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The Best Non-Prescription Glasses

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best non prescription glasses

Over the past few years, glasses have become quite popular as not just a necessity but also as a fashion accessory. Yes, these non-prescription glasses (also called Plano glasses) come in all of the shapes, sizes, and colors that you could want, but without the corrective lenses prescribed by doctors.

Now, if your eyes seem to be working just fine, it might be a bit hard to imagine why you would want to buy fake glasses at all. However, some of the best non prescription glasses nowadays have features that make them more than just fashion accessories.

In this article, I will be showing you a few of the non-prescription glasses that I’ve tried out myself and help you find the pair that will suit your needs.


<strong>Featured Products</strong>

Best Overall

WMAO Blue Light Blocking Glasses

– Lightweight
– Can resist abrasion to maintain clarity
– Has various fun colors and patterns


Editor’s Pick

Shiratori Clear Lens Glasses

– Offers four color options
– A plastic-on-metal frame
– Nose pads are light and comfortable


Premium Choice

Pro Acme Non-Prescription Glasses

– A solid pair at an affordable price
– Lightweight frame made of plastic
– Wide frame fits very well on larger heads


Best Non-Prescription Glasses Reviews 

1. WMAO Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you thought some of the other multi-pack non-prescription glasses were great bargains, you haven’t seen these glasses from WMAO. Yes, you can get these non-prescription glasses in packs of up to 4 individual pairs! Despite its low price for a bundle of four, you aren’t being short-changed with quantity over quality.

You can get these glasses in various fun colors and patterns like the ever-popular leopard and tortoise print. If having four pairs of glasses seems a bit too much for you, you could also buy these in packs of 2 or 3, which also means you can save a bit of money on these already affordable pairs.

Each pair of these glasses are made with a relatively solid plastic frame. And the hinges are from plastic instead of metal, making this whole construction lightweight yet not as sturdy as expected.

My favorite part of these glasses, though, is the feature-rich composite lenses that resist abrasion to maintain clarity. Also, these glasses excel at shielding up to 100% UV lights from attacking our vision.

The UV filter works wonders for protecting our eyes when we are outside, and the blue light filter helps reduce eye strain when we’re spending long hours in front of the computer, phone, or TV screens. It can, in fact, filter out up to 90% of the harmful lights, ensuring a good sleep for us.
  • Comes in packs of 2, 3, or 4 at an affordable price
  • Has various fun colors and patterns: leopard and tortoise print, etc
  • A lightweight pair made of plastic
  • Lenses equipped with blue light and UV filter
  • Composite lenses can resist abrasion to maintain clarity
  • Hinges are made of plastic, thus not as sturdy as expected
The only thing better than having one great pair of non-prescription glasses is having four of them. I wholeheartedly recommend these as a gift for your family or group of friends.

2. Shiratori Semi-Rimless Clear Lens Glasses

Glasses have been around for over a hundred years now. And over that time, design trends have come, gone, and come back again. Few designs, however, are quite as enduringly popular as the browline frame, such as this fine example from Shiratori.

Browline glasses are so named because of the thick upper half of the frame, like a pair of eyebrows. This concept creates a bold frame around the eyes that look great with any face shape. I love the browline design as I can wear it for both formal and casual occasions.

If you were looking for various colors for different purposes, though, you might be in luck. In truth, these glasses come in four different finishes, which are black, brown, gold, and leopard.

The frames are built out of metal with thick plastic pieces screwed into the arms and the rims. The glasses also have nose pads instead of a bridge integrated into the frame, which reduces pressure on the nose and makes wearing these glasses more comfortable.

I like the thickness of the plastic arms, which are curved to fit more securely on the head; however, the arms might be too thick to rest comfortably on your ears if they are small.
  • Semi-rimless browline design gives a timeless look
  • A plastic-on-metal frame adds structure and reinforcement
  • Offers four color options: black, brown, gold, and leopard
  • Thick plastic arms ensure a secure fit
  • Nose pads are light and comfortable
  • Arms can be too thick for small ears
These stylish non prescription glasses are my personal favorite grab-and-go pair, knowing they will always look good no matter what I wear them with. If you need glasses like that in your life, look no further.

3. Pro Acme Non-Prescription Glasses

This pair of black non prescription glasses from Pro Acme was one of the first pairs I bought. Since I wasn’t really sure if I really wanted to introduce glasses into my daily wardrobe, I got this pair mostly for its very accessible price.

The frame was made of generic plastic, making the glasses very lightweight. I could barely feel them on my head while I was out and about with them. However, the lenses did not have any blue light or polarizing filter, so you will want to look elsewhere if you need the protection.

