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The Best Eyeglass Cleaning Machines

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best eyeglass cleaning machine

Every single day, we are exposed to different contaminants such as dust, dirt, oil, and other gunk. That is normal; everyone experiences that. But these contaminants are constant reminders that wearing glasses is not fun because these often blur out our vision and impedes our visual quality.

The constant need to wipe our glasses clean in between activities is annoying, but there’s nothing we can do about it. However, we can deal with it effortlessly by using the best eyeglass cleaning machine. Let’s all find out the best ultrasonic eyeglass cleaners in the market and how they work.



<strong>Featured Products</strong>

Best Overall

Magnasonic Professional Eyeglass

– 42,000 ultrasonic energy waves to vibe out stubborn dirt
– Flaunts a 20 oz capacity for assorted cleaning
– Uses water as a cleaning agent for a simple, low-cost cleaning


Editor’s Pick

Sonic Wave CD-2800

– Produces 42,000 Hz ultrasonic energy wave that exterminates stuck-on dirt
– Generates vibrating motion that gently plucks out stubborn dirt
– Transparent cover with illuminating light for a see-through interior


Premium Choice


– Has five cleaning cycle for precise cleaning time
– Delivers a 42 kHz ultrasonic energy for gentle yet thorough cleaning
– LED Timer display lets you track the remaining time for each cycle


Best Eyeglass Cleaning Machine Reviews

1. Magnasonic Professional Eyeglass Cleaner

Mangasonic Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner gains the first spot on our ultrasonic eyeglass cleaner review. It provides thorough and deep cleaning that surpasses the clean-slate standard of the old-school elbow grease cleaning.

The device uses 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic energy to gently clean hard-to-reach areas without inflicting a single scrape on your lens.

Give your glasses a whirl while tackling stubborn dirt settling on the screws, frames, and hinges through its ultrasonic vibrating waves paired with millions of cleansing micro-bubbles. It originally requires water as a cleansing agent, but a lens cleaner works great to give my glasses a sparkling clean.

You may also use dishwashing liquid, but I guess the solution is a minor factor because it’s the Sonic waves that are doing their wonders.

The unit sports a 20 oz capacity with a 5.4″ L x 3.6″ W x 2.1″ H dimensioned stainless steel chamber. It includes a cleaning basket that keeps your glasses secure. You may directly chuck in your eyeglasses without the tray basket; either way, it’ll get the deep cleaning it deserves.

The digital timer features 5-various pre-set cleaning cycles including 90, 180, 280, 380, & 480 seconds. This allows you to precisely control the length of time needed to achieve a squeaky clean.

Though it’s not a portable cleaning device, it serves multiple purposes and gives professional cleaning standards on your jewelry and other valuables.
  • 42,000 ultrasonic energy waves to vibe out stubborn dirt
  • Digital display function features five pre-set cleaning cycles for precision.
  • Flaunts a 20 oz capacity for assorted cleaning
  • User-friendly operation with an added tray basket for organization
  • Uses water as a cleaning agent for a simple, low-cost cleaning
  • Not a portable cleaning device
I recommended this powerful eyeglass cleaning machine if you’re looking for thorough performance and deep clean quality. Its vibrating ultrasonic energy waves gently lift off stubborn dirt stuck on hinges, screws, and frames.

2. Sonic Wave CD-2800 Eyeglass Cleaner

Sonic Wave CD-2800 garnered the second spot on our Reddit-inspired review. The device introduces digital, effortless, risk-free, and thorough multi-purpose cleaning beyond manual brush cleaning powers.

This model is equipped with a 42,000 Hz ultrasonic energy that generates millions of cleansing microscopic bubbles that penetrate through a thick layer of oil, dust, rust, and limescale.

This powerful unit also produces slow and smooth vibrating motion to extract stuck-on dirt gently. It cleans in-between frame gaps, contours on screws, oil on lenses, and grimes on hard-to-reach surfaces.

I love how its transparent cover and illuminating light complements each other’s functions. It lets you see what’s going on while the robot is in deep cleaning action. Despite the great power, it performs quietly without the annoying rattling sound.

In terms of construction, its compact and solid design keeps its circuitry well protected. Moreover, its 5.4 x 3.6 x 2.1 inches stainless steel tank generously accommodates up to 20 oz—capacity for a wide array of assorted valuables to clean.

