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The Best Full Face Respirators for Various Work Types

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best full face respirator

Air-purifying respirators are essential companions as we work, live, or travel in hazardous areas. In many workplaces, dust, pollens, chemicals, or gases are prevalent, hurting our respiratory system if we are not equipped with protective gear.

Therefore, even though a full-face respirator looks rather bulky and inconvenient, many people must wear it to protect their lungs. If you are among those seeking the best full face respirator to block viruses or other hazardous pollutants, you are at the right place. Here’re some of the critical factors to consider when purchasing a quality one:

  • Filtration system – Opting for a dual charcoal activated filtration system is an excellent choice. A suitable respirator should be compatible with your preferred cartridges. Just make sure you pick the suitable cartridges for proper protection against your work environment hazards.
  • Clear vision – We should always find a face mask that does not hinder our viewing range. That means the chosen lens should be fog-resistant. Furthermore, it is best that the lens is made of high-quality material to resist impact well.
  • Comfortable wear – A respirator that delivers comfort is the one that fits perfectly to our face with a tight yet soft seal. In that case, a high-quality silicone mixture as the mask seal is ideal. Moreover, make sure the chosen piece is lightweight and breathable with a good airflow.

You would want to know the best pieces in the market to see what high quality looks like. If so, check out our shortlist below. And, in case you want further information to dig into the market a little deeper, read our detailed buying guide.


<strong>Featured Products</strong>

Best Overall

3M Full Facepiece Respirator 6800

– Lightweight
– Cool flow valve to keep cool and dry
– ANSI-certified respirator for impact


Editor’s Pick

Parcil Full Face Respirator

– ASTM-certified respirator
– Fog-resistant air circulation
– Well-balanced, and comfortable design


Premium Choice

3M Ultimate Facepiece Respirator

– Easy-to-clean silicone face seal
– Easy installation and removal
– Pairs well with efficient chemical filters


11 Most Comfortable Full Face Respirator Reviews

1. 3M Full Facepiece Respirator 6800

We start this list with a widely-used product from a reliable work gear brand – 3M Safety. The piece stands out with a high level of comfort, which most wearers value in a full facepiece respirator.

The 3M faceshield model 6800 features a special center adapter. This system prevents build-up and fogging by leading breath and moisture downward and out of the shield. Therefore, we can maintain a clear view while working or transporting equipment.

A full-face respirator indeed delivers good protection against outer hazards, yet such products might worry some users with breathability and comfort. Luckily, we can have the best of both worlds with this durable yet lightweight and comfortable device.

In detail, the piece is tested by ANSI to resist high impact, with a broad coverage that blocks flying objects. At the same time, its thermoplastic elastomer construction weighs around 3.5 ounces only, with a well-balanced design. It also comes with a cool flow valve to keep cool and dry.

Due to the highly durable and comfortable construction, the respirator is widely used in industrial settings to block molds, dust, hazardous gas, or chemical vapors. Besides, the brand offers a detailed guide on wearing their product, so its appearance should not dishearten us.

However, workers who wear prescription glasses should not go for this respirator since its design does not allow inserting another eyewear.
  • Features a special center adapter that leads breath and moisture downward
  • ANSI certified respirator for impact
  • Blocks flying objects, molds, dust, hazardous gas, or chemical vapors
  • Lightweight (about 3.5 ounces) and well-balanced for comfortable wear
  • Features a cool flow valve to keep cool and dry
  • Ideal for industrial use with reliable durability and helpful user guide
  • Does not allow inserting a pair of glasses
Overall, workers’ long search for a quality shield can end with this 3M full face respirator. It is a well-made protective piece that balances durability and comfort for long-hour uses.

2. Parcil Full Face Respirator

I deem my purchase of this Parcil Full Face Respirator worth the investment. Its most valuable feature must be the professional filtration system protecting users in dangerous set-ups.

As an ASTM-certified product for people handling toxic chemicals, this one might look intimidating for casual wear. But, when we need to work in hazardous environments, this mask with a dual activated charcoal filtration system is essential.

The P-A-1 cartridges filter out organic vapors, toxic chemicals, and particulates from the air we breathe in at the worksite. Therefore, it is a reliable companion for laboratory tasks, inspection, machining, welding, and more. Notably, some wearers purchase this full face respirator for covid virus blocking.

