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How to Disinfect Rubber Gloves? – 3 Easy Steps Everyone Can Do

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how to disinfect rubber gloves

Most of us at least have a pair of rubber gloves since it is an excellent choice for performing tasks involving corrosive agents, sharp tools, or dirty parts. But, at the end of the day, how do we deal with gloves full of oils, smell, and dirt?

After being exposed to various elements, your pair of rubber gloves should be cleaned and even disinfected thoroughly. Read here to know how to disinfect rubber gloves to make sure they are ready for the next day’s use.

How to Sanitize Rubber Gloves?


Indeed, if you want to disinfect your pair to get rid of the bad smell or germs on it, you need to wash it first. And here’s what to prepare for cleaning and sanitizing rubber gloves:

  • Mild soap and warm water – You can use a mild detergent or soap for cleaning. Make sure the agent is not too potent that it will break down the glove textiles. Furthermore, please avoid using bleach when washing the pair.
  • A bucket
  • Rubber-safe disinfectant – When choosing a sanitizer, ensure it is safe for rubber materials.
  • Cloth wipes

Step 1: Wash the outside of your gloves

You can clean the work gloves with running water and soap.

Put on the pair first, then wet the whole piece in the sink while warm water is running. Then, put some soap onto the gloves and rub the pair gently. Use your fingers to remove all the dirt and grime stuck on the glove surfaces.

Then, rinse the pair thoroughly while rubbing it gently under warm running water again.

Step 2: Wash the interior of your gloves

Now, you should take the gloves off and place them neatly on the clean surface of your sink. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly afterward, with hand sanitizer and warm water, of course.

Then, fill the bucket with warm water then add a mild detergent to make it soapy. Turn your gloves inside out, then dip them into the mixture. Leave the gloves there for a few minutes.

This step is important as we want to get rid of the bad odor caused by germs and built-up sweat inside our gloves.

Make sure you rub them together a little, then rinse them under clean water. Then, dry the pair by hanging it on a clothesline, preferably somewhere clean and open. But, avoid drying your gloves with excessive heat from direct sunlight or the dryer.

Step 3: Disinfect your gloves

There’s one more thing to do — sanitizing gloves with your prepared disinfecting solution. A little warning before you carry on with this final step, make sure you do not make direct contact with the sanitizer since it can harm your skin. That’s why we should make use of cloth wipes.

Also, read the disinfectant’s instructions to know if your chosen type requires washing the gloves with water afterward.

Now, place your gloves onto a clean space and pour some drops of the disinfectant onto the wipes. Gently wipe down your glove surfaces.

Make sure to wash your hands immediately after you are done.

Additional steps and tips:

  • You should store the gloves in a clean cabinet or hang them in a cool area. If you want to be more thorough, disinfect the storage space to prevent the intrusion of unwanted elements.
  • You should also check your gloves for signs of tear, punctures, or discoloration. If one or many of these issues appear, it is time to replace them with new ones. When the rubber already wears off, there is no use disinfecting or washing it.

Frequently Asked Questions


What to do with smelly gloves?

You can simply use soap and warm water to thoroughly wash smelly gloves, both inside and outside. This should be done when you finish your task every day, since the built-up odor is tricky to get rid of after too long.

What can I do to get rid of the rubber smell on gloves?

You can apply some products to your rubber gloves to remove their rubber smell, such as baking soda, scented lotion, or scented soap.

Can you disinfect reusable gloves?

You surely can, as long as the disinfectant is compatible with your glove materials. In fact, it is recommended to sanitize your gloves to remove germs, dirt, and bad odor stuck in their fabric.


Now that you know how to disinfect rubber gloves for hygiene and safety purposes, we hope there will be no issues such as glove odor with your pair. You should also make it a habit to quickly rinse your gloves after work and do a thorough cleaning and sanitizing once every week or so. This way, you can slow down the glove discoloration and prevent the pair from wearing down so fast.

Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns regarding these issues. Thank you for reading!

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