The only notable downside of this product is its default preset setting of a 3-minute working cycle. It sure would’ve been better if there are other working cycles to choose from; nevertheless, this works perfectly fine and delivers optimum results.
  • Produces 42,000 Hz ultrasonic energy wave that exterminates stuck-on dirt
  • Generates vibrating motion that gently plucks out stubborn dirt
  • Creates cleansing micro-bubbles that penetrates through hard-to-reach surfaces
  • Transparent cover with illuminating light for a see-through interior
  • Quiet performance with compact construction for secured circuitry
  • Only has 1 3-minute preset cleaning cycle.
Despite having only 1 preset cleaning cycle, I believe that this unit deserves a spot as the perfect choice for busy individuals who need quick but thorough eyeglass cleaning.

3. UKOKE UUC06S Cleaning Machine

The UKOKE UUC06S cleaning machine is another must-have in your eyeglass and jewelry cleaning arsenal.

It produces 42 kHz ultrasonic energy that generates millions of micro-bubbles and gradually grows larger and bursts. The pressure, stored energy, and force from the rupture amplify its ability to remove stuck-on gunk on every nook & cranny.

The vibration generated from the ultrasonic cleaning machine with its 360 cleaning motion gives more access to hard-to-reach surfaces. It also features a five-cleaning cycle including 90, 180, 280, 380, and 480 seconds for precise timer control. Plus, a countdown timer is on its LED timer display preset by default at 180 seconds.

This product has dedicated itself to providing supreme professional cleaning performance with its Degas function. When Degas function is activated, either a 3 or 9 seconds cleaning cycle, gases are removed from the water to allow the cleaner to amplify its ultrasonic wave performance.

Also, gases in the water weaken the implosion of cavitation of micro-bubbles, thus minimizing the intensity of ultrasonic waves.

With its 600 ml stainless steel chamber lets you clean other valuables aside from jewelry and eyeglasses.

Still, the only quibble is the absence of a frequency option to choose from; however that’s manageable by running through a new cycle.

For light cleaning, you may stick with its ultrasonic energy wave cleaning function. For stubborn dirt, its Degassing feature works in exterminating gunks settled tightly in-between gaps and nooks.
  • Has five cleaning cycle for precise cleaning time
  • Delivers a 42 kHz ultrasonic energy for gentle yet thorough cleaning
  • LED Timer display lets you track the remaining time for each cycle
  • Features a Degas function for supreme cleaning performance
  • User-friendly product operation interface
  • Its limited frequency intensity option
This powerful cleaning device is my top pick for valuables that requires supreme cleaning quality.

4. Magnasonic CD-2800 Cleaning Machine

Gentle yet powerful cleaning, that’s what the Magnasonic CD-2800 cleaning machine has to offer. As your glasses have strapped dirt after a short while, due to your working environments, you will benefit a lot from this versatile and ample device.

This device produces 42,000 Hz of intense ultrasonic energy, forming millions of microscopic bubbles. Those bubbles attack and soften accumulated and thickened dust and oil. The vibrating motion helps loosen and lift the filth away from your valuables.

What’s good about this product is its generous 20 oz capacity and stainless steel cleaning chamber of 5.51 x 4.92 x 7.89 inches diameter. Its reasonably spacious tank can accommodate other valuables other than jewelry and eyeglasses such as dentures, coins, watches, etc.

Notably, you can use the ample space with ease as this comes with a free tray container to hold your items while getting cleaned.

User-friendly is an understatement with its single preset cleaning cycle setting of 3 minutes per cycle. It also has an auto shut-off feature that automatically turns off the machine once the 3-minute cycle finishes.

The 3-minute single cycle setting would’ve been better if paired with other cleaning cycles to choose from, but it’s undeniably an effective cleaning machine.
  • Emits 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic energy wave
  • Micro-bubbles and vibrating motion gently removing stubborn dirt
  • 20 oz cleaning chamber capacity for versatile cleaning
  • Easy to operate and flaunts an auto shut-off function
  • Comes with a free tray that safely holds items
  • It only offers one cleaning cycle setting.
Versatile, multi-purpose, powerful, and effective gentle cleaning machine, those are the things that make this product a perfect fit for your automatic eyeglass cleaner needs. It keeps your valuable meticulously cleaned while preserving its unadulterated state.

5. LONOVE MK-181 Professional Cleaner

Despite being intended for jewelry cleaning, the LONOVE MK-181 brought multi-purpose cleaning to a different level allowing you to clean various items.

