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How to Wash Mechanix Gloves – Easy Care Guide

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how to wash mechanix gloves

Mechanix gloves are reliable companions for impact and abrasion protection for workers’ hands. Options for this brand’s collection vary, from leather and cotton pairs that strive in offering comfort to nitrile, leather gloves, you name it.

For each type of glove material, there should be different ways of cleaning and maintenance. So, check out the detailed guide below to figure out how to wash Mechanix gloves the right way.

Wash Mechanix Cotton and Synthetic Leather Gloves


Mechanix cotton or synthetic gloves are designed to offer form-fitting wear for workers. Their textiles are popular for keeping our hands comfortable and cool throughout a long-hour performance. Also, there can be added touch-screen leather fingertips for phone handling.

Hence, we should wash them the right way to avoid ruining all the great features. So, let’s prepare the required items for this task:

  • Mild laundry detergent/Dishwashing soap
  • A clean, soft cloth

Step 1 – Machine-wash or hand-wash the gloves

The good news is these gloves from Mechanix are machine-washable. So if you prefer using the machine to save time and effort, make sure to pour mild laundry detergent and choose a gentle cycle.

If you choose to wash by hand, using laundry detergent will work, or else, you can opt for dishwashing soap. Do not brush the pair too vigorously and avoid all types of bleaching agents.

Step 2 – Air dry the gloves

For these glove materials, avoid using machine heat to dry them to avoid unwanted shrinkage. So, make sure you take the gloves out of the washing machine after the washing is finished.

Now, use the clean and soft cloth to tap on the glove surface, absorbing parts of the water in the pair. Then, you should hang the gloves on to let them dry naturally; please avoid direct sunlight.

How to Wash Mechanix Gloves Made of Goatskin Leather, Cowhide Leather, and Pigskin Leather


These superior protection pairs from Mechanix are what we need for impact and abrasion resistance. They are often reinforced with cushions and paddings on all critical points. Also, these heavy-duty gloves are designed to fit nicely on workers’ hands, making sure they can handle tasks without slipping.

That’s why when we own such a high-quality pair, it is essential to clean it without ruining the reinforced fabric and the accurate sizing. With that in mind, you can prepare the following stuff:

  • Oil-based saddle soap
  • Microfiber cloths
  • A shoe brush

Step 1 – Rub the oil-based saddle soap

These types of gloves might attract many stains, as intense work often involves much dirt and chemicals. So, we should try to eliminate those stubborn marks by rubbing the saddle soap on the glove surfaces.

Pour some liquid soap on the soft microfiber cloth and start cleaning. You do not need to use much water, and just let the saddle soap show its power.

Step 2 – Use the shoe brush

Of course, we cannot expect the harsh stains to be removed right after our gloves absorb the soap. So, the next thing to do is use the shoe brush to scrub them off. This is the deep clean step that only these heavy-duty pairs can tolerate.

But please note that no matter how rugged these gloves are, they should not be washed with solvents or bleach. Using such a strong solution for washing Mechanix gloves might damage their textiles and cause discoloration.

Step 3 – Air-dry the gloves

We should ensure not to dry these gloves with washing machine heat or direct sun rays. Just hang them and let the room temperature and the wind dry them off. You can dab the pair with an absorbent cloth before hanging to shorten the drying period.

Wash other types of Mechanix gloves

As stated above, Mechanix also offers winter gloves, leather gloves, and nitrile gloves. You can clean them with the same steps and items as the cotton pair (nitrile gloves should be washed in sinks only, unlike other types). There are only two warnings that you should keep in mind:

  • Never use bleach
  • Never use excessive heat to dry the pair


If you own a pair of Mechanix gloves, I’m sure it helps protect and comfort your hands during work. So, to maintain such a functional tool’s good fit and excellent features, it is advisable that we know how to wash Mechanix gloves.

Hopefully, our guide will ease your worry and help you do the cleaning task without hassle. Hope to hear your verdict as well when you are done with it!

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