Raided Cannabis Site Gets a Makeover

On February 14th, Diego Pellicer, opened their Denver-based dispensary. It is at the site of former VIP Cannabis, a dispensary that was raided in November of 2013 as part of the largest-ever federal raid against Colorado’s medical marijuana industry. The opening comes on the heels of the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General of the United States.

Diego Pellicer – Colorado’s CEO, Neil Demers, commented, “We couldn’t be more excited to open this dispensary. The cannabis industry is growing at an unprecedented rate, and we’re extremely grateful to have the opportunity to help build Colorado’s statewide industry. We’re confident that state-specific administrations will continue to support the cannabis industry as the legitimate, profitable, and innovative space that it is.”

Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc. is a global company focused on the acquisition and development of legally compliant locations for the purpose of leasing to licensed operators engaged in the cannabis business. The organization profits from the lease payments of real estate holdings and from the sale of branded, non-cannabis products. Learn more at



Construction press release about new manufactured home hose bib

Reduce On-Site Plumbing Costs for Manufactured Homes

Outdoor faucets with protruding brass hose bibs are a problem on manufactured housing. The extra width can make prefab homes too wide to transport, and create a separate project for plumbers on site. Aquor Water Systems has an in-wall option that pre-fab companies can incorporate into their blueprints without adding any width, saving time and money.

The House Hydrant, an eco-friendly outdoor faucet that is completely leak-proof and compatible with any garden hose, has a sleek look that can match any desired exterior. Internally, the House Hydrant has a stainless steel body with freeze protection up to minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Construction Adhesives for Everything

When it comes to using construction adhesives on the jobsite, pros know all products are not created equal. That’s why DAP®, a leader in the home improvement and construction products industry, created a new, complete line of construction adhesives with the latest innovative technologies, including high performance latex, solvent, and new cutting-edge hybrid formulas. New DynaGrip formulas deliver high-strength bonds in hours, not days, and provide exceptional performance even in the most extreme weather conditions.

 Besides making stronger and more durable bonds, DAP’s new line of DynaGrip adhesives are easier to gun for greater efficiency and include several formulas which are low odor and compliant with stringent VOC regulations. DynaGrip is a must-have for the most demanding pros who work on the toughest jobs, including the installation of subfloors, drywall, heavy remodeling, and new construction.

DynaGrip products are available in a variety of sizes and can be found at your local home improvement retailer. For more information, visit

DAP DynaGrip Advanced Subfloor

…provides a high-strength weatherproof bond that improves the structural performance of subfloor assembly.

DAP DynaGrip All Purpose

is ideal for interior projects which require a strong permanent bond with low VOC.

DAP DynaGrip Drywall

prevents nail pops and helps limit sound and air movement between walls. This instant grab formula is perfect for installing drywall panels on vertical walls and ceilings overhead.

DAP DynaGrip Foamboard

safely adheres all foamboard materials to a wide range of substrates without the risk of etch or burn through.

DAP DynaGrip Mirror-Marble-Granite

… features a new, cutting edge hybrid technology that delivers up to 5X faster bond strength than competitive mirror, marble, granite construction adhesives.

Construction press release item features new cement board screws that speed up installation

Ideal Drone for Construction

Yuneec VTOL/Vertical TakeOff/Landing sUAS can fly low and slow with greater stability and safety than a typical quadcopter system. Greater stability provides for higher quality imaging, resulting in superior high-resolution 2D ortho or 3D maps, precision volumetrics, and 3D surface models.Our user-configurable fail-safe systems assure return to launch in the event of lost signal, low battery, or signal interference, and the Yuneec speed control provides pilots a rapid-return to home in the event of sudden changes in the flight environment. The H520 is ideal for construction sites requiring precision, speed, and multiple payloads for intelligent worksite reporting.

Revamped Cement Board Screws Speed up Installation

ITW Buildex, a leading provider of fastening solutions, has introduced a groundbreaking iteration of its trusted Backer-On® and Rock-On® cement board screws. The new, customer-backed screws have been uniquely designed with a patented serrated head, T-25 star drive with Stikfit™ and serrated thread forms to solve common contractor challenges and enhance performance.

