Things just seem to be getting easier everyday. How would you like to:

  • instantly share change orders with everyone involved;
  • provide a link the lead carpenter can visit on a smartphone that demonstrates how to frame an energy efficient wall;
  • have an ongoing “social media-style” discussion with the architect and owner about alternatives to that pricey floor-mounted water faucet, and have a running record of it;
  • put all the project management documents in one place, where they’re accessible to all who need to see them, and where they’re always up-to-date, AND this can include conversations, tasks and schedules;
  • post daily, weekly, monthly summaries of activities that can be shared among your key players; and
  • tell your story, or the story of your project, in a format that makes it easy to share so everyone in your company can benefit from your discoveries and experiences that they can then use to improve their own portions of jobs.

On top of that you won’t need any servers, software to maintain or hardware to connect everything. Best of all, what if this cloud-based intranet was free for up to 10 users and $12 per user per month for more than that?  This is Igloo’s answer to the intranet of today, and it’s taking on Microsoft’s SharePoint. Igloo claims its product is easier to use, less expensive and simple to get up and running. For example, the company claims you can be up in running in days, instead of months, that you don’t need an IT staff when your requirements change, and it’s affordable because there are no patches, updates and hardware maintenance you have to deal with.

B2B companies like those in the AEC sector haven’t really been able to find the sweet spot with social media. That’s mainly because their audience, the people they want to reach, are not really there. So, for marketing purposes it’s still the traditional methods. But there is a whole other social media concept that AEC firms could really benefit from, and that’s something like what Igloo offers — social media for the office. It’s simply collaboration using social media tools that encourage more input and more transparency. Companies are discovering the hidden value in their employees, in their ideas and in their experiences. Social media for the enterprise helps to bring those things out. BUT, it’s got to be easy, and it’s got to be seen as valuable. Igloo just may be hitting the mark and you might want to explore it if you’re longing for better communications with ease.

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