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The Best Gardening Gloves for Thorns and Harmful Bushes

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best gardening gloves for thorns

When you take care of a garden and are pruning plants, it is necessary to have safety tools to protect you from possible cuts or injuries.

Apart from cutting tools, wearing the right gloves will add comfort in removing thorns and other poisonous plants. The difficulty of your gardening tasks also plays a vital role in choosing a hand gear. So, here are features to look for when buying the best gardening gloves for thorns:

  • Material: A range of materials are used, but most buyers prefer leather options because they deliver a higher level of protection and are. However, some gardeners pick gloves out of less-durable cotton material for comfort. Some buyers opt for rubber, neoprene, and spandex, which offer good maneuverability.
  • Size: Working in the garden for a long time may cause hand fatigue and discomfort. Thus, choosing gloves that fit your palm, fingers, arm, and elbow is important to offer a balanced comfort. You should pick snug-fitting over tight glove sizes to protect your fingers from injury.
  • Suitability: Since gloves are a versatile tool for gardening, each pair may suit a particular task. For example, traditional gardening gloves fit planting and weeding while leather gloves are suitable for heavier tasks like handling bushes. In the case of wet gardening tasks, such as mixing pesticides, rubber-made hand gear is the right choice.

Now that you have an idea of some of the factors to consider when choosing gloves, check out our reviews below! In the end, we have a “Buying Guide” to help you make your final call as well.


<strong>Featured Products</strong>

Best Overall

Exemplary Gardens Rose

– Offers extra arm protection and flexibility
– Made of leather and cowhide suede material
– Can perform motor tasks effectively


Editor’s Pick

NoCry NC-GG-M Leather

– Features 6-inches long Canadian-style sleeves
– Best tool for blackberry pruning
– Has a more durable design


Premium Choice

Magid Glove and Safety Rose

– High durability and comfort
– Fingertips promote easy gripping and non-slip design
-Equipped with a longer length for dexterity


Best Gardening Gloves for Thorns Reviews

1. Exemplary Gardens Rose Pruning Gloves

Finding the best thorn-proof gloves for plant pruning is made easier by Exemplary Gardens Rose Pruning Gloves. It is designed to keep a gardener from getting injured because of rose spines.

What I like the most is that it offers an extra length to protect up to the arms and also features premium materials, including goatskin leather and cowhide suede for enhanced durability. Such added features bring more comfort to the fingers to move freely throughout gardening tasks.

This gear has lanolin, which keeps your hands moisturized and is good for sensitive skin. It is also great for grabbing spiky things and for heavy work like trail trimming.

It also has a great dexterity level, which makes it useful for planting and other motor tasks. I want to highlight the effectiveness of these gloves for someone who suffers from arthritis. It eases any gardening jobs.

It is a good hand gear to use but not with blackberry bushes, bull thistle, and wild roses. One more downside of this product is that it’s not super durable. There are issues of prickly thorns piercing through it according to some gardeners.
  • Offers extra arm protection and flexibility
  • Made of leather and cowhide suede material
  • Perfect for gardeners with sensitive skin and arthritis
  • Can perform motor tasks effectively
  • Gloves are not that durable
All in all, these pruning gloves are favorably versatile. You can also get the best size that will suit you.

2. NoCry NC-GG-M Leather Gardening Gloves

Using thorn-proof gardening gloves like NoCry Long Leather Gardening Gloves can make weeding jobs faster and safer. It does not sacrifice comfort while helping users eliminate thorny plants in the garden.

I often encounter overgrown blackberries in the backyard that are too painful to remove. Now, it is easier to eliminate every single thorn with these extra-long gardening gloves. I am impressed by how it gives protection and comfort for an hour of pulling thorns out. So far, it is the best thorn-proof gloves on this list.

They are good-quality gloves made of goatskin leather that is 2x thicker and more durable. It has lightweight materials but is highly recommended for heavy use. This handwear has three sizes; the bigger ones will absolutely ensure better fitting. I think such sizes can help to quickly trim as well as pull weeds and thorns with great dexterity.

Protecting your fingers, hands, and forearms is improved with these gloves’ Canadian-style sleeves that are about 6-inches in length. You can use it to get rid of blackberry vines a lot better than other blackberry gloves.

What I dislike is that you can hardly remove fine cactus spines from the hand gear. But, other than this, it works great for handling thorny bushes.
  • Features 6-inches long Canadian-style sleeves
  • Best tool for blackberry pruning
  • Lightweight but works for heavy pruning tasks
  • Has a more durable design
  • Cannot easily handle cactus spines
Extra-long gardening gloves give full arm protection. That being said, these thorn-resistant gloves that are 6-inches in length can be the best choice for most gardeners.

