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The Best TIG Welding Gloves (Use for Welding & Various Tasks)

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best tig welding gloves

Tungsten inert gas welding or TIG welding duties require the right protective equipment, including gloves, jacket, and goggles, shoes, etc. We cannot start work without any of these critical pieces.

So for you to be ready to handle this work with ultimate safety, here’s the guide on choosing the best TIG welding gloves available. Before we go into our recommended list, let’s go over the three main factors we should prioritize in the selection process.

  • Sensitivity: We have to experience the best dexterity when wearing an ideal pair of welding gloves. This gear is meant to keep us safe while allowing for a wide range of movements for our fingers. Thus, we should pay attention to the ergonomic thumb, form-fitting design, and sensitive material to determine.
  • High heat protection: Of course, our TIG welding gloves must shield us against hot metal sparks and excessive heat. So looking for one made of premium heat and flame-resistant fabric is our utmost goal. You can see more in our list that the most reliable protection fiber is leather.
  • Stitching: There can be Kevlar stitching and cotton stitching. One should prefer gloves made with Kevlar liners that cover the seams entirely. With such a design, we can be shielded against various hazards, including heat and puncture.

If these factors are not enough for you to start choosing the right pair, just dig in to know more about the best options in the market. Also, scroll a little down to see our detailed guide about this specific welding gear. Read on!


<strong>Featured Products</strong>

Best Overall

Tillman 1338

– Top grain leather glove
– Available at a good price
– 4-inch cuff with tough Kevlar stitching


Editor’s Pick

Lincoln TIG Welding Gloves

– Protect against hot metal sparks
– High-quality leather fabric
– 3-part fingers sewn


Premium Choice

Caiman Gloves for Welding-Tig/Mig

– Durably made of goat grain leather
– An affordable pair
– 4-inch cuff from long split leather


Best TIG Welding Gloves Reviews 

1. Tillman 1338 Top Grain Goatskin TIG Glove

The next good TIG gloves that workers can buy in bulk are the Tillman Gloves model 1338. With its reasonable price and protective features, the pair is a reliable gear for a TIG welder.

The highlight of this product must be its pearl top grain goatskin material. The premium fabric used to construct the glove can guarantee a comfortable feel and good dexterity for workers. For any of us who work long hours, such a pair is our dream companion.

Besides, this top grain leather glove comes with a glide patch, a unique feature not often found in other TIG gloves. Thus, it offers ease in our hand movements and side protection. Such a function is essential when we drag the welding gun back and forth.

It is worth mentioning that the welding task requires good strength in the critical hand area and a straight thumb to grip. Luckily, these Tillman gloves can meet both requirements, reducing hassle during our duties.

Also, if workers want long and tough enough work gloves, they are at the right place. This gear features a 4-inch cuff with Kevlar stitching for good heat protection for our wrist.
  • Available at a good price for bulk buy
  • Top grain leather glove for a comfortable feel and good dexterity
  • Features a glide patch for easy hand movements and side protection
  • Comes with added strength on critical areas and a straight thumb for gripping
  • 4-inch cuff with tough Kevlar stitching
  • Not resistant to chemicals
All in all, these Tillman TIG gloves are ideal for welding, aiding us to perform with confidence and comfort for hours on end.

2. Lincoln Electric Grain Leather TIG Welding Gloves

It is hard to tear my eyes away from Lincoln’s functional and stylish pair of welding gloves. These Lincoln TIG welding gloves are among the high-strength and protective gear for welding.

The first attribute that makes this one a go-to welding glove for workers is its excellent dexterity. We need superb control for our hands to work on intricate welding tasks, so a grain leather pair with 3-part fingers sewn this way is crucial.

Furthermore, to match with the high-quality leather fabric, the glove’s streams are made from Kevlar thread, ensuring little to no seam coming undone upon abuse. Hence, I deem this pair a heavy-duty glove that offers extra protection for TIG welders.

Another thing that contributes to this TIG welding glove is its reinforced thumbs and abrasion-resistant cuff. Wearing gloves with these features allows our hands and wrists to be safe from hot metal sparks.

At first sight, the combination of white gloves and black cuffs was a pleasant surprise to me. I know it will eventually become dirty due to my daily tasks, but it’s hard to resist a nice-looking one like this.