Talking with each other through a full-face respirator can be a challenge. However, when our work requires communication, this design’s voice amplification diaphragm is a huge help. Plus, its air circulation reduces the amount of fogging to the minimum. Thus, we have a clear view and communication with this device.

Another perk of this respirator is its comfortable design. The piece is actually lightweight and well-balanced, so wearing it for hours is not a hassle. Besides, the stretchy straps can ensure a secure and nice fit.

Unfortunately, I had to replace the latch tab as it was broken after several uses. It would be best if the brand could make a sturdier latch tab to match the quality of the overall respirator.
  • ASTM-certified respirator with a dual activated charcoal filtration system
  • P-A-1 cartridges filter out organic vapors, toxic chemicals, and particulates
  • Ideal for laboratories, inspection, machining, welding, and more
  • Clear communication with the voice amplification diaphragm
  • Clear viewing with the fog-resistant air circulation
  • A lightweight, well-balanced, and comfortable design with stretchy straps
  • The latch tab is not as durable as desired
This device gets the job done with its well-thought-out design and protective function. I need such a heavy-duty system to deal with hazardous chemicals.

3. 3M Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Respirator

It is not surprising that the 3M Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Respirator wins many users’ trust with its well-balanced and durable design.

Any worker who wants clear communication through their mask during tasks should consider purchasing this piece. It is incorporated with a speaking diaphragm for wearers to be heard when talking with the mask on.

A good fit is among the important features we need when seeking suitable workwear. The good news is that this design comes with a six-strap configuration with a well-placed comfort cradle. Such a combination ensures secure yet comfortable wear throughout our work shift.

As a 3M safety respirator, this model also features a cool flow valve patented by the brand. It allows us to breathe comfortably in a cool and dry space due to the uninterrupted airflow.

Besides, the silicone face seal and nose cup, along with the Scotchgard coating, allow us to clean the dirt and paint off the mask easily. Another convenient feature of this respirator would be how the filtration cartridges can be installed and disassembled without hassle.

Regarding the protective function, this one can handle various working conditions when paired with efficient chemical filters. We can wear this respirator to block harmful gas, vapors, and particulates.

My only complaint is the mask being shipped to my house in a rather flimsy box. Luckily, there was no damage to the product. But I am sure that every customer wants their goods to arrive in a reliable and sturdy package.
  • Features a speaking diaphragm for wearers to communicate well
  • Ensures a good fit with its six-strap configuration & a well-placed comfort cradle
  • Has a cool flow valve for a dry and cool breathing space
  • Easy-to-clean silicone face seal, nose cup, and Scotchgard coating
  • Easy installation and removal of filtration cartridges
  • Pairs well with efficient chemical filters and can block particulates
  • Packaging should be sturdier
Overall, product quality remains the determining factor when purchasing protective gear. So, the minor delivery issue does not stop me from selecting this one for my partner.

4. Honeywell North 7600 Series Respirator

The Honeywell North 7600 Series Respirator is approved by the National Institute For Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) for its protection against airborne particles. Such a certification speaks volumes about this one’s protecting capability.

Like most full-face respirators, this one is made with silicone for a tight and secure seal. Such a feature paired with a head strap with a five-point configuration makes the whole piece sit securely while we move back and forth.

It is notable that the respirator can provide a clear vision for users. Its wide polycarbonate lens with excellent optical clarity ensures no distortion for our peripheral and downward view. Furthermore, the lens can handle impact with its ANSI Z87 certification, shielding our eyes from flying objects.

We purchase a respirator to breathe in the fresh air, and this device is designed for this purpose. It maximizes the capability to block airborne dust fumes, acid gases, organic vapors, and more with a versatile system. The mask can adopt various filtration devices for specific work hazards.

Furthermore, it comes with side and front mounts, allowing us to convert it to a Powered Air Purifying Respirator and Continuous Flow Supplied Air Respirator. When we want to use the mask to do welding tasks, we only have to attach suitable cartridges, and we are good to go.

