Community involvement is a game changer for construction companies because it makes them part of the community team. Here are ideas to make it work for your company.

By Carolina Norgaard

Construction companies exist to create change—and while the change is usually for the better, the local community doesn’t always see it that way. In many cases, new projects are met with resistance. Community members may have a sentimental connection with a building that’s set for demolition. Or, maybe they’re unhappy about the way their tax dollars are being spent on the construction of a new government building. Whatever the reason for the resistance, it can affect your ability to get the job done, and get it done on time.

Get In The Right Light

But, by building a strong relationship with the community, you can enforce the idea that your company truly has their best interests in mind. With strong community involvement, you’ll create an  environment that welcomes communication, and shows your company in a positive light.

So what exactly is community involvement? It involves participating in activities that bring your community closer together. It entails lending a helping hand to those who are in need. Here are a few tips to help you get involved and maximize meaningfulness.

1. Put in the Time

It’s easy enough writing a check to sponsor a local little league team—and while financial philanthropy is an important part of community involvement, it’s not the only way to get involved! Sometimes, especially when extra funds are tight, the best way to build your connection with the community is to get your hands a little dirty. Get a group together to volunteer at a Habitat for Humanity project or at a local soup kitchen. Putting others first is a great way to show that your company isn’t just a corporate entity; it’s made up of humans with hearts!

2. Inspire the Next Gen

Kids hold the keys to your future as a community, so you might consider getting involved with the schools to reach these youngsters. They’re eager to learn and they’re driven to reach their dreams. Hold a fun safety seminar to teach kids about the importance of wearing proper protective equipment. Or, sponsor a building block competition to help kids unleash their creativity in constructive ways.

3. Be Seen

There’s no better way to be involved with your community than to simply take part in local activities. Is there a 5k run coming up? Gather up a team of runners and non-runners alike, get matching shirts and have a fun time! At a community festival or event, don’t just set up a booth and sell your company to the community, encourage your employees to attend on their own terms and network in a more organic way.

4. Help Out in Tough Times

The community needs you most during times of trouble. Whether your hometown was hit with a hurricane or a massive snowstorm, construction companies often have an assisting advantage in the case of an unfortunate disaster. Not only do you have the tools and equipment to help move and clean up debris, but you also likely have the manpower with the skills needed to lend a helping hand.

All companies should strive to have a strong connection with their local community, and construction companies aren’t exempt! With these tips, you can work to build a meaningful relationship with your surrounding community, making a difference while improving the efficacy of your job.

About the Author

Carolina Norgaard is the Marketing Manager at Munilla Construction Management. MCM has been dedicated to building excellence for over 30 years in the Greater Miami area, as well as Texas and Panama.


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