3. Magid Glove and Safety Rose Pruning Gloves

Looking for perfect hand gear for pruning needs has been made easier with the Magid Glove and Safety Rose Pruning Gloves. It is well-designed to protect your hands and arms all through the pruning process.

I highly approve that the manufacturer used a synthetic material to produce one of the best thorn-proof gloves on the market. It features padded palms and fingertips that support easy gripping when dealing with thorny plants and bushes. Its back is made of spandex that enhances comfort for heavier jobs.

Moreover, it has a longer length, which makes it safer when working with thorns. It is elbow-length to maintain maximum comfort, protection, and flexibility. The leather material is extra durable to guard your hands against dirt and scratches, and even poisonous plants.

In addition to that is the printed fingertip design that promotes a firmer grip on rose bushes, blackberries, and other plants. This lessens slippage when holding a gardening tool or while trimming plants, and so, reduces possible accidents.

The only thing that I dislike about these gloves is that the sizes run small and sizing up is necessary to get a better fit.
  • The maker used synthetic materials with higher durability and comfort
  • Fingertips promote easy gripping and non-slip design
  • Equipped with a longer length for dexterity
  • Sizing is small
Despite its small size, I think that these gardening gloves with other unique features can help make your experience in pruning roses easier.

4. Legacy Gardens WO-MUVB-2J5O Gardening Gloves

Getting your pair of quality gloves can be possible with Legacy Gardens Leather Gardening Gloves. It allows users to enjoy a pain-free pruning process and satisfies with good protection from prickly stuff.

What I love is that these gloves can grab, hold, and pull larger vines and bushes about 12-feet in height. Being scratched or wounded by thorns is extremely painful but I liked how durable these leather gloves are with double-stitching to protect your fingers. The extra padding in the thumb and palm will also keep the discomfort away and promote longer use.

It also has properties that suit skin sensitivity. These thorn-resistant gloves are made of Grade A goatskin leather that enhances the thickness of the gear. It is better when compared to competing materials used for comfort and breathability. Additionally, the said material can make your hands clean and soft in every use.

Its slim-fit design brings extra protection and flexibility to your fingers. New sizes are available, and buyers should choose one size bigger than their regular size for a nice fitting. This will assure that your hands are secured while clearing bushes and thorns.

The major downside of the item is that it stains the hands and nails, especially the yellow pair of gloves. It causes too much moisture, which results in a hard-to-remove stain. Another drawback is its extended sleeve length that is stiff and rough.
  • Works effectively with 12-feet in height vines and bushes
  • Uses Grade-A goatskin leather with a double-stitching design
  • Slim fit and new sizes available
  • Gardeners can enjoy pain-free gardening tasks
  • Good for sensitive skin types
  • May leave stains on hands and nails
  • Sleeves are not that comfortable
Regardless, the double-layer stitching has been helpful to maintain its form and functionality for certain tasks, such as cacti pruning and general gardening.

5. Handlandy 1601 Rose Pruning Gloves

Among the best thorn-proof gloves is the rose pruning gloves made by Handlandy. It has a porous texture that keeps the hands cool after a long day of garden pruning. It is more possible with pigskin leather, which is safe from scratches and other forms of injury.

There is no huge difference in comparison with other choices, except for its wider application. I am under the impression that these gloves can handle thorny roses and poison ivy as well as bougainvilleas. That being said, I believe its extended cuff plays an important role to free you from cuts and wounds.

The length of the cuff offers good coverage up to the elbow to be sure of blood-free rose pruning. It is elastic, making trimming bushes, shrubs, and thorns a lot easier. Handlandy also padded these gloves for better relief and resistance.

It fits right for larger hand sizes to offer superior snugness. The pruning gear can wrap the forearms without harming the skin and is roomy at the same time for maneuverability.

Inaccurate sizing is one of the things I did not like about this item, as it might be more suitable for women. The company also warns about cancer risks that have alarmed potential consumers.
  • Built with pigskin leather and has a porous texture
  • Made for a wider application
  • Has lengthier cuff for full arm coverage
  • Brings hand relief through its padded design
  • Sizes can be misleading
  • Health risks are that alarming
Long-day nursery maintenance can be a hassle and risky to your health, but these thornproof gardening gloves are a perfect tool for more enjoyable yard work.

