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How to Remove Spray Paint from Eyeglasses in 4 Easy Methods!

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how to remove spray paint from eyeglasses

After a spray painting DIY project for your chairs or house wall, it is likely that you accidentally get some paints on your eyeglasses, clothes, and even your skin. As we should always wear glasses to protect our eyes when spraying paint, we need to be well-prepared once the glasses get stained.

In that case, act fast! It’s pretty easy to get rid of those stains when they are still fresh, so make sure you gather the necessary items for quick cleaning.

For easy step-by-step guides and helpful tips, dig in to see how to remove spray paint from eyeglasses!

How to Remove Spray Paint from Eyeglasses

1. Remove Paint from Glasses with Vinegar


This method is highly recommended for coated lenses as vinegar is fairly mild for coatings on glasses. Here’re what you should prepare:

  • A small bowl of warm water
  • Lint-free soft cloth
  • Three spoons of vinegar

When the spray paint on your eyeglasses is still fresh, you can apply this cleaning method with ease. Just bring out the bowl with warm water, then put three small spoons of white vinegar into it. Now, you can shake the mixture lightly for them to blend well.

Next, use a soft cloth to rub the cleaning mixture onto the eyewear parts with spray paints. Just gently wipe the fabric around the spots, especially if your glasses frame is plastic.

When the spray paint is removed from both the frames and lenses, rinse the whole piece under warm water. Then, you should use another piece of absorbent cloth to clean it.

2. Get Paint off Eyeglasses with Rubbing Alcohol


This method is viable when the paint is no longer wet. Rubbing alcohol is the mild solvent applicable for old paint spots on your glasses, but not on plastic lenses with coating. Let’s prepare some items to remove the stubborn stains:

  • Some spoons rubbing alcohol
  • A cup of water
  • Pieces of soft cotton cloth or paper towel glass cleaner
  • A spray bottle
  • Dish soap

Firstly, put the dish soap and rubbing alcohol into the spray bottle and shake it lightly. The perfect ratio would be 1:4 to reduce the potent formula of this solvent. Add some water and shake a little more for all the agents to be well-mixed together; you can spray them on the glasses where the painting residues are.

Now, use the soft cotton cloth to rub on your prescription glasses; make sure to do it gently to avoid any unwanted scratch. Wait for some minutes for the agent to work its power on the frame and lens. Afterward, rinse the whole pair off with water. You can use the paper towel to dry the glasses now.

3. Remove Paint from Eyeglasses with Mineral Spirits

For your information, the mineral spirit is among the cleaning products that dissolve the paint. It is an affordable distillate that excels at removing wet painting spots. For the solution to work well, let’s pull out some stuff:

You can soak the cotton cloth in the mineral spirits then rub the piece on your glasses. Just gently apply the agent on your lenses; worry not whether they are made of plastic or glass.

Then, you can leave the solution there for 5 minutes to soften the spray paint’s spots. For the parts with stubborn marks, you might want to scrub a little, but be careful to avoid doing it too harshly.

Finally, use the dish or blue soap dissolved in water to wash the eyeglasses once more. Then, you can rinse the pair under water and clean it with a microfiber cloth. Once the piece is dry and free of ugly residues, you can wear eyeglasses again for the next tasks.

4. Get Spray Paint off Glasses with Acetone

In nail polish remover, acetone acts as an effective glass cleaner that removes dirt and paint. This solvent is widely used to remove spray paint from polycarbonate glasses or plastic frames without hassle. Here’re what we need to put on the table:

  • Nail polish remover/paint thinner
  • Clean lint-free cloth/ paper towel
  • Warm water
  • Water based soap

Pour the nail polish remover or the paint thinner on the cloth, then start rubbing the solvent on the paint. Acetone will soften and dissolve the spots after you leave it there for some minutes. Make sure to scrub the cloth a little to remove the harsh stains.

Now, use the wet paper towel dipped in warm water to wipe the acetone away. You can rewash your glasses with water and soap to remove all dirt and residues.


Those are helpful tips and guides on how to remove spray paint from eyeglasses. We hope you have fun with your DIY projects yet protect your glasses well.

For more information, do not hesitate to reach out to us via our contact page. We will be delighted to hear you successfully remove the ugly paint spots of your precious eyeglasses without any scratch on the lenses!

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