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How to Clean Deerskin Leather Gloves in Easy Steps

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how to clean deerskin leather gloves

Among other leather fabrics, the perks of deerskin gloves are their elasticity, softness, and durability. Due to those awesome attributes, the pair is popular among workers who want to protect their hands while handling heavy duties.

But, prolonged exposure to dirt and dust at the worksites can take a toll on our good work gloves. So, in order to keep it in good condition for a long time, we need to know how to clean leather gloves the right way. My tip is to choose the right detergent type and wash them the right way, either by hand or the washing machine.

If you are here for a detailed guide and helpful information, let’s start.

What to Prepare

  • Mild detergent: You can go for different types of detergent, including Dove, Ivory, or Woolite, etc. Just make sure it’s not too potent and abrasive to harm the deer skin leather.
  • Clean, soft cloth/ applicator pad: You can prepare applicator pads to make use of their softness and absorbency. If not, two pieces of clean and smooth clothes will work just fine.
  • A bowl of warm water

Step-by-Step Guide for Cleaning Deerskin Leather Gloves


Step 1: Mix the detergent 

We need a mixture of mild detergent and warm water to remove dirt on the gloves. This step could easily be done if you either have a soap bar or liquid detergent.

Step 2: Rub the dirty spots

We will continue soaking the soft cloth or the applicator pad in our detergent mixture. As the soapy water is absorbed into the piece, use it to dab the stains on the glove surfaces.

We should gently rub if the spots are a bit stubborn to remove. To avoid damaging the deerskin leather, do not scrub the surface too hard. Make sure you repeat the same movements multiple times to get rid of the stains.

Step 3: Get rid of the excessive water

As the glove surfaces are full of soapy water, we need to squeeze it out along with the dirt. So, put the glove in between your hand and the soft cloth and press. Make sure you change the soft cloth to the other side of the glove and do the same.

Step 4: Dry the pair naturally

Using a dryer or any source of excessive heat is out of the question. So, you should just hang the gloves up in a clean and open space for them to dry gradually.

Pro Tips on Washing Deerskin Gloves

  • If you use a washing machine, make sure the gloves come with the tag “machine-washable.” Also, please set the delicate cycle, use mild detergent, and cool water. You should not put deerskin gloves together with clothes of different colors in one washing.
  • We should not treat the dirt, even the stubborn marks, by bleaching. So, any kind of bleach or abrasive cleaning agent is not recommended, as it might damage the deer skin leather.
  • If the glove manufacturer of your pair does not recommend using DIY stain removal treatment, please restrain from applying them. Substances like baby powder that claimed to draw out grease might not work on all deerskin gloves.

Why Should We Keep Deerskin Leather Gloves Clean

  • Deerskin leather is durable; that’s why it is ideal for work glove manufacturing. So, cleaning stubborn dirt that harms its textile is highly advisable if you want to make the best out of such a tough pair.
  • Also, cleaning the glove the right way will preserve the softness and flexibility, which are excellent attributes of deerskin work gloves. Oil, grease, and sweat stuck on the pair for a long time can decrease the soft touch this pair brings.
  • Many choose deerskin gloves because those models are incredibly fashionable. So, it adds to why we must keep the pair in good condition and a beautiful state.


With available stuff around the house, you can easily carry the steps in our ‘how to clean deerskin leather gloves’ guide. So, make sure you follow them by choosing the right detergent type and washing them the right way, either by hand or by the washing machine.

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