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How to Wash Thinsulate Gloves? – Easy Care Guide

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how to wash thinsulate gloves

Thinsulate gloves are popular for their synthetic fiber with 3M safety insulation technology. The gloves can come with different weights and shell materials, including leather, vinyl, and cloth. While washing products made of leather and wool might require a little more care, you can follow certain steps to clean your gloves.

So, to spare you some hassle, here’s how to wash Thinsulate gloves to ensure they are intact for your next use. Read below.

What You Need to Wash 3M Thinsulate Gloves

  • Cool water
  • Gentle shampoo or mild detergent (no abrasive cleaning products)
  • A clean absorbent towel
  • A drying rack
  • Some baby hair conditioner

Steps to Wash Thinsulate Gloves


Step 1: Make soapy water

You should always use cool water to wash your Thinsulate wool gloves. Water that is too cold or hot might damage the textures of these pairs.

So, run the cool water to fill the sink, then pour some gentle shampoo or mild detergent into it. You can use your hand to stir and make the water soapy.

Step 2: Soak the gloves


When the water is ready, put the gloves inside and knead them for several minutes. You can leave the pair in there for about five minutes, then continue kneading it until all the dirt is removed.

Step 3: Remove the soap


The next step should be draining the soapy water from the sink after you are done with it. Afterwards, you’d want to remove all the soap inside your gloves with clean water.

Fill the sink again with cool water, and put the gloves inside. Repeat the kneading gently to get all the soap dissolved into the clean water.

Step 4: Condition the gloves

Now, you will need to run water into the sink again for conditioning purposes. After the sink is full, you can pour several drops of baby hair conditioner into it and stir again.

When the solution is ready, soak your gloves into it. Then, you can squeeze your gloves a little. Make sure you do not twist or wring the pair.

Step 5: Dry the gloves


Take your gloves out of the sink and squeeze them gently to remove the excess water. Then, you should put a towel onto a clean and dry surface, then place your gloves onto it.

Now, use the towel to dab all over the gloves to absorb the water. Do so for about 2 minutes and leave the gloves there for 10 minutes. Turn the gloves inside out and repeat the dabbing.

Afterwards, you do not want to use a hairdryer or any heat source to dry your gloves. You should hang the pair onto a drying rack, preferably with a fan, to speed up the drying process.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you put Thinsulate gloves in the washing machine?

You might not want to use the washing machine to remove dirt on your Thinsulate gloves. The strong cycle and hot water might affect the insulation properties of the pair, which is its main appeal in the first place.

So, hand-washing is always the best method for a Thinsulate glove, whether it is made of wool, leather, or vinyl.

How to clean leather Thinsulate gloves?

Leather gloves always require special care, so you will want to avoid hot water, bleach, and any harsh cleaning products when washing them.

The best way to wash Thinsulate leather gloves is by using leather-compatible cleaning products to absorb and remove the dirt. You should not use water to complete the task; just utilize a soft cloth to rub the stains off the pair with the prepared soap.

Furthermore, always make sure to condition leather to maintain its good properties and nice look.


The above steps on how to wash Thinsulate gloves are actually applicable for various types of winter gloves, as they are safe and convenient to do. With mild soap and cool water, you can wash all your handwear pieces without damaging them.

However, reading the instructions attached to the gloves is always required to figure out the right way to wash them, especially for wool and leather pairs.

Thank you for reading!

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