It’s time for the May 2016 construction products announcements, and there’s something here for everyone. Rugged phones with new mobile tech, construction management opportunities, resources for construction students, wireless sound system solution that could become a new product line for many contractors, heavy equipment telematics, invisibility glass, much simpler solar energy installations, drone products, ruggedization for your Surface tablet, and a new alliance that makes it easier to go from digital to print, are all lined up here for your review.

Cat Teams With NoteVault

NoteVault, teamed up with Cat phones to serve the segment of the mobile workforce wanting to increase productivity by combining rugged smartphones and mobile technology. Launching their Smart Tools for Smart People campaign, all purchases of Cat smartphones from will qualify for four months of a NoteVault Premium account, worth $396, totally free of charge for a limited time only. Find out more at

Construction Management Training

Ball State has created a center to prepare its students for the rapidly expanding construction management field. The university dedicated the technologically advanced and student-centered Robert G. Hunt Center for Construction Management in April at the recently renovated Applied Technology Building. The 2,500-square-foot facility, which simulates the office environment found at major construction management organizations, is designed to foster teamwork, said James Jones, a construction management professor. The facility’s primary use will be for the program’s capstone course, which focuses on students working in four-member teams on a construction project. Each team will have its own physical office space for the duration of the course.

Wireless Sound Solution

The May 2016 promising construction products announcements include this wireless audio system

If you’d like to offer in-room audio as an additional feature for your home or commercial clients, you might consider Airhome. It’s a multi-room, built-in home audio system that operates on Wi-Fi. The system removes the clutter of tabletop wireless speakers and makes it easy to listen to music or movie audio in any room in the building with wireless streaming. Airhome is designed to work with architectural speakers so you should have in-wall or in-ceiling speakers connected with speaker wiring.  It’s also important to have a good wireless network throughout the building to stream audio to the Airhome Amps. Airhome is a single, wall-mounted solution with completely concealed wiring, creating a house full of music, minus the clutter.

“For Builders: We are dedicated to supporting new construction and renovation contractors by providing promotional systems, unique displays and local sales support so that their customers can experience Airhome within their Show Homes and Design Centers.”

Construction Student Resources

Up 4th in the May 2016 construction products announcements is the North American Trade Schools announcement of two blog posts for potential and future students, as well as nontraditional students looking to explore a new field.

Telematics Anyone?

The May 2016 promising construction products announcements includes this telematics solution for heavy equipment

Find out more at

Make Stuff Disappear…Behind Glass

The may 2016 promising construction products announcements include glass to disappear behind

Following the success of its Houdini™ textured flat glass, Bendheim recently announced the award-winning Houdini texture as the latest addition to its channel glass lineup. This specialty architectural glass is available to the trade exclusively from Bendheim Wall Systems. It allows architects and designers to deliver the highest levels of privacy, while still allowing maximum daylight.

Channel glass is translucent, U-shaped, machine-rolled (“cast”) glass, available in face widths ranging from 9 to 19 inches, lengths up to 23 feet, and thickness of approx. ¼ in. Channel glass’ unique geometry allows for virtually seamless glass walls uninterrupted by metal frames. Installed vertically, the glass can span heights up to 23 ft. and limitless lengths, a distinct advantage over traditional flat glass. It can also create sweeping curved walls without the need for high-cost custom bent glass. The glass channels can be installed vertically or horizontally, in single or double-glazed configurations.

Houdini channel glass is produced in clear glass featuring a high percentage of post-consumer recycled content (up to 40%), or low-iron (ultra-clear) glass. Bendheim’s low-iron channel glass has an ultra-brilliant quality, displaying only the very slightest greenish-blue tint when viewed on edge, therefore providing a high degree of light transmission, up to 85%.

Smart Drone Gets Even Smarter

May 2016 construction products announcements include a smart drone with even more smarts.

New in-app geofencing gives users the ability to define a virtual fence around Solo at any time in flight just by drawing on their screen with their fingertip. Users can define this virtual “safety net” for Solo to fly within by setting four points on their satellite view; this will create an area around Solo that the drone can’t leave. Users can do this before taking off or while Solo is in the air, allowing them to easily block off nearby obstacles or entire areas at any time. (Image courtesy 3DR)

3DR, America’s largest drone maker, announced their Solo smart drone will support a suite of advanced software that will make Solo more powerful, more safe and overall a more versatile drone. The new software includes augmented reality, customizable geofencing, automatic flight path rewinding and two new Smart Shots; Pano and Zipline. It is compatible with any Solo, dramatically multiplying the possibilities for creative storytelling, and making the experience of flight safer while more sophisticated than ever. Discover more at

New Surface Armor


Included in the May 2016 promising construction products announcements is the Urban Armor for the Surface tablets

Made with a form fitting, hard-armor shell, and impact absorbing corners, UAG’s case protects the Surface Book without compromising the slim profile of the device. To accommodate the Surface Book’s detachable screen, UAG created a two-piece design that seamlessly protects the device in both laptop and clipboard mode. Design features include a Surface Pen holder, cooling vents for passive heat dissipation, and full access to all ports. For added protection, the dual lock screen closure secures the display in the shut position during transport. (Image Courtesy Urban Armor)

Find out more at the Urban Armor website,

Drone Expo Inks Partnerships

The May 2016 construction products announcements included the Drone World Expo announcement of partnerships with several leading groups whose members are commercial users, or are enabling commercial use of drones. They include the Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA), American Farm Bureau Federation, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and MAPPS. Drone World Expo will be working closely with these partners on various co-marketing and conference program initiatives leading up to the 2nd annual Drone World Expo event to be held November 15-16, 2016, at the San Jose Convention Center. There’s more at

Solar Just Got Simpler

The POWERSTATION 247 is a complete and fully integrated, “plug and play” scalable solar energy usage and storage system with built-in battery storage. The system, which can be installed on and off grid comes in three sizes, 5 kW, 10 kW or 15 kW; all have the same battery storage capacity of 17,28 kWh. The free standing cabinet is easy to install and easy to use. The system integrates up to 3 hybrid inverters, solar MPP-trackers, charge controller and lithium-iron batteries, all necessary field wiring terminals and disconnect switches. No more piecemeal systems from different manufacturers. There’s lots of detail at the following link

Firms Make it Easy to Go from Digital to Print

In the first arrangement of its kind, reprographics pioneer ( and SmartBidNet® (, a world leader in ‘invitation to bid’ software for general contractors and subcontractors, have integrated solutions to improve the preconstruction process for their clients.

Combining the SmartBidNet software package with the Plans4Less reprographics capabilities puts contractors and subs on the same page. Using Plans4Less, project managers can turn digital documents into large format prints, delivered within 24 hours – sometimes even on the same day thanks to a national network of reprographics partners in large cities. “Our clients are often under tremendous deadline pressure,” Brian Burke, Plans4Less owner said. “We’re as close as your smart phone, computer or tablet. When you get a new issue, an update, bulletin or revisions, simply forward them to us for the fastest turnaround in the industry. Files can be easily uploaded to I like to think of us as the FTD for the reprographics business.”