As a powerful cleaning machine, it creates 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic energy waves. Thus, it stimulates the cavitation process and triggers the production, enlargement, and implosion of micro-bubbles. The process is for cleansing off compounded grime, gunks, and dirt in tiny parts.

Along with its 360° all-round deep cleaning feature, it gently removes oil and dust build-up that has managed to worm its way in curves, recesses, cracks, and blind holes.

Secondly, it is smartly designed to excel in terms of quiet and easy operation. It offers a single 5-minute cleaning cycle and automatically shuts off.

Besides, the device also has one single operating button, the power button, and has been intendedly simplified to offer a user-friendly glasses cleaning machine.

Also, the machine offers generous space for multi-purpose functions with its 8.27 x 5.51 x 5.71 inches interior diameter that can fit in versatile items.

It also upgraded the cleaning chamber with a food-grade, oxidation-free, and non-corrosive stainless steel material for more extended longevity to both the cleaner and your items.

The only drawback I noticed is its limited 5-minute cycle timer which may not apply to carbon build-up items.
  • Emits 42,000 Hz ultrasonic energy
  • With 360° all-around deep cleaning feature intended for compounded gunks
  • Automatic shut-off function after every cleaning cycle
  • Generous space that accommodates various items that need cleaning
  • The cleaning chamber made of oxidation-free food-grade stainless steel
  • Offers only 1 5-minute cleaning cycle
Despite its limited cleaning cycle, I find this product helpful in deep cleaning various items that manual brushing and washing can’t do. It offers quick and effortless cleaning, which lets you have more time doing more important tasks.

6. TACKLIFE MUCO2 Professional Glasses Cleaner

If you’re looking for a credible ultrasonic machine that surpassed different standards, then TACKLIFE MUCO2 Ultrasonic Glasses Cleaner is my top recommended product.

For your information, it passed quality standards and possesses compliance certifications, including CE, ROHS, FCC, PSE, and GS.

Regarding the device’s function, its 42,000 Hz ultrasonic sound energy produces high-force cavitation energy. These subtly remove dirt stuck on blind holes, recesses, frames, and contoured edges.

Its 5-preset cleaning cycles, including 90, 180, 280, 380, and 480 seconds, got every cleaning requirement covered. Depending on the cleaning intensity level required, you can choose one or a couple of cycles to get a sparkly clean quality.

However, its setting doesn’t allow you to use the same cleaning cycle unless you used all of the other presets.

Small parts of your eye glasses won’t get stuck because it comes with a removable basket that keeps small items together when cleaning.

Furthermore, it flaunts built-in waterproof function buttons complemented with an LED powdered digital display. The feature lets you fully control its setting and track the remaining time left in every cleaning cycle.

Among others, this ultrasonic cleaner excels greatly in its noise-free operation, user-friendly interface, and safety feature with its auto shut-off function that works at every end of each cycle.
  • Fully compliant and certified in the CE, ROHS, FCC, PSE, and GS
  • 5-preset cleaning cycle settings
  • Integrated but removable basket for small items
  • Built-in waterproof buttons and LED digital display
  • Auto-shutoff function at the end of each cleaning cycle
  • Its preset setting wouldn’t let us choose the same setting twice without using all other presets
This product is worth considering if you’re looking for certification and standards. The best part is, they have reinforced its functionality with an auto shut-down function, ideal for those who have a busy lifestyle who barely remember small details.

7. iSonic D3800a Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner

The old-school spray and wipe eyeglasses cleaning technique never goes out of style, but its scope and reach are limited. Using iSonic D3800a, one of the most popular ultrasonic eyeglass cleaners, gives an unparalleled deep cleaning for your eyewear.

This device will penetrate to unreachable recesses of the item that brush and wipes cannot reach. Its built-in transducer creates 42,000 Hz ultrasonic waves to build liquid cavitations that act as the cleansing agent.

AC powered by 110 V and 35 watts of power, this true ultrasonic cleaner offers five different time settings, including 90, 180, 280, 380, and 480 seconds per cleaning cycle.

Depending on the cleaning difficulty level, you may stick with a single time setting or run a couple of cycles to achieve the deep clean quality you’re aiming for. In contrast, I advise not to use it in continuous cycles for a long period because it could heat up and cause damage to the eyewear’s outer casing or paint.

