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How to Prevent Glasses Marks on Nose?

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Oftentimes, we are left with red marks when taking off the glasses at the end of the day. It can be very annoying, especially when we get ready for a party and want to wear our contact lenses instead.

This results from the pressure the glasses have on our noses, which can cause mild irritations during our work and daily routines. So, how to prevent glasses marks on nose and be free from the irritating press?

Dig in! We have multiple methods, including nose pad adjustment, glass rotation, moisturizer utilization, and more.

Choose the Right Glass Measurements


Many of us shop for glasses without actually going to the optical store since online shopping now is safer, more convenient, and affordable. Thus, it is likely that we choose the piece with unsuitable measurements.

With this issue, we can feel right when we wear the glasses for those first days. Some might ignore it since the pair bought is expensive or stylish. But a tight pair of glasses staying on our face for longs will irritate and even hurt us, leaving glasses mark on nose.

With this, you might want to go to the optometrist for help, as they can fix the glass and give you the exact measurements for your next selection. Or else, it is recommended to purchase a new one with proper measures, including the lens width, temple length, arm length, and the nose bridge.

Adjust the Nose Pads

Glasses nose pads leave marks, especially the silicone ones, after hours of wear. So, to make sure that the pair sits nicely on our noses without pressing too much on a particular area, we need to fine-tune the pieces.

If you intend to fix this issue at home, just keep the glasses right on your nose and gently hold two pads with your fingers. Then, adjust and bend it slightly until you feel that it sits properly and causes no discomfort. If you are afraid that you might distort the frame or worsen the current pad position, take your pair to the optical store.

Utilize Well-Made Nose Pads


You can also replace your nose pads if your glasses digging into nose brings extreme discomfort for your extended wear. Many brands make no-dent pads that embrace our skin without leaving red marks, no matter how long we wear the pair.

A brand like GMS Optical store can prevent nose dents from glasses with their comfortable silicone bridge strap pads. Check out Mr.Zz’s soft air chamber pieces, which, in my opinion, are lightweight and elastic. Also, do not forget the collection of SF SONFAN, YR store, SMART TOP, or other reliable brands recommended by your optometrist.

Wash Your Face and Clean Your Glasses Frequently

Our oily and dirty face skin is another reason that our glasses feel suffocating and irritating on our noses, as they stick on our skin and leave red marks. The nose pads are exposed to workplace dirt, face oils, and the airborne atmosphere when we travel around. It is also the cause of irritation and mark on nose from glasses.

That’s why we should wash our faces regularly. You should spend some time during work or after work cleaning your face with warm water.

And while doing so, rinse your glass frame and lenses, too. Make sure you are gentle with the piece, and use a soft microfiber cloth for cleaning and drying the glasses afterward. Be thorough not to leave moisture on it.

Moisturize Your Nose and Skin

It sounds like a weird idea, but moisturizer keeps our skin from being dry and fragile upon pressure. The dry skin area is prone to hurt and irritation, thus getting red after we press the glass nose pads on it for long hours.

Other than moisturizer, toner is a good agent to shrink the pores. This will also help us to reduce the marks, after you take off your glasses and start doing make up for your dinner parties.


If we want to avoid being dented by our glasses, we should pick a well-fitted pair with comfortable nose pads. Through times when the pair keeps pressing on our noses and leaving red marks, make sure you bring it to a reliable optometrist to fix the issue.

Hopefully, our guide on how to prevent glasses marks on the nose can help you a great deal. Also, you can always switch to contact lenses for a different experience if your glasses hurt nose bridge constantly.

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