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How to Stop Safety Glasses from Fogging Up?

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How to Stop Safety Glasses from Fogging Up

Have you experienced fogging on safety glasses? If yes, I can relate to you. It is such an annoying feeling and even potentially dangerous.

Safety glasses are protective eyewear that you put on when working on things that may affect your eyes and be in jeopardy. These glasses prevent some dirt or debris that may be in contact with your eyes. The problem is when your safety glasses start fogging.

Foggy lenses may appear when you are in a warm place, then moving to a cold atmosphere or cool area. Also, during cold winter weather, your safety glasses will certainly fog. Exercising and working for hours may also cause fogging lenses because of heat and sweating.

This condition of safety glasses may distract your vision and will affect your work or activities. To help you on how to stop safety glasses from fogging up, here are some ways you can check out. But, first, here are the following things that you will need.

Things that You Need for Your Anti-Fog Treatment


You will need some essential things to prevent and remove fogging from your safety glasses. Among these things are the following:

  • Anti-Fog Wipes

Anti-fog wipes are pre-moistened towelettes with anti-fog treatment. These are made of microfiber cloth or 100% polyester. They are silicone-free and used on polycarbonate, plastic, and glass lenses.

  • Anti-Fog Solutions

Anti-fog solutions are treatments with chemicals that stop the condensation of water. These are in the form of tiny droplets, which are similar to fog and sprayed on the surfaces. Once dispersed, it reduces the tension on the lenses and prevents the scattering of water.

  • Water and Dishwashing Liquid

Cleaning your safety glasses with water and a type of dishwashing liquid can be an anti-fog treatment.

  • Bar of Soap

Bar soap can also keep your safety glasses clear and bright.

  • Shaving Cream

Some people use shaving cream to defog their safety glasses.

  • Soft or Microfiber Cloth

The soft or microfiber cloth can clean and wipe dry your safety glasses after treatment or applying some things to prevent the glasses from fogging.

  • Defogging Spray

You can purchase some defogging sprays, which contain chemicals that can protect safety glasses.

How to Prevent Your Safety Glasses from Fogging Up


The fogging in your safety glasses is in the form of small droplets that appear on your lens, which lessen the capability of lenses to provide contrast, thus affecting your visibility. To prevent this from happening, you may practice any of the following ways:

1. Polish your safety glasses with fog-killing wipes

The fog-killing wipes, also known as the lens cloth, have molecules that could stop the condensation on the lens of your safety glasses. When you rub these wipes on the lens, they create an anti-fog layer and provide an effect during a humid atmosphere.

To apply these wipes, you have to clean first the lens of your safety glasses and leave them for a minute. Then, rub the anti-fog wipe on the lens for about 10 seconds. You may repeat the process if necessary. The anti-fogging effect of the wipes can last for about 72 hours.

2. Spray anti-fog solutions

Remove any dirt or residues on the lens of your safety glasses before you spray the anti-fog solutions. Once cleaned, you may disperse the solution and leave it for minutes.

After a few minutes, you may rub or wipe the lens with a clean and soft cloth. Do not use tissue or abrasive materials that can scratch the lens. These anti-fog solutions can be sprayed on both dry and wet lenses.

3. Try home remedies such as dishwashing liquid or bar soap

The dishwashing liquid contains an anti-fog rubbing compound that prevents the building up of fog on your safety glasses. Apply a drop of dishwashing liquid and water on the lens, and then rub the lens with a clean, soft cloth. Do not overdo the rubbing because this may affect the anti-fog coating of the lens. You can rub the lens until they are clean.

Likewise, you may use a bar of soap. Rub the soap to the lenses of your safety glasses to provide a thin layer of film. These lessen the tension from your breath and cause the water molecules to scatter, and prevents fogging. Then, pat it dry with a clean cloth.

4. Apply a shaving cream

Applying shaving cream on the lens is the traditional way of defogging your safety glasses. The shaving cream can prevent the lens from fogging up. Dab cream on the lenses and leave it for a minute. Then, polish your lenses with a clean cloth.

5. Use defogging sprays

Defogging sprays are anti-fogging treatments that work like the soapy water method. They also reduce the tension on the lenses. They prevent a single droplet of water from your lens. On the other hand, be careful as these sprays contain chemicals. Make sure that the sprays you will buy will not irritate your eyes.

6. Purchase safety glasses with anti-fog lens coating

The anti-fog lens coating contains compounds such as hydrophilic coating that converts the fog into a thin film of water and reduces the tension of water on the surface. On the other hand, the coatings only last for three months up to one year.


Defogging the lenses of your safety glasses is significant. And these above ways can help prevent fog on your lenses. I recommend most using the fog-killing wipes and the anti-fog solutions. These are tested and helpful in clearing the lenses of your safety glasses. Also, you can find these anti-fog products easily in online stores.

Other ways mentioned above on how to stop safety glasses from fogging up are also effective. You may try them too as these materials can be found in your home.

Any suggestions you may have about this topic are appreciated. You may jot them down in the provided comment box. Indeed, this will help our readers on how to keep their safety glasses from fogging up.

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