One thing worth noting is that these glasses are actually fairly wide with 52 millimeter wide lenses. This is most likely because the glasses were designed as one-size-fits-all. What this means is that, for someone like me with a rather large head, these glasses fit very comfortably and don’t have any clamping force.

But for those with smaller heads, they might end up looking too large or fitting too loosely.

I got my pair in a fairly simple but versatile black color, which worked out well for my personal wardrobe. If you want a style that stands out a bit more, though, Pro Acme offers their non-prescription glasses in a variety of colors and finishes.

Whatever you end up choosing, though, the slim frame and rounded circle lenses of these men’s non prescription glasses work well for a lot of face shapes so they’re sure to accentuate any look.
  • A solid pair at an affordable price
  • Lightweight frame made of plastic
  • Versatile unisex style in a wide variety of colors
  • Wide frame fits very well on larger heads
  • Large sizing might not fit smaller heads very well
  • No blue light or polarizing filter
I was very satisfied having these as my first pair of non prescription glasses. If you are looking for a simple and straightforward accessory to go with your look, these glasses are for you.

4. TIJN Vintage Round Metal Optical Eyewear

While non prescription glasses, in general, are becoming more popular, they are desired by women who tend to accessorize a lot more. Thus, there is a much larger variety of designs for women than there are for men, like this pair made by TIJN.

What immediately caught my eye with this pair of glasses was its unique frame design. These glasses’ slim frame gives the oval-shaped lenses a sort of “cat-eye” look to them, which accents the eyes very nicely. Oval-shaped glasses, however, are a bit tricky to wear well with some face shapes. So, I do suggest putting on a similar pair of glasses to find out what looks best on you.

Furthermore, the lenses are mounted on solid plastic rims that come in a range of colors, from transparent white to opaque black.

However, what sets this apart is the shiny gold metal frame, arms, and hinges, which gives the glasses a very distinct look and makes them reasonably rigid. I noticed that the metal is pretty thin, so it can bend if you aren’t careful with them.

The glasses could also be purchased with or without blue light filtering lenses, which I find very useful as some people do not like having any tint on their lenses. But if you do, this lense function can reduce eye fatigue after long hours of work in front of the computer screen.
  • “Cat-eye” oval rims for a standout look
  • Wide color range to pick, from transparent white to opaque black
  • A shiny-gold frame gives the glasses a distinct look
  • Option to have blue light blocking lenses
  • Metal frame and hinge for extra durability
  • Oval-shaped frames don’t look great with all face shapes
  • The metal frame can bend out of shape under pressure
I purchased these cute non prescription glasses for a friend. They loved these glasses for their style and durability, and I think you would, too.

5. COASION Non-Prescription Eyeglasses

Premium eyeglass designs can get very expensive. The further you go, the fancier the materials can become. However, while some high-end materials like titanium have functional benefits, most people won’t notice a difference between real gold and steel simply painted gold, especially from a distance.

That’s why I feel these glasses from COASION are particularly good. Given their affordable price, it seems hard to expect premium materials from these glasses. However, each of their rims are carefully paired with arms in gold, silver, or black to create gorgeous composite frames that look and feel just as good as the luxury brands.

COASION markets these for both men and women, as these glasses’ slim build and chic colors compliment various face types. Its oval-shaped lenses can serve as a stylish choice for our outing nights or daily work just fine.

More importantly, they are very robust with plastic frame construction and metal temples. Even under significant pressure, it does not crack or wear out quickly, so enjoy this pair with your prescription lenses for a long while.

I have with these glasses that their lenses do not have any filter or UV protection. However, these glasses allow you to easily remove the lenses and have them replaced with filtered, tinted, or even sunglass lenses at your local eyewear store.
  • Premium-feeling composite frame
  • Available in many beautiful finishes
  • Stylish oval-shaped lenses for various face types
  • Metal arms and hinge for a premium touch
  • Plastic lenses are removable
  • Lenses have no filter or UV protection
I believe that “premium” doesn’t have to be “expensive”. These non-prescription glasses from COASION are proof of that, which is why I believe you should get them too.

6. Newbee Unisex Clear Lens Glasses

I have a lot of friends that wear prescription glasses in their daily lives. And they would often tell me stories about how being made fun of for wearing glasses, as they would be called “nerds” or “four-eyes”.

But things are a bit different now. The “nerd” aesthetic of rectangular frames—such as this example from Newbee—has become a desirable look for many people. It can make someone look more serious and studious, or with the right choice of colors, even quirky.

