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How to Fix Broken Glasses Bridge at Home in 6 Easy Steps?

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how to fix broken glasses bridge

Having our glasses broken can happen to any of us who wear prescription specs every day. The causes of these accidents are numerous; some are unexpected and frustrating. I broke my pair twice while playing soccer with other colleagues. One time, my sunglasses glasses broke in half as the pair fell when I climbed on a ladder for some DIY tasks.

If you encounter the same issue, the suitable super glue will solve your problems. And here’s how to fix broken glasses bridge with common items around the house.

Fix the Broken Plastic Glasses Bridge with Glue and Paper


This method works if you want an immediate fix to work or study for the next few days with your prescription glasses. The bridge will temporarily stay in place, but you should avoid activities that threaten to put a sudden impact on the pair.

So, here’s how we are going to deal with an eyewear’s broken bridge to get back to work right away:

  • Prepare all the necessary items. Paper glue or paper stick is essential to succeed in this method. Such easy-to-use adhesives are from Super Glue, Tacky, PVA Glue, Spray Adhesive, Epoxy Glue, etc. There should be thick paper sheets like magazine pages. You can prepare wrapping paper that matches the color of the eyewear frame. And lastly, do not forget sharp scissors for cutting the paper pieces.
  • Clean the glasses. I hope you have the microfiber cloth with you because it is a must-have cleaner for everyone with glasses. You can rinse the pair underwater to rid of dust and dirt on the broken parts. Then, use the microfiber cloth to dry the whole piece faster.
  • Tailor the paper pieces. Now, you should measure the bridge’s width then cut the magazine/wrapping sheets into thin strips accordingly. Make it three or four long strips at least.
  • Glue the paper strips. It is time to wrap the paper around the broken parts, one piece at a time. Put the glue on each piece before you start wrapping. This is like making a bandage for your broken glasses.

You can ask for help to hold the glasses in place or put the glasses down on the table, and gently use one hand to hold, the other hand to wrap.

Fix Broken Glasses Nose Bridge with Sewing


Yeah, you read that right; we are going to fix the eyewear bridge by sewing them together. This method will create a much more solid and reliable bond that keeps the glasses usable for a long while. Of course, strong pressure can break it all over again if we are not careful. But it is a long-term solution, compared to the first method above.

And here’s how we do that:

Step 1: Prepare all the necessary items. Here we are again, making sure everything is on the table before we start fixing our glasses. This time, we need:

  • A thread and a needle
  • A drill
  • A super glue, nail polish remover agent (or rubbing alcohol)
  • Wooden sticks and some rubber bands and cotton swabs

Step 2: Prepare the frame surfaces. Before you do any fixing, the cleaning step is recommended; the purpose is clear: get rid of dirt for better adhesion. But we will make it thoroughly by using sandpaper to rub the broken areas and apply nail polish remover (or rubbing alcohol).

Step 3: Align and secure the frame. The small wooden sticks now become handy as they help secure two broken halves of the glasses together. You should use the rubber band to tie the sticks to the glass’s arms to keep them in place.

Step 4: Glue the parts. With the glue prepared, you should be careful when pouring the drops. You will not want the agent to spill. Then, gently and slowly squeeze the parts together and wait for a few seconds. Now, use the cotton swab to clean up any glue running out, making sure you clean the glue before it can dry. After that, just set the pair aside and let it dry for an hour or two.

Step 5: Drills the holes. This step is to reinforce the bonding we just create using adhesives. The small drill should make two holes right on two sides of the broken line.

Step 6: Sew the thread. After creating two parallel holes, it is time to sew the threads through and strengthen the core joint. This task requires a high level of preciseness as you use the needle to get the thread through. Afterward, fill the holes once again with glue. Give it an hour to dry.

Suggestions for a Better Result When Fixing Glasses That Broke in Half

There must be super glue that works with your glass frame’s material. Most adhesives are compatible with plastic glasses broken in half, but a broken metal glasses bridge might need a good glue that can handle metal parts. You can check out Locktite, Gorilla, Starbond, Creativebond, or Krazy Glue to find a reliable and effective product.

And because our glasses are fragile and thin, make sure you are gentle while doing every fixing step. Lack of concentration and carefulness can further damage your already broken glasses.


Now since you already know how to fix broken glasses bridge, make sure to be well-prepared with necessary items. That way, we can take care of our pair right away while not wasting time without prescription specs. These methods apply to sunglasses and other types of eyewear. So, feel free to make use of them.

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