated from our precious gear. As a result, we can start our days with optimal clarity when putting on sunglasses or safety goggles to work.

Apart from cleaning eyeglasses, the towel excels at wiping off smudges on the digital camera lens, TV screens, car GPS screens, and more. This is where the large-sized cloth is handy, as it can make sure your device surfaces are free of streaks and fingerprints just like that!

The reliable brand also shows great effort in providing its customers with the best service. We can see the intention from the cutely wrapped package to the 100% lifetime warranty and the instruction videos on how to use and care for the item.

Beyond that, this 6-piece cleaning cloth package comes at a reasonable price compared to multiple competing products in the market. The only negative is the cloth’s tendency to activate touch screens.
  • Comes with five standard 6×7-inch pieces
  • Offers a large cleaning cloth of 12 x 12 inches as a bonus
  • Cleans eyeglass lenses by eliminating dust and dirt quickly
  • Wipes off smudges and fingerprints on digital camera lens, TV & car GPS screens
  • Best brand service: cute packaging, lifetime guarantee & instruction videos
  • An affordable cleaning cloth for glasses
  • Can activate touch screens by accident
For this price range, it is tricky to find better-quality microfiber cloth glasses cleaners. Plus, it comes in two sizes and is sufficient for various applications.

9. E-Cloth Glasses Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

The E-Cloth Glasses Microfiber Cleaning Cloth presents us with an adorable design and color without compromising its cleaning power. If you want a gift for your children that wear eyeglasses, this one is a nice choice.

Like most high-quality microfiber cloths available, this one is made to remove smudges on eyewear lenses in several swift wipes. You can expect the cleaning process to be effortless and quick, leaving a clean lens that allows you to perform detailed works.

With this well-made accessory, there will be no signs of streaks, scratches, or dirt on the glasses. Thus, we should not worry about this soft and delicate item leaving tiny marks on our coated lens.

Yet, the most remarkable thing about this microfiber cleaning cloth is its ability to eliminate bacteria on our glasses. That means we can disinfect our daily-wear piece to face no harmful germs that irritate our eyes. Utilizing this E-cloth product benefits us in the long term, protecting our eye health.

Another reason people opt for this functional cleaning cloth is that it is the perfect alternative for many cleaners. We need no extra solvent or chemicals to achieve our desired level of lens clarity and cleanness, as this one already suffices.

Furthermore, it is very durable, promoting up to 300 washes, translating to 2 to 3 years of use. But the piece absorbs dirt easily, so you might need to wash it quite often.
  • Comes in adorable design and color – an ideal gift for children
  • High-quality microfiber product that cleans in some swift wipes
  • Leaves no streaks, scratches, or dirt on the glasses
  • Eliminates bacteria, protecting our eye health
  • An alternative to cleaning agents and tools
  • Durable, sufficient for 2 – 3 years of use, and around 300 washes
  • Requires frequent washing to remove dirt trapped
I see the item’s subjection to dirt as a showcase for its superb absorbency. Hence, you can rely on this E-cloth eyeglass cleaning cloth material to rid of irritating smudges.

10. HOUSE AGAIN Colors Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

A collection of bright-colored cleaning cloths for glasses that win many user’s trust belongs to HOUSE AGAIN. If you love the combination of strong cleaning power and nice item colors, check out their products.

This accessory makes it easy for us to have clear vision during work and in the middle of our daily routines. It is so compact that we can easily store multiple pieces inside our pocket or glasses case and go to work.

Furthermore, in one pack, we have an assortment of cleaning cloths in ten bright colors. It is ideal for us to have them everywhere, while each piece in a specific shade can be used for a different purpose.

Such a multiple-pack set is super handy because it serves a wide range of applications. As its color can be a code, you can utilize each of them for either cleaning gadget screens, camera lenses, or eyeglasses. And fret not about the cloth scratching your gear’s surface, as it is very soft and gentle when cleaning.

I attest to this set’s durability, which is important for us when we want to save money and avoid throwing away much waste to the environment. We can reuse the item after washing it multiple times without experiencing any less of its great cleaning performances.