6. AmazonBasics G2PKXS Rose Pruning Gloves

Not all people have huge hands, and knowing this, AmazonBasics created gardening gloves in extra-small sizes. It has sleeves to cover up your forearms that permit ease of movement while putting an end to possible cuts caused by spikes.

I commend that these gardening mittens have a good value for money with their perfect fitting for unmatched comfort. This differs from other gloves, which are very stiff. It is easier to maneuver, making landscaping uncomplicated.

With the help of these gloves, pulling out wild bushes and spiky plants involves no dirt and promises injure-free hands. It also keeps your fingers in place through its knuckle guards and palm padding.

The overall design is puncture-resistant with combined materials that include nylon, aramid, and polyester to affirm longevity. They are also machine-washable, unlike leather gloves, which are convenient. As a bonus, it has an elbow-length cuff to help users accomplish garden tasks safely.

Its thornproof feature is uncertain according to some buyers, which is one thing that makes others doubt. Also, they are not made of real suede, contrary to what is advertised.
  • Available in extra-small fitting
  • Benefits the forearm with elbow-length cuff against thorny roses and other plants
  • Easy to twist and turn to accomplish harder tasks quickly
  • Combines durable materials such as nylon, aramid, and polyester and are machine-washable
  • Being thornproof is not that certain
  • It does not appear a genuine suede
Setting aside all the suspicions on these hand gloves, AmazonBasics did a great job in providing the correct sizes for a wide range of users. It belongs in the list of best thorn-proof gloves for yielding a high level of comfort.

7. Acydyion Long Cowhide Gardening Gloves

When weighing between cowhide and goatskin nursery gloves, you will want to consider durability. Acydyion chooses the former in making thorn-proof gardening gloves wear-resistance a sure bet during motor tasks performance.

Along with the advantages of cowhide, these gloves can be suitable for long work hours, saving your hands from blisters and spines. I take an interest in its thicker design that benefits users with painless trimming. This is often picked as gloves for blackberry bushes for that reason.

It has been carefully stitched to easily hold other gardening tools to perform more yard work. It sustains the dexterity level of the gloves while trimming thorny plants and is even applicable for planting seeds. It additionally has the scratch-proof ability for the hand gear to last longer.

They are extra-long gloves that advance extensive defense from roses and blackberry bushes. Plus, they come with a size chart for potential buyers to select the one that meets their needs. I do prefer a larger size to enjoy more comfortable fitting and more flexibility.

I find the smell of the cowhide intolerable with new gloves. But the bad smell shall fade away after several uses. To quicken this process, store the gloves in a ventilated place.
  • The maker used cowhide leather for improved quality
  • Can be effective for longer work hours
  • Extra-long to fight against thorny roses and blackberry bushes
  • Has enhanced scratch-proof feature
  • New gloves might have a disgusting smell
But overall, this pair of garden gloves have top-quality leather material to deliver a superb performance in your yard. It is well-made and can help you clean up huge wild spines simply and safely.

8. G & F Products ‎2430M Gardening Gloves

Landing on thorn-resistant garden gloves women’s medium g & f will save your arms from destructive thorns in the yard. It has to do with unwanted spikes to help the nurseryman in pulling them out without having a hard time.

Its durable material is what makes these gardening gloves more appealing and useful in taking off thorns. I found no issues in gripping items with this due to its thickness that can protect arms from spikes. Plus, they are so comfortable to wear without any stiff feelings at all.

These long gloves have padded palms and fingers for added support against sharp bushes and spines. Its lengthy cuff is responsible for your arms and wrists’ safety with comfort in mind through the spandex back. It has added breathability to prevent moisture that can cause hand fatigue and slippage while at work.

G & F has taken advantage of synthetic leather in producing these unique gloves. They also double-stitched the palm to ensure you are getting the best protection. Another thing that I like is that these gloves are waterproof and washable for the next use. You just need to apply the right detergent to maintain its form.

However, the frequent times that the gloves need to be washed is a drawback. Skipping this can cause it to turn into a hard shell.
  • Sold in medium-sized to suit bigger hands
  • Made out of synthetic leather that is thick and durable
  • With reinforced fingers and palm for comfort
  • Waterproof and easy to wash and clean
  • Washing the item often may result in hardness
In general, I like the thickness of the gloves that help gardeners to finish tasks safely and quickly.

9. CCBETTER Rose Pruning Gloves

Rose pruning is a challenging task that these gloves made by CCBETTER have carried off with safety. Its notable quality has made it worthy to be added to anybody’s gardening tools that best deal with thorns and harmful bushes.

