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How Many Nitrile Gloves in a Container? Not Everybody Knows

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how many nitrile gloves in a container

Sellers who want to become authorized distributors for a certain disposable glove brand should know some necessary information about said company. Product content, quality, transportation, and payment method are the determining details.

But let’s start with the basics. Do you know how many nitrile gloves in a container you will receive when placing an order? If not, check out the information below.

How Many Boxes of Nitrile Gloves in a Container?

Depending on the package sizes, there can be 90 to 100 pieces in one pack. Still, standard nitrile gloves often have 100 pieces (50 pairs) per package.

Regarding the package dimensions, the average measurements should be 9.0 inches wide, 4.5 inches long, and 3.0 inches high. Depending on the glove size, thickness, cuff length, and different brands, there can be some minor changes in the dimensions. Make sure you check with the brand first before ordering.

So, with such nitrile glove box dimensions, if we pack nitrile gloves in a 40-ft capacity container, how many packages can it hold?

A standard 40-foot shipping container’s internal dimensions are 7 feet 8.5 inches wide, 39 feet long, and 7 feet 10 inches high (92.5 x 468 x 94 inches).

With the above package and container dimensions, we can pack 10 boxes (one carton) to fit the container’s width.

The calculation: (92.5/9) x (468/4.5) x (94/3) ≈ 32240 (packages)

Each nitrile box will weigh less than 15 to more than 25 ounces. The thickness of the gloves marks the difference in the package weight. Meanwhile, the standard maximum cargo weight of a 40ft container is 58,863.4 lbs (941808 ounces). Therefore, it might be able to load more than 32000 packages.

However, some companies only load around 31000 boxes per 40ft container. So the number above is a ballpark figure for your reference.

How Many Boxes of Nitrile Gloves Fit in a 20ft Container?


The internal dimensions of a 20ft container are 92.5 inches wide, 232 inches long, and 94 inches high.

So, the number of glove boxes in such a container is: 10 x (232/4.5) x (94/3) ≈ 16150 (packages)

This number is just a ballpark figure; in truth, a 20ft container can load around 14000 boxes or a bit more, depending on the box measurements.

How Many Cartons of Gloves Are in a Container?

One carton contains 10 packages or boxes. Therefore, if calculated in cartons, a 40ft container can hold from 3100 – 3200 cartons of nitrile gloves.

Meanwhile, a container with a 20ft capacity can load half of that amount, around 1400 to 1600 cartons.

Can You Mix Different Products in a Container?


Ask your provider if you want to include other types of gloves besides nitrile products. But usually, many are flexible in delivering goods for their distributor, so mixing latex, surgical, or vinyl gloves in the container is common.

But since there is a difference in box dimensions regarding different glove types, you should calculate the delivery amount and fee thoroughly to avoid an unexpected rise in payment.

How Many Sterile Surgical Gloves Boxes Can I Fit in a Container?

Sterile gloves are a bit bigger than nitrile pairs; thus their package dimension is also larger. In fact, a standard box of sterile surgical pairs measures 9 inches wide, 10.75 inches long, and 5.3 inches high. Therefore, a container will hold fewer of these gloves compared to nitrile packages.

On average, we can load more than 5300 boxes of sterile surgical gloves in a 20ft container and around 10600 boxes in a 40ft container.


Knowing how many nitrile gloves in a container is important to determine the number of packages delivered and minimize costs. Disposable gloves are often quoted in 40ft or 20ft container quantities, and the amount will vary, depending on the glove dimensions. Some are thicker and longer, resulting in fewer boxes being loaded.

Therefore, make sure you confirm every detail about the number of packages and delivery fee before finalizing your purchase. Share with us via the contact page if you are puzzled about any part of the calculation. Just keep in mind the numbers above are just ballpark figures.

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