Furthermore, the assortment costs us a reasonable amount of investment, offering great features without breaking our bank. Yet, I am looking forward to seeing a thicker version of these bright cleaning cloths in the future.
  • A compact-sized item that fits inside pockets and glasses cases
  • One assortment packs ten beautiful and bright colors
  • Ideal for cleaning applications: gadget screens, camera lenses, or eyeglasses
  • Soft and gentle cleaning without scratching
  • Reusable and washable multiple times
  • A cost-friendly investment for cloth to clean eyeglasses
  • It would be nice with thicker versions of these pieces
I’ve had this HOUSE AGAIN pack for a long while, and it has offered excellent use. You can share the collection among your family members to let them enjoy its unmatched cleaning power.

11. Xthel Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

The softness of cleaning cloth is essential, as it determines if the piece works wonders on optical lenses and other delicate surfaces. Notably, in the Xthel Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, such a feature is brought to another level.

It is not exaggerating to call these items ultra-soft cleaners for glasses. They are genuinely fleecy to our touch, and they can treat our eyeglass lenses with care. Opting for this product gives me peace of mind, knowing that my sunglasses will not be scratched even one bit.

Another highlight of this quality cleaning cloth is its streak-free and lint-free features. The piece polishes neatly, giving way for the crystal-clear lenses to shine without tiny annoying residues often seen in cheap cleaning cloths.

Its durable construction offers users long-term use without the need for replacement. This is due to the premium tightly woven textiles that construct the cleaning cloth, making it resistant to wear and tear. Furthermore, its saw-tooth pattern edges are designed to minimize fraying.

Plus, feel free to wash the piece by the washing machine after it absorbs all the dirt on your eyeglasses.

Many users, including me, are also impressed by the versatility of this soft cleaner. Its absorbency proves to work well on LCD TV screens, iPhone and iPad, and more. It depends on how you want to utilize the six pieces of 6 x 7 inches cloths packed in this Xthel set.

Still, the brand should have produced more oversized items for better convenience in polishing large areas. If you just use it for eyeglasses, its original size is appropriate.
  • An ultra-soft cleaner to treat eyeglasses with care
  • Offers streak-free and lint-free polishing
  • Premium tightly-woven textiles that are resistant to tear and wear
  • Made with saw-tooth pattern edges for minimal fraying
  • Washable by machine due to its durability
  • Cleans eyeglasses, LCD TV screens, iPhone and iPad, and more
  • There should be bigger sizes of this well-made cleaning cloth
We can never go wrong with this best microfiber cloth for glasses. It is super soft and absorbent while resilient to fraying and tearing.

12. Crizal Lens Cleaning Cloth

Wearing your eyeglasses often will make the pair smudged, streaked, and even greasy. Those unavoidable issues are solvable with the Crizal Lens Cleaning Cloth.

When it comes to lifting off dirt and dust, this accessory does its trick well. You can rely on its superior absorbency to eliminate the tiniest particles, leaving your eyewear lenses sparkly clean. This is due to the piece’s extremely thin fibers split 200 times, resulting in better absorbing function than cotton cleaning cloths.

Other than that, another detail that makes this piece a powerful cleaner must be its honeycomb design. Such a woven textile traps contaminants inside its tiny holes and releases them after being washed. Plus, the microfiber fabric of the item produces a strong adhesive force, like a dust magnet.

Due to those fantastic functions, this product’s a versatile cleaning cloth that delivers gentle and thorough polishing for different items. The brand intends to manufacture a wide-ranging accessory that eliminates stains and dust on pieces of jewelry, screens, camera lenses, monitors, and eyeglasses.

Parents will be happy to give their children this cleaning cloth for their eyewear since the piece contains no toxic chemicals. Formed totally from synthetic fibers, including polyester and nylon, its formula has no harmful ingredients.