The use of goatskin rather than pigskin is what I like most about this item as it promotes better airflow in wet conditions. In addition to that is its flexible design, making the gloves easier to manage garden work like cutting thorns. The padded palm and fingers will protect from dangerous elements in the yard.

This is also one of the blackberry gloves that can resist possible scratches from your hands up to your forearms. It has to sustain the proper poise in eliminating spiky stuff in the backyard with its ergonomic design.

It has multiple sizes to assure great fitting on most people. Buyers should measure their hands before purchasing so as not to waste money getting the wrong size. This would also promise full-arm protection to remove spines and bushes pain-free every time you clean the yard.

I hold in disfavor with its poor thornproof quality as sharper spikes manage to create a hole through the gloves. On top of that, it is non-waterproof. Nonetheless, its color will not come off.
  • Take into account goatskin leather for breathability
  • Has a flexible design, including padded palm and fingers
  • Supplies ergonomic style
  • Longer sizes are being sold for extended protection
  • Its thornproof feature is not that sturdy
  • Non-waterproof
Compared to other rose pruning gloves, this one offers a wide range of size options to choose from that can help more users enjoy reducing thorns in the garden.

10. Megawodar Thornproof Garden Gloves

Your search for stylish thorn-resistant gloves can end with this pair from Megawodar. It is designed for a variety of uses, including weeding, pruning, and lawn mowing. It is more appropriate for women because of its floral design that also secures a better performance.

Aside from its unique appearance, I also like that Megawodar has added a pull-on closure to prevent the gloves from slipping during intense yard work. The artificial leather and oxford fabric also guarantee a longer lifespan, with better support for your fingers.

It is additionally elastic for you to freely move your hands while holding garden tools and doing nursery work. The result will be blood-free trimming and planting with the help of a puncture-resistant design. Thus, it is perfect for florists. You do not have to worry about your hands sweating because these gloves are made of breathable fabric.

It features a gauntlet cuff with extra length, so you will not get hurt while working. It has to size up to fully protect elbows and forearms against fatigue and thorny plants. The item can do heavy-duty gardening activities without causing discomfort.

However, there have been cases of severe injuries in using these gloves for removing thorns and bushes that lead to medical treatments. This disappoints users looking for gloves with extra-long sleeves.
  • Intended for a variety of gardening jobs
  • Ideal for women with its unique floral design
  • Features pull-on closure, and quality leather and breathable fabric
  • Its longer cuff provides extra comfort
  • Can deal with moisture more effectively
  • Severe injuries occur on some users
As it belongs on the list of the best thornproof gloves, I can tell that this option has proved its worth in many areas of gardening work, from being fine-looking to offering standard performance.

11. ArtAK Gardening Gauntlet Pruning Gloves

The first thing to look for in the best gardening gloves for thorns is their design and line of work. For pruning jobs, ArtAK Gardening Gauntlet Pruning Gloves are an excellent addition to your toolset. It is used to cut blackberries, roses, and cactus, and also benefits people with arthritis

I am pleased with the way these pick unfriendly plants for all-day yard work without causing any trouble. They can also hold sweat while getting rid of thorns and I think the Kevlar stitching helped to resist sunlight rays that may cause moisture. When compared to nylon and polyester, this has to be twice as strong, making it suitable for motor tasks.

It has been made perfect to provide a solid grip with its flexible design, and so, working in areas with thorns will be easier and safer. Furthermore, each pair of gloves is non-slipping and water-resistant for continuous gardening.

Its base material is leather that works with roses and other thorny vines in the garden. No elements, especially thorns, shall remain on the gloves after a cleaning task. It is so easy to wash off for later uses.

The one and the only problem I had is that the finger length is unreasonably long even with small gloves.
  • Applies Kevlar stitching to add up the ability to fight off sunlight and mildew
  • The leather is 2x more durable than nylon and polyester gloves
  • Aids a solid grip that won’t slip from your hands
  • Disposes of thorns and bushes through a simple cleaning
  • Finger length is slightly unfit
With that being said, I like the entirety of these gloves that aid a lot of different yard tasks keeping you from getting thorned.

12. Willceal hc710 Goatskin Leather Gloves

To be hurt with thorns while taking care of your garden is never worth it, so Willceal’s hc710 Goatskin Leather Gloves is a perfect tool for protection. It highlights premium leather material to qualify for a scratch-proof feature that suits blackberries, cactus, and more thorny plants.

