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If You Turn a Left-Handed Glove Inside Out, What Will Happen?

Fact checked by A. Thompson

if you turn a left handed glove inside out

Unexpected things happen, like when one of our gloves is punctured right in the middle of work or too close to our shift, and we do not have time to replace them. In such cases, as a right-handed person, having our right glove torn is worse than just inconvenience.

Then, there is a possibility of turning our good left glove into a right hand one. So, is it possible to do so if you turn a left-handed glove inside out? For certain glove materials, you might be able to achieve that. However, it does not help when the gloves are too thick.

What Will We Get From Turning a Glove Inside Out?


It is common knowledge that as we turn the left glove inside out, it will become its reversed version. However, does doing so ensure that it will fit your right hand properly for most situations?

The answer is no when you have thick protective work gloves. It is obvious that the inside of the gloves, including their liners, will be exposed; meanwhile, the exterior and coating meant to shield our hands from hazards are hidden.

In this situation, turning the left hand glove inside out makes no sense.

Furthermore, for a thick pair of gloves like baseball or heat-resistant mittens, the design for each hand allows it to fit well onto the thumb and palm. With such distinct curves for each glove, it is impossible to create the same effect when turning it inside out.

Therefore, thick gloves made to fit the one hand cannot turn into a well-fitted one for the opposing hand. That’s why most of the time, we cannot simply turn left-handed gloves into right handed gloves.

So, When Is Such a Thing Possible?

It might work when we have a rubber pair for cleaning. This type of gloves is rather flexible. As you turn the left-handed glove inside out, it can be worn as a right-handed one.

For rubber gloves, this can be helpful when we have our right one ripped accidentally, but it is more convenient for us to clean with our right hand than the left one.

Furthermore, there can be circumstances where you lost your right glove and only your right hand requires protection. In that case, turning the left glove inside out and switching it to the other hand can make a difference.

Right and Left-handed Gloves in Baseball


In playing baseball, left-handed and right-handed gloves are not interchangeable. They should not be.

There are left-handed gloves designed for people who use their left hand as the dominant hand for playing, such as throwing the ball or batting.

Even if you are a beginner in the game, it does not help if you use the wrong glove. Also, there is no turning, customizing, or switching that can make the left glove into the right one and vice versa. Therefore, stick with the right piece.


Now you know that if you turn a left-handed glove inside out, it might be of some help if it’s a rubber pair. However, it makes no sense when it’s, for example, thick leather work gloves with a protective coating and the likes.

One more thing, though, if you are left-handed, it’s better to play and work with left-handed gloves so they can help you achieve good results. There is no need to compromise on wearing unsuitable gloves.

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