The 6.1 x 3.7 x 2.0 inches oval cleaning chamber with a tank capacity of 0.6L can clean various items aside from eyeglasses and jewelry.

Furthermore, essentials such as a plastic basket, a watch stand, and a sample solution are included in the package.
  • Integrated transducer generate 42,00 ultrasonic sound wave
  • Produces effective cavitation process that seeps through blind holes
  • Five preset time settings to choose from
  • 6 L spacious cleaning Chambers
  • Includes a free tray, watch stand, and sample solution
  • It heats up in continuous use
You might want to consider this glasses cleaner machine if you’re looking for an effective eyeglass cleaner that also cleans other items such as airbrushes, dentures, retainers, coins, jewelry, and a lot more.

8. InvisiClean Pro Elite Ultrasonic Cleaner

Don’t settle for one if you can have it double a device’s power. That’s what InvisiClean Pro Elite Ultrasonic automatic glasses cleaner has to offer.

Equipped with two transducers that generate twice more cavitation process to deliver a double dose of effective cleaning powers. It also offers a generous 800 ml stainless steel tank where you can put more and bigger items.

Powered by a 110V of power supply, this ultrasonic cleaner is built for professional quality. It comes with an integrated cooling fan, touch-controlled panels, and waterproofed internal circuitry to withstand frequent operation and a rugged environment.

It features five different time settings such as 90, 180,300,480, and 600 seconds to give you options on effective cleaning cycles. You can put the eyewear into the machine, set the period that suits your need, then voila, let it do the work.

Notably, there’s a countdown shown in the digital display timer, and once the timer reaches zero, the ultrasonic machine automatically shuts off; easy and straightforward operation.

I love this product because its non-hinged top cover and detachable cord promotes easier ways to fill with water, clean and dry, and store.

Included in the package are a plastic tray and watch holder. However, if you want to achieve a quick and effectively deep cleaned quality, chuck your eyeglasses directly to the cleaner because the tray and stand reduce the cavitation power by 30-40%.

You need to have more patience in washing, drying, or throwing out water with this machine because its tank is built-in, so you have to deal with the whole product instead of the tank alone.
  • Built-in double transducer for a double cleaning effect
  • 5 longer timer setting for deep cleaned quality
  • Equipped with an integrated cooling fan
  • Waterproof internal circuitry and touched-control panels
  • Non-hinged lid and removable cord for easy cleaning and storing
  • Its tank is built-in, taking longer to pour water in or out, clean, and dry the unit
Despite the minimal but manageable drawback, this ultrasonic cleaner remains the best choice for powerful eyeglass cleaning with its double transducers delivering twice more effective results.

9. LONOVE MK-186 Eyeglass Cleaner

People looking for a high-powered ultrasonic eyeglass cleaner should consider acquiring this product because its newly upgraded 50000 Hz ultrasonic sound waves deliver 360° cleaning performance.

The amplified ultrasonic intensity will reach even the most hidden gunk that had settled in slits, contours on screws, and compounded dust and oil on blind holes of your eyewear.

Remarkably, despite its powerful ultrasonic waves, the machine maintains gentle, thorough cleaning that won’t cause damage to your glass lens and frames.

LONOVE MK-186 is built of premium-grade ABS material with waterproofed internal circuitry. Thus, it can withstand common spills and splashes caused when washing, cleaning, and dumping water in or out of the cleaning chamber.

You would benefit a lot from its 6L rectangular-shaped stainless steel tank promoting a multi-purpose cleaner. Furthermore, it gives a quiet operation so you can clean your items anywhere and any time of the day.

Although it can be deemed a user-friendly interface, I find its single 3-minute cleaning cycle option more snag than an advantage. It could be because it compensated for the increase in its ultrasonic intensity but having other timer setting options give you something to choose from.

Nonetheless, this eyeglasses cleaning machine is still one of the best choices for power and deep cleaning capacity.
  • A 50000 Hz of an ultrasonic wave for a 360° deep clean
  • Gentle, thorough cleaning dirt in slits, contours on screws, and removing oil
  • Made of compact ABS plastic construction
  • Waterproofed circuitry that can withstand spills and splashes
  • 6-L rectangular stainless steel tank
  • It only offers a limited 3-minute timer setting.
The machine’s 50000 Hz ultrasonic sound wave intensity is an excellent enhancement in the industry of ultrasonic eyeglass cleaners. It renders a high cleaning power to eliminate thickened layers of gunks on hard-to-reach surfaces.

