Users of Autodesk® Revit and Trimble® SketchUp have a new option when it comes to collaboration on design documents. REVIZTO lets all parties to a project work in real time using 3D technology, without having to deploy and learn new software programs. Basically you buy add-ins for either Autodesk or Sketch Up that allow you to convert a BIM model into a Visual Information Model, or VIM. Upload the result to the cloud and let the collaboration begin.

The Autodesk add-in costs $400 while the one for Sketchup, called a Lite version, costs $50. The Viewer that connects everyone to the cloud VIM is free.

VIZERRA®, introduces the interactive 3D platform, at Autodesk University, Nov. 27-29, 2012 at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.

“Collaboration has been a challenge in the AEC sector, as a project’s complex data and various plans have traditionally been controlled and managed by only one source at a time,” said Arman Gukasyan, chief executive officer at VIZERRA. “This has made it difficult to anticipate and avoid complications as they arise — not to mention the tedious, time-consuming process of different parties incorporating individual data into the overall plan. REVIZTO allows AEC professionals to share and update dataquickly and easily, and clearly present their vision of the cohesive project to the client.”

REVIZTO’s development came to fruition over the past five years, while VIZERRA was providing software as a service to worldwide projects, such as Barcelona, Spain’s city planning and the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. VIZERRA saw the need for an easy collaboration tool to connect all associated parties with the project, including non-AEC decision makers.

“For owners and other stakeholders, it can be hard to visualize a project’s many layers without having to learn and install complicated software – especially for those halfway across the world who do not have a strong designer background,” said Gukasyan. “REVIZTO makes it possible for the AEC professional to visually convey the project to stakeholders in a way that will make all parties happy.”

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