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How to Keep Hands Dry in Latex Gloves? – Tips for Sweaty Hands

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how to keep hands dry in latex gloves

The benefits of latex gloves are plenty, except for people who are allergic to the glove material. In truth, both disposable and reusable latex pairs can prevent multiple hazards for our skin, including biohazards, detergents, alcohol, abrasive agents, bodily fluids, etc.

But prolonged wear of any rubber glove type might result in excessive sweat, odor, discomfort, and reduction of finger sensitivity. Therefore, we should know how to keep hands dry in latex gloves to ensure ultimate comfort and safety during our tasks.

If you are here to learn some helpful tips, read on.

How to Have Dry Hands From Wearing Gloves Made of Latex


1. Opt for powder-free latex gloves of the right size

Only go for a latex pair if you are sure that you do not have allergic reactions to latex material. Then, when choosing this type of glove, make sure to purchase powder-free ones. These pairs are formulated to reduce latex proteins, thus making them a bit more breathable.

Sizing matters when picking any protective pieces, especially gloves. We cannot afford to compromise our hand grip or comfort because our gloves are too loose or too tight. Thickness is also essential in glove selection, so make sure you pay attention to all the measurements.

2. Wear a pair of liners underneath

This method is applicable when you wear reusable latex gloves. However, inserting any gloves underneath a disposable pair is not recommended, as it will compromise our finger movements with two tight handwear pieces.

So, find a pair of ultra-thin liner gloves made of breathable and absorbent fabrics. For instance, cotton pairs are good choices. Also, you can choose fingerless designs to maintain your hand dexterity while handling tasks.

3. Apply 70% Ethanol

We can also purchase or make our own alcohol concentration of 70%. This agent is usable as a hand disinfectant that kills many viruses and germs.

If you intend to make this solution on your own, just prepare clean water and 100% Ethyl Alcohol in the ratio of 3:7. It is better to prepare a clean spray bottle to keep this mixture inside for easy use.

A few drops of this solution on your hands before wearing the gloves can have a bit of a cooling effect. Still, do not overdo it since this disinfectant can dry your hands.

4. Take off or change the gloves when it gets too hot

Sweating is inevitable in hot conditions; it’s just a natural reaction of our body. Therefore, to minimize sweating inside the gloves, you can take the pair off for your hands to breathe a little. Of course, make sure to do so when you are already far from the sources of hazards.

Then, you can use some pieces of clean and absorbent cloth to wipe your hands a bit. If you have time, washing your hands before wiping will also help.

5. Try topical medications

Excessive sweating can cause skin irritation if we leave the gloves on for long. Therefore, we may rely on topical medications to treat our hands. Solutions with formaldehyde or aluminum chlorohydrate might be of great use.

Also, there are many types for users to choose from, including foams, gels, lotions, creams, or ointments for quick applications on hands.

6. Try some baby powder, baking soda, or cornstarch

This method is pretty simple, even though it might not work for long-hour wear. Baby powder can absorb sweat rather effectively, so you can rub a bit of it on your hands before putting the gloves on.

Baking soda and cornstarch, used separately and not mixed together, can also reduce sweating when applied to our hands.

7. Seek medical treatment

Maybe it’s not the glove material or the hot weather that makes your hands sweat uncontrollably. Hyperhidrosis is among the conditions that we should look out for when our hands are often soaked in sweat, with gloves on or not. In such cases, we should try using prescription-strength antiperspirants.

Frequently Asked Questions


There are other issues concerning wearing latex gloves. Check below to see if these answers address your problem when putting on these protective pieces.

Does water get through latex gloves?

Latex gloves are waterproof; that’s why we put them on when dealing with detergents and certain chemicals. Just look out for when the gloves are punctured or scratched. In such cases, discard them right away to avoid direct contact with hazards.

Which gloves are best for sweaty hands?

Sweaty hands when putting on gloves are common, especially when the temperature rises in summer. Therefore, choosing the right glove material can reduce the excessive sweating and discomfort we experience. In this case, latex pairs or any rubber gloves are actually not a great choice.

Instead, people opt for gloves with a breathable coating that keeps the hands cool. Or, we can choose pairs with breathable mesh to sweat less when working in the hot summer for long hours.


Above are the best tips we gathered to show you how to keep hands dry in latex gloves? Hopefully, they’ll help you to confidently and safely carry on with your daily tasks. Still, kindly remember that sweating inside gloves after prolonged wear in hot weather is inevitable.

So, try not to be frustrated and distracted from your tasks when it happens. Instead, take some time to rest and take the gloves off for several minutes. Feel free to tell us if you have better tricks to reduce sweating.

We will appreciate it if you share and like our tips. Thank you for reading!

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