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How to Wash Work Gloves?

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How to Wash Work Gloves

Washing or cleaning your work gloves is an essential thing to do. In my first use of my working gloves, I wondered how to wash them after using them.

In line with our goal to provide you information about this home accessory, we would like to share the following ways on how to wash work gloves depending on the material they are constructed. Let us begin with the leather work gloves.

Leather Work Gloves

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Among the most difficult gloves to keep clean are leather work gloves. But there are ways to make them clean in an easy manner. Here are the best ways to wash them:

1. Using toothbrush and toothpaste

Put toothpaste on the toothbrush and rub it onto your leather gloves in areas where there is dirt or grime. Be careful in rubbing the brush to avoid any damage to the leather material.

Also, focus on rubbing the toothbrush on the corners and fingertips of the gloves. These areas are where the dirt is mostly collected.

Once done rubbing the gloves with toothpaste, you get a bucket of water. Pour an amount of liquid detergent and one tablespoon of salt into the bucket.

Then, put your leather gloves in the bucket with a solution for about 10 to 15 minutes. Also, remove the grime and dirt on the gloves using your hands.

After, get a bucket of cold water and soak your gloves to remove the soapy solution. When you already remove the soapy solution onto your gloves, squeeze off your gloves and remove excess water.

Then, air-dry the leather gloves. Hang them using clothespins and placing them in the inner part of the fingertips of the gloves.

2. Using baking soda and cornstarch

Get a bowl and combine 200 grams of baking soda and 200 grams of cornstarch. Take a spoon of the mixture and spread it on the glove lining. Leave it for an hour.

Repeat the process on the other lining. Then, you may remove the dirt and grime using utensils after one hour has elapsed.

3. Using saddle soap and cold water

Rub the saddle soap on your leather gloves and wash them with cold water. Then, dry them by just laying them flat on the counter or table.

Cotton and Knit Work Gloves


The cotton work gloves are constructed from cotton and polyester. These gloves are for quality inspections such as light handling applications and valeting.

Meanwhile, the knit work gloves are made from big yarns that are knitted on machines. These gloves are used for handling food storage, general maintenance, inspection, material handling, woodshop work, assembly, shipping and receiving, and warehouse.

These kinds of work gloves are easy to wash. You can also machine wash them. Here are some steps below on how to clean them:

1. Washing cotton work gloves

Pre-rinse the cotton work gloves with water or under the hose. It will remove some dirt or any debris on the cotton gloves. Once done, you may wash the gloves with warm water into the washing machine. Then, dry them in the dryer.

2. Washing knit work gloves

Also, pre-rinse the knit gloves with water. Then, put them in the washing machine and wash them. However, use cool water instead of warm water. Do not dry them in the dryer. Hang the gloves to dry to avoid damages.

PVC, Neoprene, Nitrite, and Rubber Work Gloves

These kinds of materials of work gloves are easy to clean. And you wash them immediately once they come in contact with toxic chemicals. Here is how you should wash them:

Using soap and water

Wash the work gloves with soap and water using a water hose. You may also wash them in the utility sink. Be sure that you remove the dirt or chemicals attached to the gloves.

Rinse them with clean water and hang the gloves to dry. Also, do not forget to wash your hands, especially if you are in contact with chemicals.

Why should you wash your work gloves?

Work gloves naturally collect dirt, grime, chemicals, and even viruses after use. You wash them after wearing them.

You have to wash and clean them to make use of them again. Also, washing them will help to make your gloves long-lasting and prevent you from buying another pair.

Besides, washing them the right way can also protect you from viruses and contamination. Of course, you like to wear them again clean. If you use your gloves frequently, then you have to wash them just like washing your clothes often.


Worn work gloves should be washed properly, which can prevent you from acquiring viruses and from being contaminated. However, you must know how to clean them properly.

The above ways on how to wash work gloves can help you on this issue. Keep in mind that some materials such as leather or PVC or rubber work gloves should not be put in the washing machine. Following the steps above can assist you in handling them.

If you have any other suggestions about washing work gloves, please share them in the provided comment box below. We are pleased to read them.

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