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How to Make Heated Gloves? Easy Ways You Can Try at Home

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how to make heated gloves

The winter can be unforgiving in many regions. And when the harsh season hits us, it is important to be geared with suitable protective pieces. Our hands are susceptible to the winter wind and low temperatures, so we need a good pair that keeps them warm.

While the usual gloves cannot do the task as required, heated gloves might work wonders. In that case, you would want to know how to make heated gloves at home.

Then, you are at the right place; let’s go through tools and steps to create DIY heated gloves.

What Do We Prepare for Home Made Heated Gloves

  • Carbon fiber tapes – In this guide, carbon fiber tape plays the role of resistive material. It is an efficient heating element that emits infrared heat when conducting electricity.
  • A pair of glove liners – We recommend choosing a rather thin glove or the glove liners. They can embrace our hands nicely and tightly, which provides better warmth, comfort, and movements when handling tasks.
  • A pair of winter work gloves – We need a thicker pair that offers protection for our work. Also, the winter work gloves will go outside the liner to hold and cover the battery holder.
  • Heavy-duty batteries – I recommend you use 4 18650 batteries at 3.7 voltages for making heated gloves. They must be heavy-duty to generate heat quickly in low temperatures.
  • Battery holders – We need two battery holders for each hand. They should hold two batteries and come with a compact dimension.
  • Resistor – We should prepare a 1.5K resistor for this task. For easy selection, make sure you go for one with the color code of brown, green, red, and gold.
  • A LED light – Making the glove with a led light is optional. It serves as an indicator for us to know that the power is working.
  • Hot glue – Hot glue or hot-melt adhesive is essential in this tutorial for making heated gloves. It will ensure all the parts of the power circuit and the carbon fiber tapes stay in the right place.
  • A small switch – Please find a mini switch that can be glued on a battery holder easily.

Step-by-Step Guide to Make Heated Gloves


Step 1: Split the long carbon fiber tapes 

As you prepare a long piece of carbon fiber tape, make sure you cut it in half to apply on two gloves.

Step 2: Stick the carbon fiber onto the glove

You can apply the hot glue on the end of the little finger, then start sticking the fiber tape along it. Make sure you wrap the whole finger from the front to its back. Then you continue to cover other fingers with the same technique, up then down.

Repeat the same thing with the other gloves. When the task is finished, your gloves’ fingers must be all wrapped in fiber tape, both their backs and fronts.

Step 3: Build the power circuit

We should put on the table the battery holder, 1.5K resistor, a LED, and a small switch. Now, glue the switch, the LEd, and the resistor to one side of the battery holder. If you do not know how to connect them right, please watch this video:

Make a Pair of Heated Gloves!

Now, you can insert two batteries into the holder. Try on the switch to see if the LED lights up to confirm your connection success.

Step 4: Wire the power circuit to the carbon fiber tape

Now, you can work the positive wire into one end of the carbon mesh (at this step, the video might tell you to use hot glue instead of wiring it, but that should not be the case).

After you finish wiring, you can now apply a bit of hot glue on top to keep it securely into the mesh. Do the same with the negative end of the wire and the other end of the carbon mesh.

Step 5: Wait for the glove to heat up

You should not wear the pair right away because it requires some time to heat up. After 10 minutes, you can put the glove liners on, then wear the work gloves over them. This way, you can hide the battery holder nicely on the back of your hands.

Pro tips: You can watch the video while following these steps for easy monitoring. But make sure you do not use hot glue directly for wiring your power circuit to the carbon mesh tapes.

What are Heated Gloves


Heated gloves can have different sources of heat, including chemicals and electricity. The former type will come with a warming packet of iron and other substances stored in a glove pocket. The exposure of such a combination to air will generate heat to warm our hands.

Meanwhile, heated gloves running on electricity can be USB heated gloves or battery-operated pairs. Its working mechanism is shown clearly in our guide above.

How Safe are Heated Gloves

As there is an involvement of chemicals and electricity, users might be worried about the safety of this so-called protection gear. In fact, they are safe to use with no risk of being poisoned or shocked.

Do Heated Gloves Keep Your Fingers Warm

Yes, they do. Heated gloves generate sufficient heat to keep us warm for some hours in the cold winter. You can wear them for winter sports like ice fishing, hiking, or skiing, etc.


It is actually not complicated to have a full grasp on how to make heated gloves. You can just prepare the required tools and stuff to build an ideal pair for yourself. Make sure to go with the correct size, suitable glove liners, and heavy-duty batteries to enjoy the heated gloves for a long time.

Any verdict, feedback, or story from you is nicely welcomed. So feel free to contact us via the contact page and share this helpful guide for others who need it! Thank you.

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