Such flexibility and protection capacity explain why this Honeywell full face respirator costs workers more than the standard product.
  • NIOSH-approved for blocking airborne particulates
  • Tight silicone seal and secure head strap
  • Has a polycarbonate lens with excellent optical clarity
  • ANSI Z87 lens for high impact resistance
  • Blocks gas and vapors and works with multiple filtration devices
  • Features mounts for respiratory systems, can be used for welding
  • Available at a high price tag
It’s up to buyers to decide if they need such a heavy-duty respirator for their current work. But, in my opinion, as long as we are willing to invest, this flexible and high-quality one can meet our requirements.

5. AUWOD Reusable Full Face Respirator

The AUWOD Reusable Full Face Respirator packs various items to serve as one of the most effective air filtration masks at an affordable price. Let’s see how this model gets its job done.

I appreciate this heavy-duty system that filters out dust, chemicals, and even paint spray. Indeed, its dual activated charcoal filtration pieces work as intended, offering professional-level protection for mechanics, carpenters, painters, welders, construction workers, and more.

Such a wide range of applications is possible due to the complete kit that comes with this respirator. It includes one respirator, two cartridges, twelve filter cotton pieces, one plastic cover, and one bag for storage. The high-density filtration cartridges and smooth exhalation valve allow us to breathe in the fresh air at all times.

I appreciate the face lens covering my skin and eyes well while allowing clear vision. As there is no sign of fogging and accumulated particles, my peripheral view remains good during work.

Notably, we can enjoy a good experience with this comfortable and well-fitted respirator. It features stretchy straps, adjustable for a secure hold around our chin.

On the other hand, the mask might smell a little when fresh out of the box. So, we can wash it a bit and wait for the odor to fade.
  • Affordable filtration system blocks dust, chemicals, and even paint spray
  • Suits many applications: for mechanics, carpenters, painters, welders, etc
  • A full kit: respirator, cartridges, filter cotton, plastic cover, and a bag
  • Features high-density filtration cartridges and smooth exhalation valve
  • Maintains good vision with a clear lens
  • Well-fitted and comfortable piece with adjustable, stretchy straps
  • Has a slightly unpleasant odor at first but fades after a cleaning or two
Reading full face respirator reviews told me this product’s quality is, in fact, almost on par with famous brands like 3M Safety. Therefore, this functional and reusable mask is an absolute bargain at this price range.

6. Parcil Distribution PT-101 Full Face Respirator

There is a reason why the Parcil Distribution PT-101 Full Face Respirator was out of stock on several sites. It might not be the most stylish face mask available, but it’s definitely among the practical and highly protective ones.

Designed for professional use, this respirator features dual activated charcoal P-A-3 filters. Therefore, it can block about 95% of particulates as small as 0.3 microns. Notably, the filter can be replaced and reattached due to the easy twist-on-and-off design.

Furthermore, the mask is tested to shield against multiple pollutants, including gasoline, carbon dioxide, acetone, alcohols, etc. We can also rely on this device to keep organic vapors out of our breathing air.

As we wear this full-face mask to work, there is no need to wear other protective glasses. In truth, its PT-101 lens is qualified to resist high impact while offering an expansive view of our surroundings. And, since the mask is produced with air circulation technology, we should not worry about fogging compromising our vision.

It is worth mentioning that the model is portable, lightweight, and adjustable for us to have a good experience while wearing it. Also, the straps allow shortening to fit my head well, ensuring a tight and secure seal.

The unfortunate thing for people who seek full face respirator for glasses is that this model does not have enough space underneath.
  • Features dual activated charcoal P-A-3 filters to block small particulates
  • Allows quick filter replacement with an easy twist-on-and-off design
  • Blocks multiple pollutants, including gasoline, carbon dioxide, organic vapor, etc
  • PT-101 lens is qualified to resist high impact
  • Offers a wide view with no fogging issue
  • Lightweight with adjustable straps for a secure fit
  • Not enough space to wear a pair of glasses underneath
The bottom line is, this respirator is perfect for workers who do not need prescription glasses to work. Its highly functional filtration system is a life-saver for anyone performing work in hazardous environments.

7. BGS13 Full Face Respirаtor

The BGS13 Full Face Respirаtor comes in a complete package of filters, covers, filter cotton, and a storage bag. This set is surprisingly affordable, providing everything we need to protect ourselves against harmful particles.

After opening the package, we need to assemble the respirator, following the provided guide. The mask is ready for use as we install the cartridge, filter cotton, and cover. Buyers should be aware that they are given extra pieces of cotton for replacement, thus ensuring long-term use.

