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How to Dry Gloves Quickly? Know The Steps Well (Best Tips)

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how to dry gloves quickly

When is drying your gloves such a challenging task that the mere thought of it disheartens you? For me, it must be when the weather is unforgivingly cold, always raining, and humid. And it gets trickier when your glove materials cannot be dried with excessive heat without being ruined badly.

We are here to help. Read below to know how to dry gloves quickly, especially when the winter season is near.

Step to Dry Snow Gloves Quickly


Snow gloves or any gloves used for winter are often waterproof. They have pretty thick insulation to prevent the winter cold from hurting and numbing our hands. Therefore, if you want to protect your pair’s insulation and coating, it is best not to apply any direct heat onto the gloves.

Also, please know that it is recommended to dry the gloves right after you return home from snowy or rainy weather. That way, you can also avoid the bad odor resulting from built-up sweat, moisture, and bacteria.

You do not need much for this tutorial; just prepare:

  • Two clean and absorbent towels
  • Some pieces of strong clippers or clothespins
  • A strong thread, preferably a metal one
  • A blow dryer

Step 1: Take your wet gloves off your hands and place the gloves on a clean surface. Wash your hands, then use a clean piece of towel or cleaning cloth to absorb excess water inside your gloves.

Dab and press the towel a little, especially when the gloves are wet, but you cannot squeeze them to avoid ruining their forms.

Make sure to turn the gloves inside out to better dry gloves inside. It is where the bacteria grow.

Step 2: Place two towels onto your gloves and leave them there for some minutes. In the meantime, hang the thread you prepare in a ventilated place that has a power source nearby (you are going to need it for the dryer).

Step 3: Secure your gloves onto the thread using the clippers or clothespins you prepared.

If you have time, you can just let the pair dry naturally like that. But, if you want to dry ski gloves as quickly as possible, you need to use the blow dryer.

Turn the dryer to a low-heat setting, then point the dryer toward your gloves. Do not place it too near the gloves or set it too hot. Make sure to turn the gloves inside out after some minutes. Then, you can keep drying a bit more, so the gloves are completely free of moisture.

Leave the pair there for some hours if you do not have to use it right away.

Tips to Dry Your Gloves Quickly


The method mentioned above is applicable for various glove materials, including synthetic, wool, and leather gloves. As long as you remember the following suggestions, it’s all good:

  • To dry winter gloves made of leather, make sure you do not leave them under direct sunlight or use the cloth dryer.
  • You can use a boot dryer with a low-heat setting to dry your winter gloves. Indeed, many use this product as an alternative ski glove dryer since it is convenient with various settings and portable.
  • Even though you cannot apply direct heat to your gloves, you can indirectly do it. But how? A heat vent is a good place to start. Just place your gloves, whose excess water has been absorbed with clean towels, onto the heat vent. Still, I prefer putting thin paper between the vent and my gloves.
  • You can make your own glove drying rack to dry your gloves and boots more quickly instead of fishing out threads and clippers all the time. Besides, the clippers can make your glove form distorted a bit if we hang it on there too often.

You can check out how to create a DIY glove dryer here:

It takes some effort to complete this DIY project, but the result is worth it since we can dry our boots and gloves on the device. I love the incorporated fan that speeds the drying process up.


Since we wrote this guide on how to dry gloves quickly to help you, we truly hope it makes your life easier. Wet gloves are annoying and inconvenient, so make sure you dry them before they get a chance to smell bad and become dirty because of the sweat built up inside.

If you find this tutorial informative, feel free to share it with others who need some quick tips to solve their problems. Thank you for reading!

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