Size-wise, it is available in medium and large dimensions, but it appears to be a bit larger than usual sizing.
  • Well-made pair with a beautiful white and black design
  • 3-part fingers sewn for superior dexterity
  • High-quality leather fabric with tough Kevlar thread
  • Comes with reinforced thumbs and abrasion-resistant cuff
  • Heavy-duty TIG welding gloves to protect against hot metal sparks
  • Only two sizes available, and rather large
  • It can get dirty after a while
Overall, we just need to make sure that the sizing fits nicely on our hands. After asking the brand for advice, we can comfortably utilize these Lincoln welding gloves with utmost protection.

3. Caiman White Goatskin Gloves for Welding-Tig/Mig

For TIG welders looking for hand protection gear that is a bit thicker than usual, these Caiman White Goatskin Gloves are the right choice. They do not compromise on dexterity while offering extra heat protection for wearers.

Finger sensitivity is often minimized with heavily lined gloves, so welders who need excellent dexterity should seek an unlined pair. In that case, these Caiman welding gloves should be first in line. They are made sturdy without lining, thus ensuring good control for our fingers to handle TIG welding applications.

A good thing that I should mention about this pair is its superb durability. We all know how leather gloves outsold other fabrics for being rugged enough to withstand heat and cut. These goatskin TIG welding gloves are not an exception, as their textures are resilient and tough.

Another perk of this well-made pair is its 4-inch cuff design. While the upper part is made from high-quality goat grain leather, this cuff matches the durability with long split leather. The combination makes sure that no sharp metal or extreme heat can hurt our hands.

Best of all, we can enjoy all these fantastic features with an affordable investment. However, some fiber scrap inside tickles our hands when we first wear the pair. It goes away after two washes.
  • A thick pair for better protection against cut
  • Unlined pair with maximum dexterity for TIG and MIG welding process
  • Durable welding gloves made of goat grain leather
  • 4-inch cuff from long split leather for protection against hot metal
  • An affordable pair of welding glove compared to others
  • The fiber scrap inside the glove might tickle a bit before 2 washes
The bottom line is, at this price range, most TIG gloves do not work as well as this pair of Caiman. I never regret making this purchase due to its excellent protection for my hands and wrist while ensuring finger sensitivity.

4. Superior 370GFKLL Goatskin Leather TIG Welding Glove

Superior always has good products to offer, so I have been a loyal customer of theirs for years. Among others, the 370GFKLL Goatskin Leather TIG Welding Glove shows its quality the best.

Unlike those two pairs above with limited sizing, these TIG gloves are available in four options for people of different hand sizes. When having a well-fitted pair, our work is manageable when it also offers us good dexterity control. This is what we are granted with this product.

Furthermore, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) tests and qualifies this pair of TIG gloves to resist cut well. It is a level-2 ASTM gear with 625 grams of cut resistance.

Another element that strengthens this whole pair is its resilient Kevlar stitching. All the fingers and parts are lined with cut-and-sewn Kevlar interlock, resulting in a good fit and excellent heat resistance.

Also, why most TIG welders pay attention to these Superior gloves in the first place is because of their goatskin leather. The high-quality fabric ensures long-lasting functions for them to operate smoothly. Besides, it is incredibly tough, so the investment in these goatskin TIG welding gloves can go a long way.

Some users report that these pairs are heavier than usual, but I deem that added weight not very noticeable.
  • Available in four sizes
  • A level-2 ASTM cut resistance gloves
  • Comes with resilient Kevlar liner for excellent fit and heat resistance
  • Goatskin leather gloves with long-lasting functions and quality
  • Allows smooth and safe welding job with good dexterity control
  • Might be a bit heavier than other TIG gloves
As we know, TIG welding requires good cut and heat resistance. In that case, the Superior 370GFKLL can deliver what it takes for us to perform TIG welding tasks with safety and ease.

5. Revco T50 The Ultimate Tig Welding Glove

Revco named their T50 pair “The Ultimate Tig Welding Glove.” After experiencing the product, I can say that it is not an overstatement from the brand.

This model is not typically long welding gloves with extended cuffs, but the pull-on wrist closure makes up for that feature. In fact, I appreciate that this design allows easy putting on and taking off, and the stitches on its wrist ensure no intrusion of hot metal sparks and heat.