Key innovations include:

  • Patented serrated head design. The cutting-edge head delivers flush seating – even at an angle – while eliminating mushrooming and reducing board blow out.
  • Star drive with T-25 bit for Stikfit™. The star drive recess provides a stick fit for every screw, allowing for one-handed operation with no wear on the bit.
  • Serrated thread forms. The improved threading requires less torque for faster installation.
  • Patented sharp point and lead threads. The updated design supports immediate pick-up and reduces the effort required to drive.
Construction press release item features new cement board screws that speed up installation
Construction press release about the new Bosch construction tool battery

Battery Sets Global Standard for Power and Runtime

The Bosch CORE18V Battery offers maximum power and performance while minimizing weight, an achievement that proves its claim as the best-built battery among leading competitors. The battery uses advanced Lithium-ion technology to deliver 80 percent more power than previous generation Bosch batteries. The cells are laser-welded and rail-connected for high efficiency, allowing CORE18V batteries to deliver better performance than competitive batteries that have up to 24 percent more weight and are up to 35 percent larger.1

The battery housing of Bosch CORE18V transfers more heat to the outer surface, providing up to 35 percent better cooling than previous CoolPack batteries. In addition, this technology combined with reduced resistance and higher efficiency means that the battery is less likely to overheat during high-load applications. Bosch CORE18V batteries provide 100 percent compatibility with all 18-volt Bosch Lithium-ion tools and chargers. Bosch is developing high-power tools to take full advantage of CORE battery technology.

  1. 1vs DeWalt FLEXVOLT 6.0 Ah and Milwaukee 9.0 Ah

ENGINE-SAVER Prevents Costly Equipment Engine Damage

Tampa, Fla. Keytroller, the industry’s leading and award-winning designer, manufacturer and supplier of electronic safety and weighing devices, proudly unveils ENGINE-SAVER. The advanced equipment engine protection system monitors critical engine functions and warns an operator of critical issues prior to the onset of costly engine damage and failure. This compact, easy-to-install system ensures engine protection by monitoring the equipment’s oil pressure and coolant temperature – alarming an operator visually and/or audibly of issues. If the operator does not switch off the engine within 30 seconds of alarm, the system automatically shuts down the engine for additional protection. An optional warning and engine shut down feature is also available to prevent excess idling.

Construction press release item that monitors equipment engines
Construction press release about the finish on the Pitkin County Library

A Finish to Complement Nature

Located in Aspen, the Pitkin County Library sits amongst Colorado’s picturesque Rocky Mountains. So when Hopkins Architecture set out to construct an addition to the 30-year-old library, it was determined to find a metal facade that complemented the natural beauty of the library’s surroundings.

Rejecting other metals due to cold or bright reflectivity, the architect called upon Pure + FreeForm to create a custom exterior clear coat finish treated with gold and copper pearl to generate a reflective warmth. Speckled with rust and gold for a discreetly luxurious look, Aspen Patina was the perfect solution — offering an elegant character and subtle beauty that takes a backseat to the surrounding topography. 

Natural, Ultra-thin Stone Panels Even For Walls

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Sorccia Stone ( announces the expansion of its product line to include versatile, ultra-thin natural stone panels. These eco-friendly panels are designed as both wall and floor coverings, among other applications, and require no grout to install.

Sorccia Stone panels consist of a front layer of thinly cut real stone, and a high-tech backing that is engineered to make the finished product 800 times stronger than ordinary slab stone. Options for backing material include aluminum composite polymer (ACP), translucent acrylic, fiberglass and honeycomb. The result is an ultra-thin, grout-less stone product that’s indistinguishable from solid stone.

Construction press releases includes a release about ultra-thin stone panels.
October construction press releases features indoor security camera for jobsites

TrueLook Cameras for Jobsite Interiors

Winston-Salem, NC – TrueLook today releases a new camera designed specifically for indoor jobsites. After a 20-year history with rugged outdoor construction cameras, the company’s new offering sheds the bulk and heft. The lighter indoor camera is easier to mount or move, offers the perfect resolution for indoor areas, and is more affordable than its outdoor counterparts. The indoor camera still includes the same services and features available on TrueLook’s outdoor cameras – including live camera viewing, custom time-lapsing, and 24/7 security recording.