Notably, this product’s filtration system can block petrol, C6H6, organic steam, carbon disulfide, powder, and acetone. Anyone working in an environment with gases, pollen, or harmful vapor should be equipped with this device for their safety. In detail, this respirator is widely used among fabrication workers, DIYers, construction workers, etc.

Other than keeping our lungs safe from hazards, a full-face mask design should protect our eyes well while offering unobstructed viewing. In that case, the BGS13 model meets both our needs with its large yet clear lens featuring an anti-fog coating.

One last point that convinces the pondering buyers to bring this product home should be its incredible comfort. The respirator protects us well while offering a good fit with soft sealing edges and adjustable straps. Notably, it is made of food-grade silicone, ensuring no red marks or irritation on our skin.

However, we should tie our hair when wearing this respirator if we do not want it to get caught in the strap ratchets.
  • Affordable, has all pieces for assembly and extra filter cotton for replacement
  • Blocks petrol, C6H6, organic steam, carbon disulfide, powder, and acetone
  • Filters out gases, pollen, or harmful vapor for fabrication workers, DIYers, etc
  • Features a large yet clear lens with an anti-fog coating
  • Offers a good fit with soft sealing edges and adjustable straps
  • Food-grade silicone ensures no red marks or skin irritation
  • Requires tying our hair so it doesn’t get caught in the strap ratchets
I do not think an affordable respirator set can get better than this design. Its protective features will suit various settings to keep us safe.

8. KISCHERS Reusable Full Face Respirator

This innovative design from KISCHERS receives rave reviews from DIY-ers. It is a full face respirator for asbestos, pollen, dust, and various particles.

Let’s discuss this face mask’s certification that appeals to buyers seeking high-quality products. In detail, its face shield meets EU ECE 2205 standard for anti-friction and fog-resistant features.

Furthermore, its 3D-curved lens is wide, without obstruction from both sides. Therefore, we can wear this full-face mask to see clearly while keeping our eyes safe from sudden flying objects.

The filtration system on this device is proven to be effective. Its dual filters prevent 97% of harmful fumes, gases, and organic vapor from invading our respiratory system. Therefore, we can handle work like grinding, sawing, or painting without worry about our lungs.

Many wearers would also appreciate how easy-to-use and clean this device is. First of all, its silicone gel seal is well-fitted while not harmful for people with allergies. Also, we can clean dirt off its surface with a wet towel and detergent if necessary.

Last but not least, the mask headband is designed with five-point configuration, keeping the mask in place when we handle tasks.

Despite its good quality, I would not recommend this respirator for workers wearing glasses due to the tight seal that leaves no space for the eyewear frame.
  • EU ECE 2205 standard respirator with anti-fog and anti-friction shield
  • Wide-viewing 3D-curved lens protects the eyes and offers good vision
  • Effective filters guard against 97% of harmful fumes, gases, and organic vapor
  • Easy to clean material
  • Silicone gel seal is not harmful for people with allergies
  • Well-fitted seal and five-point configuration headband for a secure fit
  • Not ideal for inserting eyeglasses
Buyers seeking a well-made full face respirator for woodworking or grinding should bring home this design. It works wonders in blocking small particulates while delivering easy use and comfort.

9. EROCK 15in 1 Full Face Respirator

The EROCK 15in 1 Full Face Respirator closes this list with a bang. This item lets us wear a pair of prescription or safety glasses underneath it.

Like most quality respirator designs, this one’s seal is made from a soft silicone mixture for a tight yet comfortable fit. Thanks to the silicone quality and well-balanced mask structure, we will not feel irritated or suffocated when wearing the mask.

Furthermore, many workers can enjoy this device’s protection, especially since it is adjustable to fit various head sizes. The flexible strap belt secures the whole piece while the mesh headband covers our hair. Workers who are frustrated as too much dust and dirt get into their hair should try this well-thought-out design.

On opening the package, I found inside a respirator with a full-face shield to protect my eyes from flying debris. Also, two 6001CN filter cartridges are available to block multiple organic vapors.

There are ten pieces of cotton filters for assembly and replacement, with excellent protection against small particulates. Lastly, we can install the available filter covers and use the mask right away.

Due to the functional design with effective filtration, this device is widely loved among workers in oil recovery, mechanics, fire emergencies, and more.