What satisfies most welders about this product is its flame resistant materials. These TIG gloves do not fall behind any products to withstand extreme temperatures due to their tough goatskin leather and cotton lining.

Once again, we encounter the unique feature of Revco in this pair’s DragPatch. This exclusive part adds heat insulation and abrasion resistance for the pair, making TIG welding a more bearable task.

Regarding the dexterity of our hands, which is an essential factor in operating welding guns, this pair proves to be reliable. In truth, its high-quality material does not reduce our sensitive touch, and the keystone thumb with ergonomic design allows easy handling of anythings.

The only thing that bothers some buyers and me is its price. These TIG welding gloves are two times pricier than some pairs in our recommended list.
  • Features a pull-on wrist closure for easy wear and better shield
  • Flame resistant materials for good heat resistance
  • DragPatch adds heat insulation and abrasion resistance
  • Excellent dexterity offered in keystone thumb and quality fabric
  • Pricer than some TIG gloves on our list
Overall, this one is indeed a pair of premium TIG welding gloves that justify its price with excellent functions. I did not regret this purchase since it keeps me safe with its superior heat protection.

6. West Chester IRONCAT 6100 Metal Tamer

The West Chester IRONCAT 6100 Metal Tamer is among the best TIG gloves that adopt fire resistant fabric to prevent hurt for welders. I would recommend this product for newcomers and professionals in the field.

A notable feature of these TIG gloves is their protective silicone palm. When looking at the pair, we can quickly notice those lines of dots that shield the key parts from sharp edges yet break in some areas for flexible motions. I treasure such a thoughtful design that brings a good range of motion and proper protection at the same time.

Regarding its heat protection, this one proves to handle an extreme temperature as high as 212 °F. Also, these gloves can shield us against the Arc flash risk of 6.9 calories/cm. In other words, it is among the ARC welding gloves that keep us safe from blisters and red skin due to burn.

This pair’s wide applications, including ARC, TIG welding, and metal fabrication duties, are possible due to its fire-resistant attribute. It comes with coated palm knit that does not catch on fire.

Also, these top rated TIG gloves have a proper cuff length, adding to the pair’s total length of 11 inches. It could as well keep metal sparks from our wrist. For anyone taking an interest in the pair, it is advisable to follow the instructions for care and maintenance to keep it in good condition.

However, I would not say this is a stylish TIG welding glove since its gray and green colors are not appealing.
  • Lines of silicone dots on palm for protection and flexibility
  • Heat resistant work gloves for temperature as high as 212 °F
  • Shield against the Arc flash risk of 6.9 calories/cm
  • Ideal for ARC, TIG welding, and metal fabrication duties
  • Comes with a fire-resistant palm knit
  • Proper cuff length to protect the wrist
  • Not a stylish pair of TIG gloves
From my experience, this one is truly among the best gloves for TIG welding with its flexibility and protection capabilities.

7. Tillman Unlined TIG Welder Gloves

The John Tilman brand gained much popularity among welders for its collection of quality welding gloves. Among them, the Tillman Unlined TIG Welder Gloves make it to our list this year.

Well, the remarkable thing about this pair is its highly protective yet lightweight construction. The brand uses pearl deerskin split leather, which is super soft and lightweight, offering wearers superb comfort for long hours.

Furthermore, these TIG gloves offer excellent strength, ensuring long-lasting use for heavy duties. This is due to the high-quality leather and Kevlar stitching; such a combination provides heat and hot sparks cannot hurt our hands during welding tasks.

One best perk that makes it an ideal pair of gloves for tig welding is its superb sensitivity that lets us feed the filler rod. With that, we can also handle the welding gun with ease while performing. We can freely move our fingers within a wide range even though this pair does not stretch. That’s the interesting thing about the piece.

Notably, this heat resistant pair of work gloves come at a reasonable price. It is the perfect pick for workers who have a low budget to spend while still wanting a well-made TIG welding glove.

However, these gloves might not withstand the penetration of sharp knives and edges that well. There is indeed some compromising in puncture and cut resistance for the soft and flexible feels.
  • Lightweight and soft pearl deerskin split leather for comfort
  • Excellent strength with Kevlar stitching
  • Superb sensitivity for us to feed the filler rod and handle the welding gun
  • An affordable option for TIG welding
  • Not the best at resisting cut and puncture
Although its price does not indicate this one as premium tig welding gloves, it truly amazes me by how well it lets me feed the filler rod.

