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How to Put on Gloves With Sweaty Hands? – 4 Amazing Tips!

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how to put on gloves with sweaty hands

Many people suffer from excessively sweaty hands, which is a medical condition called Palmar Hyperhidrosis. It gets in the way of our daily routines and work tasks, especially when we have to put on gloves for work.

For people asking how to put on gloves with sweaty hands, there are several things they should know. First of all, we can not leave our hands sweaty or wet when wearing gloves, especially for hazardous tasks. Secondly, there are multiple ways to reduce excessive sweating for us to wear gloves with comfort and safety.

Tips for Putting on Gloves With Sweaty Hands


1. Wash your hands with cold water

As stated above, you should never put your sweaty hands inside gloves without washing them first. And the best way to do that is with some mild soap and cold water.

The soap will get rid of the perspiration odor while cold water reduces sweating later on, when we wear gloves for long hours.

Also, make sure to dry your hands with a clean towel before putting on your gloves.

2. Wear a pair of fabric glove liners underneath your work gloves

When your hands are sweaty, the thick safety gloves you put on just make it worse. In this situation, find a pair of thin liners.

You can choose either fingerless or full fingers; both work in ventilating your hands. This product is ideal in winter to keep us warm; it can also absorb sweat, especially wool and soft fabric liners.

So, wash and dry your hands, then put on the absorbent and breathable liners. Afterwards, you can wear bulky gloves to protect your hands from working hazards.

3. Minimize sweating

There are several things you can apply on hands to reduce sweating. By doing this, you can put gloves on easily and reduce the amount of sweat during work.

  • 70% Ethanol: This solution is often used as a hand disinfectant. Therefore, it is safe to apply on your skin before wearing gloves. You can purchase 70% ethanol in pharma stores, as most are likely to have it in stock.
  • If not, make it yourself by mixing 100% ethanol and clean water.
  • Corn starch, baby powder, or baking soda: After washing your hands with cold water, you can apply one of these three powders to your hands. Rub them a bit so they can absorb sweat. With these powders, we will sweat less when wearing gloves.

4. Treat your condition

If you suffer from Palmar Hyperhidrosis, seek professional advice and medical care. Some treatments for this condition are:

  • Iontophoresis machine: This device is popular among people with excessive sweating. It effectively treats both hands and feet, so your daily life is not significantly affected by your condition.
  • Prescription-strength antiperspirants: This, on the other hand, should be prescribed by your healthcare provider. They work thanks to the strong formulation of sweat-controlling ingredients.

How to Put on Latex Gloves With Sweaty Hands?

It is common that our hands sweat in latex gloves since latex is not the most breathable material for gloves. And, if we have sweaty hands, it is tricky to use them properly.

In this situation, make sure your pair is well-fitted and not so tight that it reduces breathability. Also, select powder-free latex gloves to enjoy a bit more comfort and ventilation.

Then, you can apply the methods pointed out above, including washing and drying your hands, or treating your hands with baby powder, and more. You can also bring along some hand wipes. Take off your latex pair after a while for your hands to breathe, then wash or wipe them before putting them on again.


So, instead of asking how to put on gloves with sweaty hands, we should find ways to reduce sweating and keep our hands cool. There are several ways to do that, which are stated in detail above. Hopefully, our tips can help you wear gloves and handle tasks with safety and comfort.

Please know that the glove material and size matter in avoiding sweaty hands, too, so start with examining them. If you have any suggestion or opinion, leave us a comment here.

We would also appreciate it if you shared the article with those who can benefit from it. Thank you for reading!

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