With this magical cleaning cloth, I face no issue or irritation when polishing my glasses every day.
  • Extremely thin fibers offer superior absorbency to pick up the tiniest particles
  • Powerful cleaner with a honeycomb design that traps dirt
  • Produces an adhesive force to act as a dust magnet
  • Gentle and thorough polishing for jewelry, screens, lenses, monitors,…
  • Contains no chemicals in its formula, just synthetic fibers
  • Currently no downside to this great product
Finding out and having the chance to try this cloth to clean glasses is such a delight. I hope you do not miss out on such a functional and safe cleaner.

13. AAwipes Eyeglasses Cleaning Cloth

The AAwipes Eyeglasses Cleaning Cloth is also often used to pick up dirt from hard-to-clean items like the computer keyboard. While its attribute to polish eyewear lenses is unparalleled, its power on other devices is admirable, too.

I purchased a huge pack with 30 pieces of this soft cleaner from Walmart, and it comes in two colors: white and dark gray. I was pleasantly surprised at how cost-effective this set is, as, with three or four times the number of pieces in other standard packs, the price is roughly the same.

Yet, after using them for cleaning glasses, you will notice no compromise in quality. Notably, this cleaner textile is composed of polyester and polyamide — a combination that promotes softness. As its fibers are tightly woven, the product can ensure thorough cleaning in the smallest areas.

While its dust absorbency is satisfying, the cleaning cloth continues to amaze users with its mark and streak-free performance. Users will not be irritated by small lint stuck on the eyeglasses after cleaning; thus, they can work with clear lenses.

This item needs washing after eliminating oil, fingerprints, and smudges from various surfaces like watches, silverware, LCD screens, or smartphones. But, you should handwash it to avoid fraying and destroying its textures. Also, make sure you do not use detergent while washing this cleaning cloth.

If this is your first time knowing about the brand’s products, you should know that they offer a money-back guarantee. Within 90 days of use, unsatisfied customers can return the package, so do not hesitate to enjoy its performance.
  • A cost-effective multiple-pack cleaner in white and gray
  • Polyester and polyamide cloth for ultra softness
  • Tightly woven fibers promote dust absorbency
  • Ensure a mark, lint, and streak-free performance
  • Ideal for computer keyboards, watches, silverware, LCD screens, or smartphones
  • Provides a money-back guarantee within 90 days after purchase
  • Requires hand washing and no detergent
From my experience, this is the best glasses cleaning cloth at such a low price. It will be a helpful accessory in your gadgets and glasses cleaning kit.

14. Optix 55 Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

The next five-star worthy product that will make our daily life with glasses easier is the Optix 55 Microfiber Cleaning Cloths. With this item, we can keep the eyewear clean with some swift wipings.

We — buyers always appreciate when the product comes in nice packaging. Keeping that in mind, Optix 55 sent the cleaning cloth to us in an individually wrapped pouch. The transparent vinyl pouch is handy since we can reuse it to bring our cleaner to work.

The main purpose of this eyeglass microfiber cloth is to polish the lenses to absorb dust, moisture, and oil while removing smudges and stains. Therefore, you can expect your eyewear to look sparkly again after a quick cleaning session.

More importantly, the soft material of this cloth promotes a wide range of applications. In truth, we can use them to eliminate contaminants on our TV screens, computer monitors, camera lenses, and smartphone touch screens. There is no limit to the use of this cleaning cloth, as it polishes effectively yet gently.

You can also expect no frayed lint clinging on your prescription specs after cleaning them with this item. Besides, washing the cloth after a day of work is ideal, as it will not tear or fade easily. That means the purchase will bring good value for your money, ensuring long-lasting utilization.

As always, it would be awesome if the brand can create a larger size for this functional and soft cleaner.
  • Comes in nice individual packaging: a reusable and transparent pouch
  • Absorbs dust, moisture, and oil while removing smudges and stains
  • A soft cloth for TV, computer monitors, lenses, and smartphone touch screens
  • Leaves no frayed lint on glasses lenses
  • A rugged piece that withstands tear and wears, thus washable
  • Lack of larger sizes
All in all, I love how this cleaning cloth can stay with me for a long time while polishing my sunglasses and phone screens nicely. If you also want to keep dirt away from your gear, take this one home.