8. West Chester – 6141 IRONCAT 6141 TIG Welding Gloves

Another good pair of TIG welding gloves from IRONCAT is one of their West Chester products. Welders have a better chance to own well-fitted gear with this model since it comes in four sizes.

As expected, this pair is constructed using high-quality leather, which is top-grain kidskin. Hence, the TIG gloves do a fantastic job of shielding users from molten fragments and hot sparks.

The brand’s intention of crafting resilient gloves also shows in its Kevlar stitching covering all the seams. That means our hands are well-protected from heat and spark hazards. Also, the cuff is designed to extend longer to shield the wrist and lower arms from excessive heat.

Besides being a thermal resistant pair, these West Chester TIG gloves also offer abrasion and puncture resistance. Thus, we can handle sharp tools without worrying about being badly cut. Apart from protection functions, the pair surprises users with its straight thumb that allows good control on the TIG torch.

Yet, what amazes me the most must be how comfortable it is to wear these gloves for an extended time. It is softer and more breathable than I imagined. Also, the applications are various, ranging from TIG welding to operation in automotive, glass welding, steel mills, etc.

The only gripe I can find about these TIG welding gloves is their relatively thinner leather than most pairs.
  • Top grain kidskin leather protects against molten fragments and hot sparks
  • Kevlar stitching and longer cuff to shield the wrist and lower arms
  • Offers abrasion and puncture resistance
  • Comfortable to wear for long hours
  • Multiple applications: TIG welding, automotive, glass welding, steel mills, etc
  • Not a thick glove for welding
For welders seeking a super thick pair, which can be bulky, this might not be ideal. But if they need the best welding gloves for comfort, heat product, and puncture resistance, this is the right deal.

9. Intra-FIT TIG Welding Gloves

For welders who do not want to settle for long gloves to avoid certain restrictions in wrist movements, these Intra-FIT TIG Welding Gloves can be their perfect companion.

To begin with, they offer a wide range of sizes with five available options. Thus, it increases our chance of getting the right fit. Now, we will go into details of how this model is designed for various tasks, including steel casting and fine TIG welding.

Firstly, the brand uses Nomex – a flame-resistant meta-aramid, a textile fiber to construct the back of the gloves. With this adaptation, this work pair can handle chemical, electric, and fire hazards to ensure users’ safety in the casting and welding process.

An important feature of the best TIG welding glove is its reliable grip on the welding gun. Luckily, this model can meet such a requirement with its form-fitting design and keystone thumb. The whole pair does not restrict our hand opening, bending, or gripping movements.

Another good news is, this one is a comfortable piece, although its low-profile look might show otherwise. From my experience, wearing these TIG welding gloves does not feel rigid or suffocating at all.

One last good attribute I notice about this pair is its superb durability. I have used the product for quite some time now, and its Kevlar stitching does not show signs of compromising.
  • Five sizes are available for choosing the right fit
  • Uses Nomex – a flame, chemical, and electric-resistant fiber for the back
  • Offers reliable grip with form-fitting design and keystone thumb
  • Comfortable gloves for free movements
  • Superb durability with Kevlar stitching
  • A low-profile pair of TIG gloves
All in all, these Intra welding gloves can keep our hands safe from various hazards, from chemicals to extreme heat and electricity. So, for me, its low profile look is not an issue.

10. Revco BT88-XL BSX TIG Welding Gloves

The Revco BT88-XL BSX TIG Gloves offer just what we need to finish our welding tasks without a scratch. From its premium fabric to the exclusive protection features, this pair has it all.

Let’s talk about the details on this glove that I appreciate the most. First, its three fingers for gripping the welding gun are from high-quality grain goatskin leather. This feature ensures that we can have the ultimate sensitive touch on the working gear for precise work.

The second thing that draws my attention is the RestPatch made exclusively by the brand. This part is incorporated to improve the thickness of wrist padding, allowing us to handle work for long hours with minimal fatigue.

Third, another exclusive manufacturing part from Revco is their DragPatch. Such an addition is for workers to have foam insulation to resist heat and abrasion. In other words, we can rely on this grain goatskin TIG welding to have added heat protection and abrasion resistance.