10. Ultrasonic S2800 Cleaner Machine

You can clean your eyeglasses without taking them apart to get better access to lines and gunk in between slits with this Ultrasonic S2800 sonic eyeglass cleaner.

Generating 42,000 ultrasonic energy waves per second, this cleaner breaks down thick compounded gunk on blind holes, slits, and curves that no brush and wipes could surpass. Matched with its vibrating force to lift off the dirt from items, this cleaner gives more than just a sparkling clean but an extensive, deep cleaned quality.

You can clean retainers, dentures, coins, airbrushes, razor heads, and other items with its bounteous 600 ml stainless steel tank.

Furthermore, its transparent top lid and blue illuminating light let you witness how ultrasonic sound waves perform their cleaning functions. The package also includes a removable basket and a watch stand so you can keep small parts while cleaning.

The only glitch I see in its features is its 3-minute cleaning cycle with no other timer setting options to choose from. Running a couple of 3-minute cycles to achieve the best quality clean can be annoying in the long run.
  • 42,000 ultrasonic sound waves per second
  • Creates vibration that reinforces gentle lifting of dirt from eye glasses
  • With built-in 600 ml stainless steel tank for cleaning various items
  • The transparent top lid and illuminating light lets you see the first-hand action
  • Comes with a removable basket and watch stand
  • Offers a single 3-minute timer setting with no other options to choose from
The product can give your eyeglass a good-as-new look as if it hasn’t seen better days. Plus, you can see how ultrasonic energy cleans your filth-covered items made possible by its transparent lid and illuminating light.

11. Toyuugo Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner

The Toyuugo portable ultrasonic cleaner presents a simple and neat look with its plastic exterior casing and transparent cover made of ABS material.

Meanwhile, it’s 25-oz tank capacity with water level markers made of high-grade SUS 304 stainless steel material is as durable as expected. Its spacious tank makes it possible to clean other items aside from eyeglasses and delicate jewelry.

More importantly, non-destructive deep cleaning is made feasible with its gentle cleaning yet powerful 42,000 ultrasonic energy wave. It provides a 360° thorough elimination of stubborn oil and dust lodged in critical slits, curves, and in-between gaps.

A plastic basket and watch stand is included in the package to prevent the item from getting in contact with the steel liner. And it also enlarges space to get maximum exposure with cleansing micro-bubbles.

Designed to deliver a simple one-click concept, this ultrasonic cleaner contains a single power on/off button to start the automatic glasses cleaning machine. Once powered on, it automatically performs its job and cleans using its 5-minute cleaning cycle.

The only complaint I have about this product is that it produces a noticeable operating sound; definitely not loud but audible enough.

Lastly, the unit is equipped with a transparent lid that allows you to check the cleaning process. An anti-slip rubber base is also added to the footing to keep the unit secured on countertops.

  • SUS 304 stainless steel tank with spacious 25oz. capacity
  • Delivers 42,000 ultrasonic energy for a 360° deep clean
  • Plastic basket and watch stand allows maximum exposure to water
  • Straightforward operation with one on or off button
  • Non-slip rubber footing promoted stability when placed in countertops
  • Creates fairly audible operating sound
Nonetheless, the product delivers optimum results in cleaning stubborn dirt stuck on eyeglasses rims and frames that no hand, scrubs, brush, and wipes can reach.

12. Cinlinso SONIC-008 Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner

The Cinlinso Sonic-008 is perfect for anyone wanting an effortless operation because of its one-on/off-button control. Once the machine is powered on, it automatically kicks in with the only cleaning cycle available, the 3 minutes time setting. There’s no need to keep track of the cleaning process because it automatically shuts off.

With 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic power, the unit efficiently cleans all angles, tiny gaps, and openings against stubborn dirt. Also, this product flaunts an accommodating 6.6 x 3.1 x 1.69 inches dimensioned rectangular cleaning chamber. Built out of senior steel material, its tank can accommodate 500 ml capacity for you to clean your eyewear and jewelry with ease.

This product is also portable with its 1.45 pounds product weight, so you can carry it around and be ready when the need to clean arises. Furthermore, its visible up cover window lets you watch how the whole cavitation process works.

Powered by 100-120 V of AC power, this little monster cleaner is a great power-saver and definitely should be part of your eyeglass cleaning essentials.

