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By Natalie Craigmile – Running a construction business takes hard work. When you are working on a job, it can be difficult to find time to spend on marketing and advertising. If you are short on time, buying leads through construction lead programs could be a good way to meet new customers, grow your business, and find your next job. Keep reading to learn more about some of the pros and cons of buying leads.

A construction lead generation service exists solely to connect home owners with local home improvement contractors. They market across different construction specialties and reach customers who are looking for construction companies. Once they capture the ‘lead’, which is essentially the contact information and a few project details of that potential customer, they sell the lead to one or more local contractors in their network. 

Construction Lead Programs Have Positive Aspects 


Using construction lead programs can help to free up time in your schedule. Construction is your specialty – not marketing. By paying for leads, you can spend more time at the job site and less time in the office trying to drum up new business. You can keep working and when a local lead matches your preferences, you will be notified within a few seconds. In most cases, the lead information will be sent to you in an email or text message. There’s no need to get back to your computer. You can respond to each lead on the go and when it’s most convenient for you.


When starting a new construction business, the last thing you want to worry about is how you are going to find your next job. Buying leads can be a great way to get your name out there and get some practice bidding on jobs. You may not win every single one, but the experience will be invaluable. Once you get a few jobs under your belt, it will become easier to demonstrate your credibility to potential clients.


Let’s say you buy a lead and end up winning the job. First off, congratulations! This is a great first step. Buying leads is not just about winning the first job though. It’s about landing the job, doing great work, and making sure this customer continues to hire your construction business in the future. One successful job can help create a customer for life.


When using a lead program, you get to decide what types of leads interest you. If you usually make great margins on bathroom and remodeling jobs and kitchen remodeling jobs, you can opt-in to these specific types of leads. If you are not interested in building home additions or sunrooms, you can ask for those leads to be excluded from your account. You only have to pay for the leads that match your account preferences and your geographic service area.

But, Also Some Negatives


Every lead generation company works a little differently. They have different pricing models, credit policies, and lead quality standards. Unfortunately, many of these lead generation websites look exactly the same. It can be difficult to tell the difference between each one and decide which companies are reputable. It’s important to ask questions and get answers before putting your credit card down or signing any sort of contract. What happens if you receive a bad lead? How much does each lead cost?


Once you purchase the lead, it will still be up to you to win the job. You will need to call the potential customer, answer any of their questions, and provide a quote for the job. There’s always a chance that they will hire another contractor instead of you though. Losing a few jobs in a row can be tough. Unfortunately, construction leads can be expensive.


While it can be tempting to fully outsource the lead generation process, but it’s never a good idea to put all of your eggs in one basket. Buying leads is not like waving a magic wand. It’s important to invest in other marketing channels as well. Your construction business should still take the time to build a professional website, join online directories, and establish a strong portfolio of positive reviews.

Know What You’re Doing

Purchasing leads and taking on more work can be a great way to take your construction company to the next level. Many successful businesses purchase leads!

However, it’s important to know what you’re getting into when investing in a construction lead program. You’ll still have to put in time and energy to understand the system and to develop a good process for following up on leads and winning customers.

Take The Next Step and Define Your Ideal Customers

Don’t jump into getting leads from others until you have clearly defined just who you want for customers. 

How To Define Your Best Construction Customers

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