And yes, these fake prescription glasses do come in a lot of colors. There is the standard matte black, tortoise print, and transparent frames in various colors. The arms also come in their own set of colors, and if you want your glasses to stand out from the crowd, you can even buy the pair with bamboo arms for a unique look.

Furthermore, Newbee’s plastic lenses do have scratch-resistant coatings that let them stay clear for much longer than other glasses.

Plus, these quality polycarbonate lenses can shield our eyes against Ultraviolet rays with their UV400 protecting function. So, you can wear the piece for outdoor errands without worry about glaring sun lights.

However, this one comes at a low price; thus, you should not expect it to endure pressure well without distorting and, worse, breaking.
  • Boasts a nerdy and serious, cool look
  • Wide variety of color choices: matte black, tortoise print, colorful transparent
  • Can be bought with plastic or bamboo arms
  • Scratch-resistant lens for long-lasting clarity
  • Blocks UV rays with its UV400 protecting function
  • Comes at a low price
  • Cannot withstand pressure well
The “nerdy” look of these glasses is not something for everyone; but if you’re specifically looking for glasses with this style, these are definitely one of the best.

7. WOWSUN Unisex Non-Prescription Glasses

When it comes to glasses, I am not a big fan of too gaudy or flashy designs. Bold colors on glasses tend to attract more of my attention. That’s why these non prescription designer glasses from WOWSUN are one of my favorites.

The styles available for these glasses use many dark colors and subtle accents that give them an understated look that I adore. Besides the typical black that they offer in either matte or glossy finishes, WOWSUN also sells frames with beautiful floral patterns and “fire leopard”, which has subtle hints of gold over a dark brown base.

If you want to have more options for your wardrobe, you can buy these glasses in packs of two. Each frame should be able to last you a long time as it is constructed from cellulose acetate, which is a strong plastic made from plant fibers.

Besides it is generally lightweight, cellulose acetate also has the benefit of being hypoallergenic, which means that it won’t irritate the skin when you wear them.

The composite lenses used in these glasses are much thicker than many competing products. Not only does this help keep the frames rigid and well-supported, but it also makes replacing the lenses with prescription or sunglass lenses much easier.

A side effect of this is that the frames have to be pretty broad to accommodate the lenses, so these glasses may fit loose if your face is a bit small.
  • Unique but understated patterns and colors
  • Can be bought in packs of two
  • Cellulose acetate frame is sturdy and hypoallergenic, causing no irritation
  • Composite lenses are thick for long-lasting use and easy replacement
  • Wide square frames will not fit smaller heads comfortably
These non-prescription glasses are perfectly good pairs that will look great anytime, anywhere. Getting the two-pack only sweetens the deal.

8. CGID Classic Horn Rimmed Clear Lens Glasses

These non-prescription glasses from CGID have a similar semi-rimless design as the ones we saw from Shiratori. However, the horn-rimmed frames hold smaller round lenses and have a more exaggerated brow line shape for a distinctly vintage look.

With plastic on metal frame construction, these glasses are pretty durable while staying relatively lightweight and comfortable to wear for long hours. They also come in a good range of color combinations, from classic black and silver to a vintage brown and gold and even a floral print.

The feature I like the most about these glasses is their UV400 rated lenses. UV400 is a manufacturing standard that means an eyeglass lens can block nearly 100% of all UVA and UVB rays. So, as someone who has to spend long hours outside, having this eye protection level from the harmful UV light from the sun is incredibly helpful.

For your information, the brand also receives authority certification or its product’s premium safety function, and this one is no exception.

Despite all of their features, though, there is one drawback for me—their size. With a lens size of just 49 millimeters, these glasses end up looking very small on my rather large face.
  • Attractive unisex design with horn-rimmed frames and a brow line shape
  • Metal-reinforced plastic frame is lightweight and durable
  • Wide range of eye-catching colors and patterns
  • UV400 filter lenses for eye protection
  • Certified by multiple authority standards for its safety and quality
  • Sizing is a bit smaller than expected
If the non-prescription glasses we’ve looked at so far all appear to be too big, this pair from CGID might be the one for you or your kids. It has all of the style and substance you could want from a pair of non-prescription specs.

9. GQUEEN Non Prescription Glasses

The fancy full metal frames you see at your local eyeglass stores might be nice to have. But for most people looking for the best non-prescription glasses, what they really need is something simple that they can wear anywhere they go, something like these designer non prescription glasses from GQUEEN.

