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How to Get Gorilla Glue off Glasses?

Fact checked by A. Thompson

how to get gorilla glues off glasses

The tackiness of glue gets us into trouble sometimes, no matter how careful we are. And when we accidentally put excessive glue or pour it on the wrong spots, it seems tricky to clean off, especially with potent adhesive like Gorilla glue.

We rely on this quality agent a lot to bond foam, metal, ceramic, wood, stone, and mainly glass items. So, if anything goes wrong when you use the adhesive, fret not as we share here some suggestions on how to get Gorilla glue off glasses. Let’s dig in!

Prepare the Necessary Items


Good news for us: the Gorilla glue is potent regarding its adhesion function, but it is not as clingy as other super glues. And while it works wonders on stuff with porous surfaces, glass is among the materials that allow easy scraping off. And here are some items we need for the task:

  • Adhesive remover: If you already have a reliable adhesive remover in your house or office, then this should be a breeze. If not, it is recommended that you purchase a good product for the upcoming DIY and crafts work you intend to do.

Now, options are numerous, but you should only go for commercial epoxy glue removal, cyanoacrylate, and polyurethane glue removal agents. Those are the compatible products that can eliminate the dried Gorilla adhesive.

They are all commonly-used products; it should be effortless to find them in hardware or retail stores in your neighborhood. The well-trusted brands you should rely on are Goof Off, De-Solv-It, Goo Gone, Krud Kutter, or Duck Brand.

  • Nail polish remover: This is an alternative agent when you do not have an adhesive remover in hand. Of course, you should pick one that is formulated with Acetone. Non-acetone polish removers might not be as effective as this agent in softening the hardened glue. A few drops of Acetone are enough to loosen Gorilla epoxy adhesive and Gorilla super glue hold.
  • Cotton ball: Any of us would have a pack of cotton balls in our first-aid kit in the house, right? You just need to take some pieces out to help you work through these tasks.
  • Rubber gloves: After all, you work with lots of harmful agents that might penetrate and harm your skins. So, it is better to prepare a disposable pair of gloves.

If you are not convinced about the importance of this item, please know that adhesives removal products and adhesives agents can error and tear the skin if left for too long. Furthermore, Acetone is flammable, so minor burn is possible in case of prolonged and extensive skin exposure.

  • A plastic scraper/plastic credit card/razor blade: The final item for scraping the dried glue off. So whichever one you choose, make sure it is sharp and tough enough for the task.
  • Soap: Any kind of soap would do since this item is for the final step when we want to clean all the residues.

Step-by-step Guide to Remove Gorilla Glue from Glasses


Removing gorilla glue from glass takes less effort than you might expect, as long as you follow these steps for an effective process:

  • You have two choices, either the adhesive remover or Acetone. Whichever one you have in hand, carefully pour some drops on the dried Gorilla glue areas. Use the cotton balls to dab with gentle motions, making sure you are not damaging the glass surface.
  • Now just wait for the chemical to soften the adhesive bonds. Depending on the hardened parts, the softening process can take only 25 minutes to some hours. If the areas are large and the guide in your adhesive removal product tells you to wait for 24 hours, then kindly follow.
  • When the waiting period is over, we shall remove glue from glasses. Now, wear your protective gloves, then use the razor blade (or any sharp and thin tool you have on the table) to scrape off the softened adhesive gently. Rub until the surfaces are clear, and avoid scratching the glasses.
  • The final step is cleaning all residues left on the glasses. So, you can dip the soap into warm water and scrub a little to make the liquid soapy. Then put the glass in there to remove dirt gently. Okay, now it is done!


We should not panic when the dried adhesives cling to the glass surfaces. All we have to do is prepare all necessary items, which are easy to find and purchase, then follow this guide on how to get Gorilla glue off glasses.

And please know that this method works on various types of glues, not just Gorilla. So, have fun with your crafts and go to us if you need help!

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