ways to keep cool during scorching summers

Scorching summers are becoming commonplace so if you want to keep cool on the job it’s going to be more challenging. (Copyright: / 123RF Stock Photo)

It’s that time of the year again – time to review the latest in ways to keep cool on the job site. Of course if you have a job trailer with air conditioning then just stay in there!

But for the rest of you there are a number of helpful options out there in the marketplace that say they will help you keep your cool. None of them will work for those of you who are hot headed. You need some anger management classes first.

The Power of Evaporation

There is a lot of talk about evaporative cooling neckbands, headbands, wristbands and even vests. These items all have some crystals in them and after being soaked in water they begin to keep you cool as the water they hold evaporates over time. You can reuse them thousands of times.

hard hat sweatband insertThen there are the standard sweatbands that mop up the sweat and help keep you cool by preventing the sweat from getting into your eyes. Some models of these will attach to your hard hat’s webbing. These also come with the crystals and provide up to 10 hours of cooling from one soaking. There are many options available at Grainger.

Power Options Diminish

If you want to get into a higher tech solution for keeping your head cool there doesn’t seem to be much available anymore. you can go with one of the hard hat cooling systems. For a year or so there were some with fans on the market, but they seem to have gone away. I found one company making some. They have one that’s self-contained and then an insert you can put inside the hat. However, no reviews I could find, and there is some question as to whether you should be putting something between your head and the suspension system in the hat. If anyone has any experience with these leave a comment. These usuallyhard hat cooling system use a fan mounted to the rear of the hat that blows air up and over the top of your head. They are sold by companies that claim the upper part of hard hats can get to 160 degrees F. They often run on rechargeable batteries and come with a wall adapter for recharging. They will attach to most short, and long brimmed hard hats.

Wider Brims Work

Another way to stay cooler is to block more of the sun from hitting your hard hat visor and brim extenderbody. That’s the idea behind the extenders and visors sold for hard hats. Essentially they make your hard hat into a shade tree. Well, not quite, but the cooling effect is reported to be good. The visors will help to reduce the UV rays that get into your eyes. I guess there might also be some added protection from falling (light) objects.

What are your secrets for staying cool? Write a comment and let us know. It’s going to be a long, hot summer.