One last thing that makes this product among the top welding gloves must be its Kevlar stitching. Kevlar is always on the top of its game when it comes to shielding against spark and cut. And it continues to prove such capabilities in these TIG welding gloves.

Although it is a pleasure to work with this pair, it appears to be a bit thicker and bulkier than some workers expected.
  • Three fingers for gripping are grain goatskin leather for sensitivity
  • RestPatch designed for better wrist support
  • DragPatch foam insulation is abrasion and heat-resistant
  • Kevlar stitching shield against sparks and cuts
  • A bit thicker and bulkier than expected
In a TIG welding gloves review, this pair might not always be the first name to come up. But we cannot deny that it suffices the harsh tasks of welding just as well as other pieces.

11. Suse’s Kinder Welding Gloves Mig Tig

The final entry that completes this list is the Suse’s Kinder Gloves made for TIG and MIG welding. Among other pairs reviewed above, this one stands out with its extended cuff.

The most important feature of a welding glove is heat protection. Especially in this well-thought-out design, such an attribute is the highlight with resilient Kevlar stitching and an extra-long cuff. In detail, the extended part meant to keep our wrist and lower arms safe is made of split-grain, so hazards like hot metal or sparks are shielded nicely.

Besides, this pair is qualified as TIG and MIG gloves due to its top-grain cowhide leather that constructs the whole piece. It offers just what we need for the welding process: excellent dexterity and reliable grip. Also, it is undeniable that this pair is among the toughest welding gloves I have used.

The final entry that completes this list is the Suse’s Kinder Gloves made for TIG and MIG welding. Among other pairs reviewed above, this one stands out with its extended cuff.

The most important feature of a welding glove is heat protection. Especially in this well-thought-out design, such an attribute is the highlight with resilient Kevlar stitching and an extra-long cuff. In detail, the extended part meant to keep our wrist and lower arms safe is made of split-grain, so hazards like hot metal or sparks are shielded nicely.

Besides, this pair is qualified as TIG and MIG gloves due to its top-grain cowhide leather that constructs the whole piece. It offers just what we need for the welding process: excellent dexterity and reliable grip. Also, it is undeniable that this pair is among the toughest welding gloves I have used.

Another good thing about this model is its nice fit that embraces different hand sizes with ease. It is designed for both male and female welders, so 7 options are available, ranging from extra small to extra x 3 large.

With all the great features combined, it is not surprising that users can wear these gloves for various tasks. It proves to be helpful in animal handling, barbecue grilling or rose pruning, etc.

However, its fingertips do not have the strongest heat resistance feature like other parts. So I am often careful about this issue.
  • Resilient Kevlar stitching for heat protection
  • Split grain leather makes the extra-long cuff
  • Cowhide leather construction for TIG and MIG welding
  • Offers dexterity and reliable grips for the welding process
  • 7 sizes available, from x-small to xxx-large
  • Helpful in animal handling, barbecue grilling, or rose pruning, etc
  • Fingertips are not that heat resistant
Overall, we should be mindful when touching hot stuff with our fingertips. Other than that, these TIG and MIG welding gloves are a real winner in all aspects.

12. Defiant Metal TIG Welding Gloves

The cool design of these Defiant Metal TIG Welding Gloves gives me the impression of a motorcycle pair at first look. But it is more than meets the eyes, as it packs excellent dexterity and protection for welding duties.

First of all, this is an imported product available in two colors, black gloves with brown cuffs (my favorite) and an all-white design. It looks so gorgeous and rugged due to the high-quality goatskin leather – the reliable fabric for heat-resistant welding gloves.

In truth, there are two layers of leather in this one pair for additional protection on key areas. Such thick padding allows us to handle tasks in high temperatures and thermal risks with safety.

Also, the whole pair’s durability is brought to a new level with double layers of Kevlar stitching. It ensures that frequent abuse of heavy-duty work cannot ruin the texture or function of these well-made TIG gloves.

One last feature that is essential for the welding process is finger dexterity. In this matter, the pair does a fantastic job with its unlined design. We have the freedom in movement range and sensitivity to feed the filler rod and manipulate the TIG torch.

