Dexter + Chaney, makers of Spectrum® Construction Software, launches a new version of Spectrum along with a completely new product line for construction operations professionals at the 2012 World of Concrete trade show in Las Vegas Jan. 24-27.  The company will display the products at booth C4165 in the central hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The company’s Spectrum offering will not yet be priced as SaaS, according to Wayne Newitts, marketing director, who said the company is keeping its pricing as is for that product. Customers will be able to deploy Spectrum as a self-hosted private cloud, with their own hosting provider or hosted by Dexter + Chaney. If hosted by Dexter the customer will pay a monthly hosting charge that is not based on users or modules.

The new product will however be a web-based offering with subscription pricing as an option. Hosting will be provided by Dexter with on-premise deployments handled on a case-by-case basis, according to Newitts. Here is how he explained the scalability of the offering.

We’ve done extensive testing on loading and storage scenarios for both products, and so we will have a standard hosting price that should accommodate the vast majority of our clients. We will not charge for hosting by number of users or modules. If the amount of hosted resources does not provide adequate performance for a client with many modules and/or users, we will offer incremental resources.

More specifically (and technically) – we provide a VM slice of a server as part of our standard hosting price. If, because of heavy usage, the user requires additional processing power, we will offer an additional VM slice at an incremental cost. Anecdotally, one of our largest clients happens to be here in the Seattle area and is working closely with us to help determine bandwidth, processing, and storage requirements for running our software in a hosted environment. They have a full complement of modules and hundreds of folks use the system, and they work fine on one VM slice.

Dexter will offer storage managed in the same way and in 25GB increments. The default term length will be one year and the company will include price and performance assurances in contracts. Moving to the cloud has been a thoughtful process for Dexter.

About three years ago, company president John Chaney realized the move to cloud computing was inevitable so he invested in new technology and in development resources to take the full features of Spectrum to the web. He reshaped the existing product into a software system that would work in any cloud computing environment. That way, any licensed user could access Spectrum from any device with just an Internet browser.

Chaney also decided to address the needs of the operations side of the construction industry but resisted tacking on an acquisition or addition to the existing product. Instead, he built a team of construction operations experts and worked with construction operations professionals from all parts of the industry to identify real needs before designing the solution. Also built to be completely web-based, this first release from Dexter + Chaney’s new Operations Group addresses the challenges of project collaboration in unique ways.

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