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How to Paint Latex Gloves? – 4 Easy Steps Everyone Can Do

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how to paint latex gloves

Before getting into the main point of this article, we should probably address the burning question, “Can latex gloves be painted on?”

Well, the good news is, yes, we can add a layer of paint onto our latex pair, giving it a new colored coating for whatever reasons we want it for. But, you probably do not want to do it without proper tools and paints.

So, read below to know how to paint latex gloves without making a mess, or worse, fail badly. Fret not; those things are not going to happen to you because the steps are fairly straightforward.

What to Prepare for This Tutorial

To spray paint gloves successfully, we need to find the right tools and, most importantly, types of paint that stick onto latex. Here’re the best suggestions:

  • Oil-based paints – Choose an oil paint in a spray bottle for easy application on your gloves. Manufacturers will give you multiple color options, just about anything you want.

Or latex-based paints, which will mostly be limited to white and blue only. But they come with binders for easy painting.

  • An airbrush
  • Mild soap and a clean towel
  • Some old newspaper
  • A thread and clippers
  • A pair of disposable gloves

A Step-by-step Guide to Paint Latex Gloves


On the paint you select, there should already be information about the drying time, the number of layers you should apply, and other important steps.

So, make sure to follow this guide and the product instructions. A combination of both will make your task easier.

Step 1: Wash the gloves

If you have an old pair and want to do some decoration for a special occasion, wash the gloves with a mild soap first. Turn the pair inside out and gently wash it to remove all dirt, oil, and built-up sweat inside.

This preparation step is important for the paint to stick better on your gloves later.

Step 2: Dry the gloves and prepare the painting site

You might hang the pair on a thread with some clippers and wait for it to dry. Do not use any direct heat, like blowing the hair dryer inside the gloves, or else you risk ruining the pair before painting it.

Then, lay down the old newspaper to avoid making a mess on the floor when you apply the paint.

Before painting, also put on disposable gloves since you do not want to get any hard stain onto your skin.

Step 3: Paint the gloves

Once the pair is dry, you have two options to paint it:

  • With oil-based paints: Place the two pieces onto the newspaper to spray painting gloves.

Do so by spraying on one side of the pair and wait for 30 minutes or more for it to dry. Then, turn both pieces on the other side and repeat the process.

  • With latex-based paints: You should read the attached instruction to know the right method for applying this paint.

Then, make sure to place the gloves onto the newspaper and paint over them with the airbrush. Repeat the same process with the other side when the paint is dry.

Step 4: Dry the gloves

We cannot do much at this moment to speed up the drying process. And we really shouldn’t.

You can hang the gloves back onto the thread with clippers and wait for the painted latex gloves to dry naturally at room temperature.

In my experience, oil-based paints take at least 24 hours to dry completely, and latex paints might take at least two days. So, patience is the key.


You might be here to know how to paint latex gloves, or, for some reason, you ended up reading our article, not knowing you can do such a thing. Whichever it is, hopefully, you now have an easy guide to follow when you want a pair of latex gloves in, let’s say, pink, orange, or shiny black for any particular purpose.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to share the content if you find it interesting or helpful!

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