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How to Put a Belt Buckle on a Belt? – 2 Simple Ways

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How to Put a Belt Buckle on a Belt

A belt always comes in 2 sections: a buckle and a strap. A belt buckle is a necessary component for fastening 2 ends of the strap. Aside from helping the pants embrace your waist snugly, the buckle contributes to your look as well.

How to put a belt buckle on a belt depends on your desired appearance. You can add a subtle highlight to your belt by choosing ornament buckles. In other cases, you can also swap different types of clasps to match your outfits.

In this post, we’ll show you ways to attach a belt buckle regardless of your purpose.

Ways to Put a Belt Buckle on a Belt


Before digging into belt buckle attachment, we’ll go through “how do belt buckles work”. A basic belt buckle includes 3 parts: a frame, a bar, and a prong installed on one end of the belt.

  • The frame decides the appearance of the buckle and holds the rest of the components.
  • The prong acts as a fork to thread through a belt hole and secure it.
  • Lastly, the bar plays an important role in keeping the strap in place.
</p> <h3>Method 1. Install belt buckle for decoration</h3> <p>


You can apply these methods to put a decorative buckle on a cloth belt or other belt materials without removing the original clasp.

What to prepare:

  • 5-inch wide belt with a single -pin buckle
  • An ornament buckle

Step 1: Insert the buckle

Firstly, let’s compare your initial buckle with the ornament one.

  • In case the original buckle is larger than the decorative one, you should let the normal end tip go through the bar of the ornament buckle, and pull the belt until the 2 buckles are close. Then, wear the belt as usual.
  • If the available buckle is smaller than the garnishing one, you will put the strap on before threading the ornament clasp through the old one.

Step 2: Put on the belt

Adjust the strap to hug your waist snuggly and insert the fork into a belt hole. Ensure the buckle is in the center. So as to hide the excess strap, you can thread it through the additional buckle’s bar.

Then, pin the prong of the ornament buckle to a hole on the belt once you find it can cover the original one. Don’t forget to check if the buckle is secured to prevent it from moving around while you are walking.

</p> <h3>Method 2. Insert a belt buckle on a normal belt</h3> <p>

Putting on a belt buckle has never been easier with the below instructions. You can swap the buckles at home quickly.

Option 1: With Snaps Or Studs

What to prepare:

  • Belt with snaps or studs
  • A belt buckle
  • Screwdriver

Step 1: Unbutton the snap-on belt

Types of snap-on  belts include buttons and rivets. To detach the former, you can unsnap the belt. For the latter, you will use a screwdriver to unscrew them.

Step 2: Thread the strap through the buckle

  • Arrange the buckle next to the end tip belt to ensure they follow the same direction. Make sure the prong of the buckle can puncture the belt holes in a line.
  • After opening the snap-on end, you pull it through the buckle’s bar. Also, the belt loop should be in the middle between the buttons.
  • Clasp or screw the buttons to protect the buckle from shifting. You can apply the same way to put a western belt buckle on a belt.

In case your belt has an oblong-punched hole on the end of the strap, you need to slide the belt through the loop of the buckle.

  • Let the prong go through the oblong-punched hole so that you can bend it back and the hole sets are in a straight line.
  • Insert 2 rivets into the hole sets and flip the belt over as long as you can see the ends of the screws.
  • Apply a little adhesive onto the screws and cover them with other ends. Keep in mind to twist them for more stability.

Step 3: Wear a buckle belt

You can wear the belt, fasten it up snugly and secure it with a prong. Ensure the folk can go through the hole well. In case the position of the buckle isn’t the same as you plan, you can remove it and repeat the process.

Option 2: Without Snaps

Technically speaking, a belt with snaps allows you to change buckles simply. Meanwhile, the belts without snaps are sewn closures to keep the buckle in place. In this case, changing buckles can be done with the below process.

  • Remove the stitches from the belt or cut it off to change the buckles.
  • You can follow steps 2 and 3 from option 1 to create a ton-sur-ton belt with your look.

What Type of Belt Buckles?


Belt buckles come in various styles and patterns matching all outfits and occasions. Based on the kind of belt for belt buckle, you can select an ideal item for it. Let’s walk you through the most common buckle types to choose from.

  • Box frame buckle:  To thread a belt through the hollow box frame buckle, you need to open the clasp. Once the strap embraces your body well, you will clasp the metal post on the buckle to secure it. It pairs perfectly with men’s casual looks.
  • Dress buckle:  Instead of going with normal pants, this kind will add impressive accents to dresses thanks to its glossy look. Dress buckles feature a flatter, compact, and round design. We’d suggest you wear those with a leather strap.
  • Ratchet style buckle:  This buckle doesn’t need holes to lock your belt. It is equipped with a ratchet-like system to tighten it. You can pick it for everyday or special events.
  • Plate buckle:  You can decorate your plate buckle as you wish with gemstones or diamonds. After that, you will detach it to a snap-on belt and wear it normally. Because of their ornament features, these are a favorite accessory for wrestlers and cowboys.
  • Formal buckle:  The design consists of basic parts: frame and prong. After pulling the strap through the buckle, you will secure it by puncturing a hole in the strap with the prong.
  • D or O-ring Buckle:  You can loosen or tighten the belt with 2 D or O rings until reaching your desired size. Both men and women can wear this style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put a Belt Buckle on Any Belt?

The answer is no. Belt buckles are produced in a wide range of sizes and patterns. Moreover, not all clasps pair well with belt materials.

For instance, while frame buckles are perfect for leather, O or D-ring usually go with canvas. Hence, in order to wear the buckle in most cases, you should choose the item which can suit different belts.

How Do You Put a Cowboy Belt Buckle on a Regular Belt?

Cowboy belt buckles are classified as plate-style ones. The belt usually going with this style is detachable with snaps or studs. That said, you can follow option 1 of the way to insert the buckle into a normal belt and apply it to the cowboy one.


Learning how to put a belt buckle on a belt allows you to customize your belt easily as long as you have an available belt and proper-size buckles. Despite its compact design, it can transform your normal look into a fashionable one.

Now, you don’t need to invest a bulk of money in buying different belts. Swapping the belt buckle is to kill 2 birds with one stone. Hope you will succeed in changing the buckle.

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