The perfect fit delights most users, and I also find it comfortable to wear without feeling stiff. Besides, they are flexible when used for clearing weeds and spikes, and are very well-made in carrying gardening tools. It has been meticulously stitched to assure that it will not split the whole gear during heavy tasks.

Cuts and scratches usually happen on the forearms and elbows, because of that, an extra-long gauntlet cuff is added. Not just that, your palm and fingers are assisted by its padded design.

Hanging the hand gear outdoors can eliminate the bad smell of these thorn-resistant gloves. It will take a few days to remove the scent.

What I do not like is that they are not 100% leather as stated. Only the hand part is real leather but not the palm and forearm.
  • Assembled with thornproof leather
  • Has perfect fitting that satisfies user’s freedom to move
  • Durable and thorough stitching
  • Padded and very long gauntlet cuff for better defense from thorns
  • Putting out the bad odor can be quick
  • Leather-made excluding the palm and forearm
Even though there is confusion around how these gloves were made, they are comfortable to wear and offer a nice fitting. Also, I think well of its overall stitching for added strength to hold things.

13. Supersfel Leather Gardening Gloves

When it comes to gift-giving among gardeners, adding thorn-proof gardening gloves on the list is sensible. It is a handy tool in cleaning up weeds, eliminating thorns, and even planting more in your backyard.

Sharper thorns tend to penetrate ordinary gloves, but I like how tough this one is in harvesting cactus. It can totally protect your hands from pruning spiky flowers and plants, and as a result, there will be no bleeding or scratches on the skin. The material is soft, lightweight, and so comfortable to wear.

Supersfel used sheepskin material that is skin-friendly and avoids irritation for various gardening tasks. It has an adjustable cuff so that you can easily loosen or tighten the gloves. The new feature will also prevent insects from entering the gloves that may result in discomfort.

Gardeners can move their fingers freely with its ergonomic design. What is more, these gloves can hold backyard tools firmly. It is very easy to put these on and take them off. I think that the credit goes to its adjustable cuff.

However, it is not machine-washable, which is a hassle if you use it frequently. It is best to clean up the hand gear with proper detergent and use a cloth to wipe it down. You can also notice signs of wear after several uses.
  • Very convenient to use
  • Sheepskin material is soft and skin-friendly
  • An adjustable cuff takes away discomfort
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Handwashing gloves can be a hassle
In general, I think that the flexible cuff makes fitting more user-friendly, and working in the yard becomes more relaxing.

What to Look for When Buying Gardening Gloves for Thorns?


Many reputable stores sell the best thorn-proof gloves, such as home depot, walmart, and lowe’s. Manufacturers come up with quality products that should meet every gardener’s needs. Each product has to offer important factors, which tend to prevent thorns from growing rapidly.

Although thorn-resistant gloves are open to various styles and sizes, there are some features to consider before getting a pair of gloves. That includes:

  • Snug-fitting: This kind of hand gear is not just made to safeguard your hand from thorns but also to bring relief during a long day of yard work. Wearing the wrong size of gloves can affect the entire task. This refers to overly tight-fitting making the chore, including pruning roses more impossible. A snug-fitting glove can deliver comfort and more flexibility while tending a garden. That is why getting one size bigger than your actual size is recommended.
  • Versatility: Not all gardening gloves are meant for thorn removal, so it is better to identify the hand gear’s capability against spikes. Consider the tasks you will do with the gloves to choose a good-fit material.
  • Overall Design: Check the main material used in molding the gloves, as well as the other parts, such as palm padding and finger reinforcement. It must not easily slip away and can bring relief to your fingers.

What are Gloves for Thorns Made of?


Thornproof gloves are made of different materials and each cites many advantages and disadvantages.

First, leather gloves are suited for heavy-duty garden chores. However, they are a bit expensive and have reduced dexterity. There are distinct kinds of leather, such as goatskin, cowhide, pigskin, and sheepskin, so you must choose one that satisfies your needs.

Rubber gloves can be an alternative but are not considered thornproof. Despite its denser feature, thorns can easily get through it.

Are Kevlar Gloves Good for Gardening?

Kevlar gloves are made of synthetic fiber that is a good material in preventing cuts and scratches on the skin. It is primarily recommended for hunters, fishermen, and emergency uses. However, it is also a decent option for gardening, especially when working in a hazardous environment.


Picking the best gardening gloves for thorns can free you from scratches when clearing out the garden. It will speed up the yard work and is highly recommended over digging and pulling out thorns by naked hands. Therefore, knowing all of the vital factors is important to decide on the best gloves to buy.

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