If there’s one thing that does not impress me is its very light hissing operation sound. Although it’s not too loud, it is audible enough, and this could limit the time and place where you can use the unit.
  • User-friendly interface with one on or off button control.
  • 3-minute timer setting with an auto-shutoff function
  • Produces powerful 42,000 Hz cleansing ultrasonic waves
  • 500 ml cleaning tank from senior steel material
  • Hinged lid has a visible up cover window to let you watch the process
  • Emits a hissing sound once turned on
This portable device remains one of my top favorites in terms of easy operation. Its generous capacity makes it a multi-purpose cleaning device that thoroughly cleans your eye glasses in no time.

13. UTEN MK-186 Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine

Powerful has been redefined with UTEN MK-186 with its generation of 50000 Hz ultrasonic energy per second. It can deliver all-around cleaning performance even in hard-to-reach areas that were challenging to brush, wipes, and old-school cleaning.

This unit features a one-on or off button control that lets you turn on the device, and it spontaneously performs its cleaning function using its 5-minute default timer setting. Thus, forgetful or busy people can rely on such a user-friendly device.

In terms of design and construction, this ultrasonic glasses cleaner abides by the slim and modern trend. That’s why it is easy to store and complements most interior designs.

Additionally, this device is reinforced with a foolproof and waterproof case to withstand spills during cleaning, storing, and filling. Its innovative construction earned approval from CE, RoHS, FCC, and PSE.

Despite its portability, this cleaner comes with a spacious 600 ml cleaning tank of 304 stainless steel built to last a lifetime. Moreover, its exterior casing is covered in rubber textured material for easy slip-proof grip. The built-in status light on top of the cleaner allows us to confirm the unit is working.

Among all its beneficial features, I find the 5-minute timer cycle a downside because some carbon build-up is difficult to remove and requires longer cleaning cycles. So, you might want to do it several times if you have not washed your eye glasses for too long.
  • Triggers cavitation process with its 50000 Hz ultrasonic energy
  • Easy to operate with one control button
  • 600 ml 304 stainless steel tank holds bigger items
  • Rubber textured cover for non-slip grip
  • Foolproof and waterproof circuitry design with integrated status light
  • It has a limited 5-minute default timer setting
This product proved that power doesn’t come in size because, despite its portable size, it creates a powerful 50000 Hz of ultrasonic energy.

14. TOOLIOM Ultrasonic Cleaner Spectacles

The TOOLIOM’s 18W transducers generate 46,000 Hz of ultrasonic waves that trigger the cavitation process giving a thorough reading glasses cleaning.

This eyeglass cleaning device comes with an ABS plastic exterior casing that offers a shock-proof and waterproofing effect. On the other hand, its 450 ml cleaning chamber is built from food-grade stainless steel materials to protect the interior circuitry against corrosion, water scale, and oxidation.

Operation is made easy with its one-touch control button that only requires you to press the power-on button, and the cleaner will spontaneously perform its 3minute cleaning function.

Although it seems straightforward, the 3-minute timer per cycle is more of a hassle than an advantage when dealing with thick layers of dirt that requires more than one cycle but is still manageable by running a couple of few cycles.

In my opinion, one of its greatest features is its portability. Its 8.19 x 3.35 x 2.48 inches in dimensions and 1.43 pounds. Furthermore, its compact design features a detachable power cord that allows easy storing and packing.

  • Equipped with 18W transducers that create 46,000 Hz. ultrasonic waves
  • Spacious 450 ml tank made of food-grade stainless steel
  • One-touch control button for easy operation
  • A straightforward 3 minute per cleaning cycle
  • Detachable power cord for quick storage, packing, and portability
  • 3 minute per cleaning cycle is too short to clean a thick layer of carbon gunk
Portability with intensified power changes the gameplay, and that’s what this device has. With 46,000 Hz ultrasonic power and beneficial features, this one is among the top prescription glasses cleaning washes available.

15. TopCleaner Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner

Though it’s last on the list, TopCleaner is undoubtedly not the least in the ultrasonic eyeglass cleaner industry. Its transducer produces 42,000 Hz ultrasonic waves, which create millions of cleansing bubbles during the cavitation process. This is the science behind contactless cleaning on eyeglasses, jewelry, dentures, retainers, and many more.