Now, these glasses don’t appear to have anything special in terms of design. But that is precisely the point. Their simple frame design makes them fit in well with any style you’re going for, whether you’re dressing up for a formal occasion or cobbling together an outfit for a quick grocery run.

Such square frames also look great with many face shapes, making these glasses an easy choice for most people if you aren’t sure what will look good on you.

Square and rectangular frames made of plastic will usually be thick so the lenses stay secure and protected from scratches along the edge. However, GQUEEN has made these non-prescription glasses from polycarbonate, which is a much stiffer plastic than the typical acetate frame. This means the frames can be made very thin and still protect the lenses in everyday use.

More importantly, this one is constructed and tested to have UV400 protection. That means you do not need to replace them with a new pair of lenses to shield against harmful sun rays.

Please note that while polycarbonate is light and stiff, it isn’t very flexible and will snap more easily than other plastics if you bend them a bit too far.
  • Square frame is versatile and attractive
  • Polycarbonate frame is light and rigid
  • Slim plastic frame for a subtle look
  • UV400 protection lenses to block harmful sun rays
  • Polycarbonate frame material might snap under much pressure
These non-prescription glasses are another excellent option if you want a simple, no-frills design that you can wear anywhere.

10. Pro Acme Retro Round Metal Frame Glasses

One of the big reasons people buy glasses with no prescription is to use them as part of a costume. Indeed, cosplay has become a lot more popular over the years, and getting the right accessories is very important if you want to pull off a costume convincingly. That’s why I recommend these non-prescription glasses from Pro Acme.

Although circular frames aren’t quite as trendy as they used to be in mainstream fashion, many popular characters from TV and film have them as part of their design, which is why these glasses are perfect for this purpose.

The 50 millimeter round lenses are just the right size for most adults, and these lenses are housed in a thin metal frame that should last through any event you’ll be wearing these glasses.

The metal frames are also made with gorgeous metallic finishes in colors such as gunmetal, bronze, silver, and gold for a premium look.

Furthermore, this design provides comfort for all-day wear. It features a soft nose grip that embraces our nose nicely without putting much pressure.

As much as I want to wear these more often, these glasses, unfortunately, have a flaw—their lenses don’t have any protective filters against UV rays or blue lights. Yet, you easily can replace the current lenses with a prescription pair to suit your needs.
  • Round frame and lens is great for cosplay
  • Metal construction keeps the glasses thin and light
  • 50-mm lenses in a thin and durable metal frame
  • Multiple beautiful metallic finishes: gunmetal, bronze, silver, and gold, etc
  • Features a nose grip for comfortable wear all day
  • Lenses are plain with no protective features
Despite their flaws, these non-prescription glasses are still a great option if you need a pair of great-looking round glasses to complement your outfit.

11. Dollger Classic Metal Frame Eyewear

We’re all probably familiar with the aviator frames by now. Made famous by movies and TV shows, they are widely accepted as a cool-looking design. However, these glasses are almost always sold as sunglasses.

To fill the need for aviator frames in the non-prescription eyewear market, Dollger creates beautiful models with this design for daily wear.

Regarding its construction, a slim metal wire frame secures the square plastic lenses in that unmistakable aviator shape that simply oozes coolness. Although the metal frame is thin and therefore a bit fragile, it makes up by being very light on the face. Wearing them myself, I could barely feel that they’re even there.

In addition to their light weight, these glasses are also incredibly comfortable. This feature is supported by silicone nose pads that bend to fit the bridge of your nose just right, as well as rubber ear guards on the arms that make sure they never fall out of your head.

Although these glasses are available in only four colors—black, silver, gold, and gold with yellow-tinted lenses—the selection of colors promotes quality over quantity. Each of the four finishes uses a high-quality powder coat on the metal, which keeps the colors lasting much longer and protects the frames against paint chipping and corrosion.
  • Gorgeous aviator frame design
  • The frame is slim and very lightweight for long-hour wear
  • Silicone nose pads and rubber ear guards for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Powder-coated colors: black, silver, gold, and gold with yellow-tinted
  • Resists chipping and corrosion
  • The slim metal frame is a little fragile
These mens fashion glasses non prescription are one of the prettiest pairs of glasses I own. I recommend these to anyone who needs a pair of aviator glasses in their life.

12. LNEKEI Blue Light Blocking Glasses

As a fairly stingy person, I am always on the hunt for a good deal. That’s why these non prescription fashion glasses from LNEKEI immediately caught my eyes. Each purchase gets you not just one, but three stylish pairs of glasses from a selection of different colors and patterns.

