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How to Remove Anti Scratch Coating from Glasses? (Plastic & Glass Lenses)

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how to remove anti scratch coating from glasses

The anti-reflective coating is for improving our vision when working under glaring sunbeams or in snow. It is a critical function for minimal image and color distortion, until the coating is scratched.

We would not want to leave that damaged layer on to impair our vision further. So, here’s how to remove anti scratch coating from glasses. You should first find out what materials your glass lens is, then continue with either etching compound or mechanical scraping to solve the problem.

How to Remove Anti Scratch Coating from Glasses

Remove Coating from Glasses Lenses Made of Plastic


For plastic lenses, the right choice of etching compound will do the work. Here’re what you need to prepare for removing coating from glasses effectively:

  • Cleaning solution or liquid soap: Please ensure that you either use a cleaning agent formulated for eyeglasses or mild soap that does not contain harmful chemicals.
  • Etching Cream: The etching cream is a powerful cleaner that shows fast-acting function on windows, glassware, mirrors, and more. Fortunately, this etching compound allows us to remove the coating on glasses coming off after being accidentally scratched. Also, if you want a suggestion for a good product, we will recommend the Armour Etch.
  • Microfiber cloth and cotton swabs: Any eyeglass wearer should have at least a piece of microfiber cloth in their eyeglass case. It is for dusting off the dirt trapped on lenses and frames. Also, opt for cotton swabs and not rough pieces because they might scratch your eyewear lenses.

Then, when all the items are ready, you can start getting rid of the AR coating. Make sure you read the instructions on the etching compound first.

  • Now, wash your glasses under warm water, then add the liquid soap/cleaning solution prepared. With this mild agent, just gently rubbing off the dirt and smudges struck on the eyewear. For its lenses, use the microfiber cloth for cleaning.
  • Next, you should dry the whole glasses. You can use another microfiber piece to complete this step. Make sure you are gentle and thorough.
  • Afterward, apply the etching cream on the lenses, make sure you cover both sides with a good amount. Then the cotton swab can help you spread the cream. Make sure you wait for 5 minutes for it to take effect.
  • Finally, when the anti-reflective coating is dissolved, you should rinse the whole pair in warm water and use the microfiber once more to clean all the cream. Now, wait for the glasses to dry, and you can use it again.

Remove the Coating from Glasses Lenses Made of Glass


Here’re some items you need to prepare before treating your glass lenses’ scratched coating:

  • Plastic scraper: Plastic scraper is often used for removing paint from different surfaces. You should not opt for a metal one as it can scratch the glass lenses. So, I recommend a compact plastic stove scraper that can effectively yet gently lay off the coating.
  • Alcohol and a bowl: Prepare little alcohol to help soften the coating. This step is necessary to make scraping easier later. You should go with the white one, and a small amount is enough.
  • Mild soap and microfiber cloth: Once again, we need mild soap, not the potent one that can damage the glasses’ lenses. And some pieces of microfiber cloth will help at the end when we need to dry our pair gently.

Now, let’s dig in to see the simple step-by-step guide to remove the anti-reflective coating off your glass lenses:

  • First, let’s mix a solution of alcohol and water; the ratio should be 90:10. With alcohol as the main ingredient, dipping the glasses in there for at least 10 minutes will soften the AR coating. You can leave the pair in the solution for 30 minutes if you want.
  • After the softening process, we can move on with the plastic scraper. Just scrub it gently to remove the coating. This task will take you around 10 minutes as you need to get rid of all the residues on the surface.
  • Lastly, do not forget to clean the glasses with lukewarm water and mild soap. Then, dry it using the soft microfiber cleaner.


When the anti reflective coating scratches become too severe that they threaten to impair your vision, it is time you figure out how to remove anti scratch coating from glasses.

As this can be tricky for first-timers, we present this detailed guide for you to follow. Also, make sure you take care of your specs so it can correct your eyesight and protect your eyes every day!

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