In terms of build and design, this device is manufactured using ABS plastic as its casing boasts shock-proof and spill-proof protection. Moreover, its cleaning tank is derived from food-grade SUS 304 stainless steel material that protects the internal system against corrosion and oxidation.

It generously holds up to 15-oz capacity. That’s enough space to clean reading glasses and other small earrings, necklaces at the same time.

If you love simple operating procedures, you will love how this portable vision 7 ultrasonic eyeglasses cleaner works. Its one operation control button initiates all its functions.

Simply press the power button, and it will automatically perform its 3-minute auto cleaning function. Once the 3-minute default cleaning cycle is over, the machine automatically shuts off.

However, you might want to reuse this cycle several times to eliminate stubborn dirt inside the eye glasses holes.
  • The transducer creates powerful 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic energy
  • The external casing is from ABS plastic material for waterproofing
  • 15 oz tank is produced from SUS 304 stainless steel
  • One-touch control button initiates the cleaner functions
  • Auto shut-off function after every 3-minute cycle
  • Requires several cycles to eliminate stubborn dirt
This cleaner is perfect for your home’s ultrasonic eyeglass cleaning needs. The 3-minute cycle is enough to deliver deep clean quality in eyeglasses but with other items, the length of time needed varies depending on the stubborn dirt.

What to Look for When Buying Eyeglass Cleaning Machines?


A smart buyer always weighs different factors; you can read eyeglass cleaning machine reviews before finalizing your pick. The same rule applies in buying the best eyeglass cleaning machines. Here are a few features that you need to consider before picking the best lens cleaner machine for your needs.


This factor is one of the determinants of whether a unit will last long. ABS plastic material works perfectly well in providing waterproof and shock-proof protection on the circuitry. As for the tank, corrosive-resistant food-grade stainless steel material is the best option.

The Wave Frequency

Eyeglasses are fragile items that require delicate cleaning. The basic rule of thumb is that, the higher the wave frequency, the smaller the bubbles it produces, the gentler the cleaning action it offers. However, low wave frequency creates larger bubbles that burst inwards and often cause permanent damage to delicate items.

So now you know, for your eyeglass cleaning maintenance, get a high-frequency ultrasonic cleaner.

Cleaning Time and Available Preset Options

For eyeglass cleaning, a 3-5 minute timer cycle is enough to give a speck-free quality. However, if you’re planning to buy an ultrasonic cleaner for multiple purposes, you might want to consider brands that offer a longer time per cycle and more frequency options.

You’ll never know the frequency and timer requirement that you might need, so it’s better to have all possible options in one cleaning machine. That’s how you maximize your purchase.

User-friendly Operating Modes

Ultrasonic eyeglass machines should have an easy-to-operate interface without complicated buttons and knobs. Some cleaners offer a one-touch control button with an auto shut-off feature. It is pretty enticing especially that it requires minimal human intervention.

What is the Best Eyeglass Cleaning Solution?


Water is still the best eyeglass cleaning solution. Ultrasonic eyeglass cleaners mainly use tap water as their main cleansing agent because it’s non-toxic, natural, and does not create damaging effects to the lens and frame.

However, if you want to achieve a sparkling clean, you may also use dishwashing liquid to help lift off unwanted gunks.

Other ultrasonic cleaner machines offer free eyeglass cleaning solutions. It also gives promising results. More importantly, always research before adding solutions into the cleaning machine to ensure that these solutions are non-toxic and won’t damage your glasses’ quality.

Do Ultrasonic Cleaners Work on Glasses?

Ultrasonic Cleaners are the best eyeglass cleaning machines. They are the safest, affordable, and most effective way of cleaning your eyeglasses. As we all know, eyeglasses are fragile and require delicate cleaning as not to break the frame or break the lens.

Cleaning your eyeglasses with ultrasonic cleaner ensures the safety of your glasses by using gentle but powerful cleansing microbubbles that penetrate deep slits. It can reach deep-seated dirt that no wipe, brush, and hand can reach.


There are numerous ultrasonic cleaning glasses machines available in the market, but they vary in size, brands, model, shape, power, frequency, etc. The best eyeglass cleaning machine should be chosen based on your requirements. You can always check out widely-loved eyeglass cleaning machine brands to see their collections.

For eyeglasses cleaning purposes, the portable yet powerful model suits perfectly with the purpose. But if you want to get a multi-purpose cleaner, settle with the best one that offers boundless features.

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