Instead of the more common plastics used in most glasses, these glasses’ frames are made with a material called TR90. It is a thermoplastic material that is lightweight and rigid but also has the ability to flex. Because of that, frames made with this material can bend ever so slightly to better conform to the shape of the head for a more comfortable fit.

One reason why I like these glasses is because of their lenses. These non prescription glasses are equipped with blue light filtering lenses, which help reduce the harmful blue light that reaches your eyes from looking at phone and computer screens. As someone who works with gadgets all day, I found these glasses to work decently.

However, its lenses do not show impressive anti-glare functions as expected. In truth, the pair can offer a minimal reduction of reflection, thus still making it a bit tricky to read on too bright screens sometimes.
  • Comes in packs of 3 for more color and pattern options
  • Made with TR90 material for strength and flexibility
  • Conforms to your head shape for ultimate comfort
  • Equipped with blue light filtering lenses
  • Not entirely anti-glare lenses
If you’re after a stylish pair of non prescription glasses and want to get the most out of your next purchase, I would say that these are the ones for you.

What to Look for When Buying Non Prescription Glasses?


  • Designs: As we’ve seen from the examples we covered, non-prescription glasses come in just as many designs as regular prescription glasses, if not even more. That’s why I recommend that you take your time and try on as many styles as you can so you can find the styles that look and feel the best for you.
  • Size: Of course, just because a style looks great on you doesn’t mean you will enjoy wearing the pair if it is too loose or too tight on your head. For the best possible experience with fake prescription glasses you would want to make sure that the glasses fit securely on your head without putting too much pressure on the nose, the temples, or the ears.
  • Frame material: The frames of non-prescription glasses can be made in a variety of materials depending on your needs. Acetate is a lightweight plastic that is the most common material used for eyewear frames. TR90 is a more modern plastic that is both light and flexible, which makes them more durable than acetate and more expensive. Another option, of course, is metal, which is my personal favorite. All-metal frames can pull off non prescription glasses ray-ban style and other frame designs that plastics simply cannot. Some glasses can also be made with materials like wood and bamboo for a unique look.
  • Eye protection: While plain plastic lenses are fine on your unprescribed glasses if you are only wearing them for a short time—say, for a costume—having at least some eye protection is never a bad thing. Some common eye protection standards include blue light filters, which block the harmful blue light from computer and phone screens. Also, UV400 rated protection filters out nearly 100% of the ultraviolet light spectrum that can damage the eyes. Besides, polarized lenses remove reflections and glare in the lens to improve visibility.

Is It OK to Wear Non-Prescription Glasses?


It is 100% safe to wear glasses with non prescription lenses. The experience would be pretty similar to looking through a window or any flat sheet of transparent material. That’s why you will also see a lot of non prescription glasses for kids as they won’t strain the eyes in any way.

However, some non-prescription lenses that are not made very well will have some unwanted reflections and glare when you look through them. If this is a problem for you, you should buy non-prescription glasses that are polarized or have some anti-glare filter.

Can Non Prescription Glasses Hurt Your Eyes?

Like the previous question, wearing non-prescription glasses won’t hurt your eyes unless you are very sensitive to glare and the glasses do not have an anti-glare filter.

What would be more of a concern would be pain on your nose bridge or temples, which can happen if the glasses you bought are too small. Therefore, you must buy non prescription sunglasses or glasses that fit your head and face correctly.

Where Can I Buy Non Prescription Glasses?

Online marketplaces are probably the most convenient place to buy non-prescription glasses. These online stores give you just about every style of non prescription glasses blue light, polarised, and everything in between, and you can have these shipped to your doorstep with just a few clicks.

However, the only major downside to this is that you won’t try the glasses on until after you buy them—this is especially bad because a good fit is required if you want a good experience wearing your glasses.

So, where else could you buy glasses without prescription lenses if you need to test the fit in person first? You can buy non-prescription glasses from eyeglass stores. In Canada, some of the most popular stores include LensCrafters and Zenni Optical. Optical shops like these will usually have the best quality non-prescription reading glasses around, with premium materials and craftsmanship for similarly premium prices.

Still, in general, you can buy these eyeglass frames at your local eyeglass stores with plain lenses that have no optical corrections. You can also select and purchase non-prescription glasses from big box stores such as Walmart and Target.


Non-prescription glasses have become very popular as fashion accessories, even for those who don’t need corrective lenses for their eyes. With so many shapes and styles available, the options you have are practically endless.

I hope that this article has shown you a few of the many possibilities out there and helped you find the best non prescription glasses for you.

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