Native Advertising

Native advertising continues on its upswing and there are now emerging some very defined rules for how and where it is used.  Native advertising is placing branded content with other content that is relevant. One example is the white papers placed by companies in sidebars near related articles or blog posts. And, native advertising includes content marketing where content paid for by a sponsor sits alongside editorial content.

The Power of Native

If you sell a product or service to architectural, engineering or construction firms, the more you’re seen, the better your prospects. One approach is to be seen at venues across the web that AEC people visit. With a native approach you set up a presence on other websites beyond your own. This goes way beyond guest postings on blogs. You place branded content on those other websites along with content that’s highly interesting to your potential customers. Whenever they read or view something of yours, they are reminded of you, and if what they read or view is helpful or informative, they appreciate you.

The Art of Appreciation

Appreciation is a powerful thing. When they see or meet you at a trade show or other industry event, they are predisposed to interacting with you. That makes introductions and getting to know each other much easier. Plus, by seeing your content they already have an idea of what you do, and in the best scenario are curious about it. Even if they only meet you virtually through your online content, they appreciate you.

Native in Action Here

Let’s say you, or your client, fits somewhere in the architecture/engineering/construction vertical, and wants to run a campaign to boost brand awareness with others in the vertical. A simple campaign might include a 5 page branded section with a topical theme. That’s a main page with an appropriate title, and 4 subpages. The main page and one other page have branded content along with reader centered content. The other three pages follow the theme and offer strictly editorial content.


For example’s sake, all content is text based with some images. If all content is supplied to CI, then the section would cost $200 per page for three months, renewable with fresh content at the end for the same amount again, for another three months. Of course, you could refresh the content more often, and that would cost an extra $100 per page each time. Because this is for “awareness,” and there’s money changing hands, the outbound links other than those going to sources, are nofollow.

Other Native Concepts Here

But at Construction Informer there are multiple opportunities to roll out a native advertising campaign. The site has been around since 2007 and has more than 1,000 blog posts. Another example is selecting a category of posts to sponsor. From that category, you pick several posts that we update. You provide some unique content of your own, or hire us to create it, and we place everything together in a branded section. By using a theme for the section it becomes a go-to resource on a particular topic that is directly related to your business.

Terms, topics and durations, all negotiable.  Use the contact form below to inquire.

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