What accounts for this TIG welding gloves flaw is its sizing, which requires us to go one size bigger than usual for the desired fit.
  • Two gorgeous colors: black glove with brown cuffs & all-white
  • Heat resistant high-quality goatskin leather
  • Comes with two layers of leather for added protection
  • Double layers of Kevlar stitching
  • Has finger dexterity to feed the filler rod and manipulate the TIG torch
  • Requires users to get one size bigger than usual
Overall, these welding gloves deliver sufficient heat resistance and finger dexterity for a smooth and safe welding process.

What to Look for When Buying TIG Welding Gloves


There are other notable criteria besides the three main points. They cover the whole process of picking the best TIG welding gloves. Let’s see more details on what we should consider:

Materials – Among various materials available, leather is the most used fabric for welding materials. You can see Miller welding gloves or Kevlar welding gloves with different types of leather.

  • Goatskin leather: Gloves made of goatskin are known to be strong and tough with smooth grain. We can find affordable pairs from this fabric to enjoy its supple and lightweight features.
  • Kidskin leather: This type of leather is from young goats, flaunting excellent attributes like durable, supple, flexible, and lightweight. If you want such a high-quality pair, please know that the cost is higher than other types.
  • Cowhide leather: For heavy-duty tasks, a cowhide leather glove is a suitable option. Other than heat-resistant function, the pair can withstand abrasion and cut better than most leather types.
  • Pearl deerskin split leather: A pair of pearl deerskin split leather shows unparalleled toughness and tensile strength. We can rely on it to resist abrasion and puncture. They are also comfortable and stretchy enough for flexibility.

Heat resistance – Your welding gloves must be able to resist high heat at least a medium level. Yet, it is not necessarily tough enough to handle a direct-touch level of heat resistance. So, you can just go for the one that suffices the low and high amp of your current TIG welding tasks.

Stitching – There are two main types of stitching for TIG welding gloves, one is cotton, and the other is Kevlar. As stated above, I always prefer Kevlar liners due to their superb resilience against heat and metal. However, the cotton lining does a good job of resisting high temperatures, which TIG welding requires.

Size and fit – Of course, we have to consider sizing when picking our desired work gloves. Only the pair that fits allow us to show our skills to the fullest. However, in different gloves, the dimensions for palms, fingers, or cuffs can vary. So make sure you take one that goes well with your hand measurements.

Dexterity – One critical function of welding work gloves is their sensitivity. Those materials above can offer you a good feeling when manipulating the welding gun and feeding the filler rods. Yet you need to consider a design with a straight or keystone thumb to grip well. Also, the gloves with dotted palms should have breaks where our hands bend to offer flexible holding.

Comfort – Sometimes, we do not consider comfort as an important thing to buy work gloves. But, that’s wrong on our part, as a breathable and soft pair can make a world of differences. Make sure you check the advice from other buyers to know if a pair is comfortable enough for long-hour work.

Brand – Another thing that you might pay attention to is the brand that makes the gloves. Besides those reviewed above, you can check the collections of Torch Wear TIG gloves or Miller TIG welding gloves. They have some good pairs, too.

Do You Need Special Gloves for TIG Welding?


Yes, you do. A TIG welding glove must be heat-resistant for high and low amps of welding. Also, it should come with rugged stitching that protects the pair’s seams from tearing. Remember that you are dealing with high heat and radiation that can burn your skin, so a qualified pair of gloves is essential.

Can You Use TIG Welding Gloves for Stick Welding?

No, you cannot. Please do not use TIG welding gloves for stick welding, especially when the pair is thin. Also, kindly note that you need gloves with cotton or wool insulation for stick welding.

What are TIG Welding Gloves Made of?

As listed above, you can see TIG welding gloves are constructed out of different types of leather, from kidskin and goatskin to deerskin and cowhide. Each fabric offers a unique feature that suits multiple purposes.

Are TIG Welding Gloves Heat Resistant? If so, Up to What Temperature?

Yes, TIG welding gloves are heat resistant. Normally, welding gloves can handle up to 2000°F for a short while. They can withstand 600°F for a longer time. For TIG welding gloves, we measure their protective power by their ideal Amperage range.


Hopefully, your search for the best TIG welding gloves can end here after reading our helpful information and guides. It is not easy to single out the most suitable one, but kindly keep in mind all the protective features required to keep you safe during work. Then, consider the features that support a smooth working process, and comfort comes last on the list.

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