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How Much Does It Cost To Resole Work Boots? – Average Cost

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how much does it cost to resole work boots

Work boots don’t have a definite lifespan, but on average, they could last around three to five years if worn every day. If you use it for work and your job requires you to move a lot, there’s a possibility that your work boots will wear out faster.

The outsoles directly touch the ground, and when the pressure is heavy in every step, it would easily deteriorate. If your outsole worsens or separates from the boot, you can still resolve it. But how much does it cost to resole work boots? It can cost from as low as $15 to as much as $150.

The Price of Resoling Work Boot

If you go out there and ask for a quotation on the cost to get boots resoled, you will get different price quotations because it will depend on several factors. Generally, you will have to shell out as low as $15 to as much as $150 to resole your work boots.

  • Full-sole resoling service: $50 – $150
  • Half-sole resoling service: $30 – $70

What It Means to Resole Your Work Boot


But what does it even mean to resole your work boot? Resoling your work boot means that the outsole of your work boot is removed, and if the original outsole still looks good, it will be reattached to the midsole by stitching them together.

On the other hand, if the outsole is no longer viable, the boot cobbler has to use a brand new outsole for your protective footwear. This kind of boot fix in your protective footwear is the type where the price to resole boots could go as high as $150.

Why You Need to Resole Your Work Boot

You don’t have to wait for the outsole of your work boot to be totally damaged before resoling them. You can bring them to a cobbler immediately as soon as you see the need to prevent further damage and avoid the possibility of paying a high boot resole cost.

Resoling your work boots is a good option, so you don’t have to buy another pair, especially if the upper part is still very good. Below are some of the reasons why you need to resole your work boots:

  • To prevent further damage to the work boot
  • To prolong or maximize its period of use
  • To avoid possible foot injuries arising from a damaged outsole
  • To maintain its comfort level
  • To provide the necessary traction, you need while wearing the work boot

When to Resole Your Work Boot


Deciding when to resole your work boots is very simple; there are some elements you have to look out for to know when to resole them.

  • When the tread of the outsole is worn out – The tread is responsible for the grip or traction of your work boots. When this part is already damaged, it may no longer provide the necessary traction to keep you safe from working on slippery terrains.
  • A hole in the outsole of your safety boot is a sign that you must resole it – The hole, if not fixed, could bring more damage to your boots. Especially in instances where it would rain heavily, the rainwater could get into the shoes and damage the inner part of the boot.
  • Suppose the outsole is starting to come apart – Heavy and prolonged use of the safety boot would sometimes lead to the detachment of the outsole to the midsole.

The reasons mentioned above are just some of the crucial elements you have to watch out for so you can decide to resole your work boots. However, anytime you feel the need to resole your safety boot is always the best time, especially if you feel that it is already compromising the safety of your feet.

Is Resoling Your Work Boot Worth It

Definitely! The outsoles in your work boot are the only part that has contact with the ground, and it provides traction to prevent you from accidental sliding or slipping. So even if resoling boots cost as much as $150, it is nothing compared to the comfort and protection a newly resoled boot could give you.

Resoling your work boot when it is already necessary not only ensures that you are safe and protected at work, but it also provides an alternative and, generally, a cheaper option than buying a new pair.

When you resole your work boot, you are also maximizing the lifespan of the whole work boot, especially if all the other parts of the boot are still in good shape.

Resole Your Work Boot or Buy a New Pair

To decide if you have to resole your work boot or buy a new pair depends on the overall status of your safety work boot. Like, if the upper part of your work boot is still in good condition and only the outsoles are already torn and worn out, then you should consider resoling them.

If the overall condition of the boot is no longer good, then it’s already time to buy a new pair, especially if both the outsole and the upper of the boot are already damaged. It is better to buy a new pair, especially if a resoled boot could not guarantee the overall safety of your feet.

The average cost to resole boots is around $90, while buying a new good quality pair could cost you about $160. The difference matters, that’s why you have to decide what is best for you after all.

But remember, before you decide whether to buy a new pair or resole your work boot, it is also best if you let a shoe cobbler assess them so they can give you the proper recommendation on what to do.


How much does it cost to resole work boots? It could cost you between $25 to $150, and if you feel that your safety work boot is no longer keeping you safe, then it is time to see a shoe cobbler to have it resoled.

Resoling your work boot might cut some extra bucks from your paycheck. But it is necessary because at the end of the day, what we are after here is your protection and safety.

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