Thin Insulation Delivers High Performance and Design Freedom

Dow Corning’s HPI-1000 Building Insulation Blanket is made of silicon aerogel technology and offers slim profile, outstanding flexibility, excellent compression resistance, and an R-value of 9.6 per inch of thickness. It is fully compatible with a variety of Dow Corning brand high-performance building products such as adhesives, sealants and air barrier products. The material is fire-resistant, hydrophobic and does not settle over time.

“This is an ideal solution for sealing tough connections, such as where glazing systems meet cavity walls, where below grade systems meet above grade systems, and where parapets meet roofs,” explained Joy Govitz, North America Market Manager for Dow Performance Silicones – Building & Construction. “It’s well suited to applications in which the design results in exposed or under-insulated slab edges, or where additional thermal insulation is required at curtainwall mullions,” she said.

Got Kids? Maybe They’re Interested in Construction

Engineering, home building, and DIY prefessionals and enthusiasts now have the perfect book to share with their children and grandchildren — maybe the kids will even want to share in the fun.  Take a look at How to Build a House the latest in our Technical Tales Series.

How to Build a House continues to follow the adventures of the three unlikely friends–Eli, Phoebe, and Hank, as they take on their latest engineering adventure, building a house! Follow the trio as they learn about how a house is constructed, from the foundation to the rafters. Detailed diagrams and illustrations help children and their parents visualize and conceptualize real-world home construction. Through hard work and preservation, the three friends learn the ins and outs of architecture and the benefits of teamwork. Filled with high-tech, realistic diagrams, How to Build a House provides children with a basic introduction to how a home is built from the ground up and encourages their curiosity to dream big.


The busybusy app Now Integrates With Quickbooks

Saint George, UT (September 1st, 2016) – busybusy™, The maker of the busybusy Mobile Time Clock App, has released an upgrade to their employee management system. The free upgrade includes a direct integration with Quickbooks that removes the need to collect and manually input labor information.

The busybusy™ to Quickbooks integration makes managing a company’s data and payroll more efficient by removing the need to double enter time and project information. It is now possible to automatically pull employee timecards into Quickbooks and use the projects created in Quickbooks in the busybusy mobile time tracking app. Employees track time on the right projects, and the information is collected and organized in Quickbooks.  Find out more at


Women Engineers Launch New Website

The Society of Women Engineers has established itself as the primary resource for knowledge, information and trends on women in engineering with the launch of its newest tool, The website was created to provide clarity among the wealth of data available, and deliver a centralized data source for members and individuals interested in locating information about women in engineering.

The website features trends and data on women in engineering and the STEM landscape across the globe from the K-12 level, to collegiate to professional. Additionally, the website will feature SWE’s own research to supplement the knowledge base around issues affecting female engineers’ success. Being able to provide data and information to inform decisions that affect women in the education sector and the workplace is an important part of SWE’s goal to advocate for the success of women in engineering and technology.


Tall, Supertall, Megatall: ASHRAE Provides Design Guidance for All

ATLANTA – Tall buildings challenge the imagination of designers and test the fortitude of engineers. And as they continue to rise in height and in numbers, guidance is needed to meet their critical design elements.

“Tall buildings present unique and formidable challenges to architects and engineers because of their size, location in major urban areas and the multiple, complex occupancies they often contain,” Peter Simmonds, author of a new book from ASHRAE on tall building design guidance. He is a member of ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.12, Tall Buildings.

The book, co-sponsored by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, is titled “ASHRAE Design Guide for Tall, Supertall and Megatall Building Systems.” It covers buildings that, for the purpose of the book, are defined as tall (300 plus feet), supertall (984 plus feet) and megatall (1968 plus feet) . The Guide has a broadened scope and updated content since an earlier guide published in 2004.

For more information on the construction press release and the book, check here.