However, it is not the best face shield for clarity as it has minimal image distortion; therefore, we need glasses underneath to handle intricate tasks.
  • Allows wearing glasses underneath it
  • Quality soft silicone mixture for a tight yet comfortable fit
  • Adjustable strap belt for secure wear and mesh headband to cover hair
  • Serves professionals in oil recovery, mechanics, fire emergencies, and more
  • Has two 6001CN filter cartridges to block multiple organic vapors
  • Extra cotton filters for replacement and filter covers
  • Face shield has minor image distortion
I deem this product perfect for DIY tasks or projects that involve chemicals, gases, and dust. Also, people can wear their prescription glasses underneath this mask just fine, so that’s a huge bonus.

10. MOARON Full Face Respirаtor

The MOARON Full Face Respirаtor is a flexible design with a reliable shield against various hazards. As long as we get suitable cartridges for this product, we can handle tasks in unfavorable settings without hurting our respiratory system.

First of all, the respirator’s edge is high-quality silicone material, thus ensuring a tight seal for wearers. It blocks the intrusion of harmful fumes and gas well, keeping the air inside fresh for hours. Besides, the silicone texture is soft enough to embrace our face without leaving red marks.

Furthermore, the mask also delivers comfortable use with its adjustable straps that fit various head and face sizes. The additional fog-resistant coating on the glasses ensures wearers can clearly see when handling tasks.

Protection is what we value the most when buying respirators, and in this design, the activated charcoal filters and impact-resistant lens are its main appeal. This is a worthwhile investment as we can attach nearly any filtration cartridge to the mask to shield against hazardous elements.

Due to the perfect combination of a good fit, comfort, and protection features, this face mask can accompany workers in various fields. In detail, we can bring the piece along to work in fabrication, soldering, construction, laser, mechanics, and more.

The only weak point of this device is its slight chemical smell at first. It will fade through time, but you might want to wear a thin mask inside during the first week or so.
  • High-quality silicone mask edges for a tight seal
  • Soft silicone texture for a nice embrace without leaving marks on the skin
  • Comfortable wear with adjustable straps
  • Added fog-resistant splashing for a clear view
  • Features activated charcoal filters and impact-resistant lens
  • Compatible with multiple filtration cartridges for various work types
  • Has a bit of a chemical smell at first
Many people carry out different projects that require them to change their filter cartridges for proper protection. In that case, this full face gas mask can be among the best choices available.

11. Yunge Full Face Respirator 6800

Among the designs on this list, the Yunge Full Face Respirator 6800 is at a lower price range. However, the model does not disappoint with its ability to prevent harmful vapors and particulates from entering our lungs.

For buyers that want a 3M respirator but their current budget cannot afford one, choosing this model makes excellent sense. It is pretty much identical to a 3M model, with good functions and a much lower price. Of course, there are differences in durability, but this mask’s filtration is reliable.

In truth, it can filter out small dust, metallic smell, paint spray, mists, and harmful chemicals. Furthermore, particles of low toxicity flying in the air of our workplace are no longer an issue when we wear this respirator.

The design also promises a large-viewing lens with no obstruction. We can be aware of our surroundings to handle tasks with high productivity when equipped with such a clear vision.

Moreover, its lightweight design does not weigh us down as we leave it on for hours on end. And the silicone seal is well-made, gripping tight for protection while being soft enough not to leave marks on our skin.

I was impressed by the brand’s customer service. They helped select the size and model and responded quickly to my requirements.

My only complaint about this mask is its plastic tab to accommodate the filters. The part broke after several uses, so I contacted Yunge for a replacement.
  • A budget-friendly respirator with a quality filtration system
  • Blocks small dust, metallic smell, paint spray, mists, and harmful chemicals
  • Shields against particles of low toxicity flying in the air
  • Provides a large-viewing lens with no obstruction
  • Lightweight design and secure soft silicone seal
  • Responsive and helpful customer service
  • The plastic tab for the filters might break after some uses
This full-face respirator is among the best ones we can get for this price range. Users with a low budget can confidently settle with this protective and comfortable filter.

What to Look for When Buying Full Face Respirators?


Purchasing a suitable full-face respirator for your work requires thorough considerations of many factors. To make your selection process easier, we’ve done all the legwork and presented here some sincere advice.