15. SmoTecQ Assorted Colors Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

We save the best for last here with the SmoTecQ Assorted Colors Microfiber Cleaning Cloths. The whole collection is nice to look at, and they do not disappoint in quality and function.

The best attributes of cleaning cloth should be excellent absorbency, softness, and a lint-free feature. The good news is, this product has them all in its high-quality microfiber fabric. First of all, this smooth towel is soft to our touch, allowing us to trust its gentle clean on the precious sunglasses lenses.

Secondly, its absorbing capability is unmatched, as the piece picks up all oils, dust, and condensation on the eyewear surface. Afterward, it reveals a clean and crystal-clear lens for us to handle up-close tasks.

Its magic touch does not end here, as it expands to a non-scratch and lint-free performance on various gadgets. Our touch screen will need such a well-made item to eliminate dirt while preserving its function and spotless surface. At the same time, this product is safe for use on delicate surfaces, including camera lenses, filters, and more.

All the colors this assortment provides are bright and lovely. You can have all of them in one package, including pastel shades of yellow, pink, blue, green, and basic ones in black and grey.

But these bright pieces might get dirty easily, so do not hesitate to wash the accessory after some cleaning sessions.
  • A soft piece of microfiber fabric that affords gentle cleaning
  • Impressive absorbency that eliminates oils, dust, and condensation
  • Offers a non-scratch and lint-free performance
  • Ideal for touch screens, camera lenses, and filters
  • Available in bright pastel shades and basic colors
  • Might get dirty quickly, thus requires frequent washing
After trials and errors, I am happy to find this ideal sunglasses cleaning cloth that accompanies me while I go to work or on a short vacation. It keeps all my devices and camera squeaky clean, too.

What to Look for When Buying Eyeglass Cleaning Cloths?


When owning eyewear, be it reading, prescription or sunglasses, it takes effort to care for the pair. That’s why we need the best eyeglass cleaning cloths that offer gentle polishing without leaving marks or scratches on the lens surfaces. Thus, the soft and high-quality fabric is an essential factor to consider while picking the cleaner.

Other than that, you should opt for the piece that is recommended for superior absorbency. Such an item will easily lift dirt, oil, and moisture, saving us much time cleaning our eyewear lenses.

Many buyers love the multi-functional cleaner, which is safe for their digital devices and camera lenses, too. Seeking a versatile cleaning cloth like that is not tricky, as there are good products available. You can always read product reviews offered by us or go on platforms like Reddit to see the helpful information many share.

How to Use the Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth?

Cleaning your glasses with a microfiber cloth is as easy as you imagine. Without dipping it in water or solvent, just gently and carefully wipe the item on both sides of your glass lenses. Just make sure you wash the cloth after cleaning as it absorbs much dirt and oil from your gear.

How Do You Clean the Cloth that Cleans Your Glasses?


In most products, there will be a guide for you on how to wash the cleaning cloth. Some are durable enough to be put in the washing machine with detergent. Others only tolerate mild soap, and some will require you to wash it by hand. Make sure you read the instructions.

How to Clean Eyeglasses With Vinegar?

You can always combine a lint-free microfiber cleaning cloth and vinegar for a thorough cleaning session. In that case, take out a small bowl and fill it with warm water. Afterward, put around two spoons of white vinegar into the water bowl. Then, you dip the cleaning cloth into the bowl and start wiping your glasses gently.

Are Microfiber Cloths Good for Cleaning Eyeglasses?

Yes, of course. Microfiber cloths are soft, lint-free, and superbly absorbent. Those attributes make them excellent cleaners for eyeglasses, even ones with special coatings. Just make sure you wash them frequently, as they tend to trap dirt and oil easily.


If you are here to seek the best eyeglass cleaning cloth, hopefully, our recommended list will help you make a well-informed decision. Please note that every eyewear requires gentle and thorough care, and you can combine many cleaners to offer your pair the best maintenance. We will be glad to see your feedback on these products, too.

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