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How to Put on Long Latex Gloves: Quick and Easy Guide

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how to put on long latex gloves

Do you really need a guide to put on gloves the right way? Yes, you do, especially with sterile gloves or ones that have unique designs. For instance, a tight pair of latex gloves with a long cuff that goes all the way up to our elbow can be tricky to wear.

So, to put on your gloves smoothly and feel comfortable in them throughout your work, dig into our guide. Here’s how to put on long latex gloves:

Step-by-step Guide


Suppose you have difficulty putting on rubber gloves since they are too tight while having such a long cuff that prevents you from pulling all the way. Make sure that the piece is your correct size, or you might rip it while trying to fit a too-small pair to your hands.

Step 1: Wash and dry your latex gloves

Latex pairs straight out of the package can have a rubber odor that some of us cannot stand for long. Besides, there is a lot of dirt and dust due to packing and shipping, so it’s recommended to wash the gloves first using fresh soapy water.

Just put the whole pair into a water bucket with soap or detergent, then rub them a little to get rid of the dust. Then, you can turn the gloves inside out and do the same to make sure both sides are clean.

You can leave the gloves inside out and hang them on to dry a bit, then turn the side back and let them dry gradually. Make sure you avoid the direct sun rays and any other excessive heat source.

Step 2: Wash and dry your hands

You can wash your hands like usual using hand sanitizer or a soap bar to ensure no dirt or smell is left. Long rubber or latex gloves can suffocate, especially when we plan to wear them for hours on end. Afterward, dry your hands carefully and proceed with the next step.

Step 3: Sneak one hand in with fingers straight

While keeping your fingers straight, you can start wearing one glove first. Since it’s long and tight, grip the cuff and pull it. If the gloves are for medical services, try not to touch their surface as much as possible.

With gloves for industrial use, you can pinch the glove skin and gradually pull it along your hand. Afterward, try to fit your fingers into the glove and finish by adjusting the whole piece to sit comfortably.

Step 4: Put the other one on

Now, as you already put on one piece, it will be a bit harder to put on the other. You can do the same as the first one, including inserting your fingers and pulling the cuff along.

Note: Putting on latex gloves with powder is much easier than powder-free ones, but for some duties, including automotive, the substance can harm the working objects. Also, powdered gloves can harm the health of allergic people, so you should just stick with standard latex gloves formulated without powder.

Why Do We Wear Long Latex Gloves


You might often see those long and black gloves with a length of 22 inches and more. Some wonder how inconvenient it is to wear such a long piece for hours when working. Well, the answer is because of its excellent protection for arms and skins.

  • Chemical-resistant: Latex gloves with an extended cuff are designed for laboratory chemical processing, household cleaning, vehicle washing. They can withstand acid, oil, solvents, and alkali, keeping our skin intact while working with toxic agents.
  • Wear and stab-resistant: Notably, latex gloves also come with ideal thickness and length that keep sharp tools from hurting our hands while we handle work.
  • Even if we accidentally bump to a hard edge, the piece can minimize hurt without ripping, ensuring long-lasting use. Therefore, they are ideal for engines and machines maintenance, repairing, etc.
  • WaterproofOne fantastic feature of latex pairs is their waterproof attribute. Among other materials, rubber is the first on the list to prevent moisture intrusion while we operate work underwater. Hence, we need it in cold weather or manage our aquarium, pools, and more.

Furthermore, high-quality natural latex is popular among workers for its lightweight design, comfort, and flexible grip. So, they are not as irritating or suffocating as you might imagine.


After reading our article, hopefully, now you know how to put on long latex gloves. Please make sure that the pair you purchase is the correct size, so you will not experience a ripping incident or feel suffocating while wearing it.

One thing we want to highlight when wearing latex gloves must be cleanliness. We should always wash our hands carefully before putting the pair on. Other than that, wearing latex gloves is no rocket science.

If you find the article helpful, you can share it with those who need it. Thank you for reading!

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