Filtration system

The mask’s filtration system features various layers, each of which is responsible for a specific protection purpose.

As you seek a respirator to block gases and organic vapor, make sure you know the hazards you are dealing with. Regarding the cartridges, the N75004L cartridges filter out Ammonia and Methylamine. Meanwhile, the N75003L blocks Chlorine, Hydrogen Fluoride, and Sulfur Dioxide.

Such information is written on the product, so read carefully before choosing. Make sure you go for the respirator compatible with your required cartridges.

Filters that block airborne particulates are P100 models. In most respirators listed above, you’ll find many of them featuring this type of particulate filter, which is sufficient for various work conditions.

When looking for a replacement filter, people often opt for 3M products. If you’re one of them, it would be better if you find a respirator compatible with most 3M filter cartridges.

Full-face lens

One notable feature when choosing a full-face respirator is the product’s lens. First of all, it should not compromise our view and affect our awareness of our surroundings. Therefore, the product should provide a wide view range with a clear and curved lens.

Next, the lens should resist fogging well, ensuring that our breath and moisture do not condense its surface. So, picking one with an internal anti-fog coating should be our priority.

It would be best if the lens is constructed and tested to resist impact well. There are many quality pieces reviewed above that meet ANSI requirements for high impact, ensuring flying objects do not hurt our eyes.

Breathing valve

When breathing underneath a mask, we often feel slightly suffocated after a while. That’s why many hesitate to choose a full-face shield. But buyers should not worry since many quality products feature a cool flow valve that ensures uninterrupted airflow.

Therefore, we can rely on such devices to quickly get our exhaled breath and moisture out to prevent build-up. That way, we can breathe just fine underneath the face mask while always having a clear view.

Excellent fit and comfort

We cannot leave out comfort and fit when choosing a respirator, as they are important factors for long-hour wear. First of all, a quality mask should have a soft silicone seal that tightly fits our face. Furthermore, the head strap should be highly adjustable to accommodate many head sizes.

Also, make sure the respirator is not too bulky or heavy, or else the piece will hinder our work more than help it.

Price and brand

There are affordable yet decent-quality respirators at around $50. You can purchase a good piece at this price while experiencing adequate protection and comfort. If the budget allows, you can go for products around $100 or up to $200 to enjoy optimal safety, durability, and convenience.

At first, just take a look at reliable brands like 3M Safety, Honeywell, or Parcil Distribution to know what their collections offer. Also, many users get recommendations on Reddit or Quora from people using good products. You can do the same before finalizing your choice based on all the features required for your work.

What Does a Full Face Respirator Protect You From?


With suitable cartridges and filters, a respirator can block various organic vapors, gases, pollens, dust, chemicals, and small airborne particulates. Therefore, many people seek a respirator mask for virus protection as they can filter out many air hazards.

How Long Can You Wear a Full Face Respirator?

When putting on a full-face mask for work, you should take it off after 1 or 1.5 hours to avoid discomfort. Then, you can put it on and work like usual. But when taking off the mask to rest, make sure to stay away from hazardous space.

For cartridges, after use, you should take the pieces off and keep them inside a bag, away from direct sunlight, and in a cool space.

How Long Do Full Face Respirators Last?

A full-face respirator is often reusable, meaning we can utilize it many times as long as it is cleaned frequently. The product filters have a shelf life of 5 years if they are not opened. When opened for work, they should be replaced after six months of absorbing harmful particulates.

Is P100 Better Than N95?

Here’s the thing, if it works for your current requirement, it is the better choice. In detail, the P100 filter is the highest respiratory protection, preventing around 99.9% of particulates as small as 3 microns from attacking our lungs.

Meanwhile, the N95 has a lower efficiency, at 95%, when filtering particulates, and it is not oil-resistant while the former is. However, the N95 filter has lower flow resistance.

Can You Wear Glasses With a Full Face Respirator?

It depends on the design; some allow you to insert a safety pair underneath, while others do not. But, you might expect wearing an extra pair is not very comfortable.


Searching for the best full face respirator should be a breeze when you know what features to consider. Make sure you know what protecting function your mask should have after checking your work environment conditions.

Besides, thoroughly clean and replace the filters when required, and do not store your mask before washing. Please keep it in good condition so it can protect you for a long time. Good luck and stay safe!

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