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How to Safely Take Off Gloves? – 2 Most Safety Methods

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After finishing a task, we cannot just haphazardly tear out the gloves and then throw them away. There are better and safer ways to do that.

Tasks in healthcare service or laboratories require careful handling of pieces of equipment and safety gear exposed to hazards. Therefore, you want to know how to safely take off gloves to prevent direct contact with those chemicals, bodily fluids, and more.

Here are several ways to follow.

2 Methods for Taking Gloves Off

1. The Fingertip Method

Step 1: Start with the fingertips


As you are wearing both gloves on your hands, start with pinching one glove’s fingertips and pulling each of them until the glove is off one hand.

Step 2: Keep the removed glove in your other hand’s palm

Since you use the gloved hand to take off the other gloves by pinching the fingertips, make sure to hold the taken-off gloves in your gloved palm.

Please avoid using the non-gloved hand to touch any outer part of both gloves.

Step 3: Continue from the wrist


Now, with the removed glove in your gloved hand’s palm, you want to pinch your gloved hand’s fingertips together to hold onto the discarded piece.

Then, from the glove wrist, slide your free hand inside and start pulling the whole glove off in a swift move. Stop when the glove is near the end of your fingertips.

Step 4: Discard both gloves


The only thing left to do is to pull your fingers together to hold both gloves in your hand, now that you can completely remove them. And that’s how you properly take off gloves without touching contaminated parts.

Discard the pair into the designated trash can in your laboratory or healthcare facility, where used gloves are meant to be kept.

Step 5: Wash your hands

After taking off gloves and getting rid of them in the right place, it’s time to wash your hands thoroughly. Do so with soap and use a clean towel to dry your hands afterward.

2. The Cuff Method

Step 1: Start with the glove cuff


Another proper way to take off gloves is to start with pinching the cuff of one glove with the other hand’s index finger and thumb.

Please make sure you do not touch the inner part of the glove wrist to avoid exposure to contaminants.

Step 2: Peel the glove off and hold it

Now, as you hold the glove cuff’s edge with your two fingers, pull it off gently. Be extra careful if there is much fluid or dirt on the gloves, as you do not want it to splash everywhere.

When you completely remove the glove from one hand and hold it with your two fingers. Continue to carefully grab the glove in your gloved palm. Please do not squeeze to avoid getting any fluid or chemical drop on the floor.

Step 3: Use your non-gloved index finger


The next step is to use your non-gloved hand’s index finger to slide into the other glove and pull up the cuff, then peel the whole thing off.

Now, the first glove is inside the glove you are holding with your index and your thumb.

After you remove gloves safely, find the right place to throw the pieces.

Step 5: Wash your hands

One final and critical step after you finish removing contaminated gloves is washing your hands. Always wash your hands before and after using gloves to make sure you are not exposed to hazards in any form.

In case of any confusion, watch this video guide to follow the steps smoothly.


There are at least two ways for you to take gloves off properly without touching any contaminated part of the pieces. Please go with slow and careful motions in the process, as you do not want contaminants to get anywhere on the floor, the sink, or your clean hands.

And one thing you always have to do after pulling off your gloves is wash your hands. And you are good to go. That’s the guide on how to safely take off gloves. Pretty easy, right? Feel free to share the article if you find the content helpful for your fellow workers, too. Thank you!

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