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Contractor sponsors video contest for GCs' worst nightmares. (© Simon Lawrence |

With only about a month to go there isn’t much time left for you to put your biggest pet peeve, annoyance or horror story on video and send it over to Winter Park Construction so it can be voted on in the company’s VENT Campaign.

As Jeffery Forrest, president of WPC says,

“What better way to show best practices in construction than by focusing on truly mind-blowing situations that developers and industry professionals have faced?”

The winner receives a 2-day trip to one of three cities; Orlando, Chicago, or Las Vegas. Contestants just have to “creatively” share their company’s worst GC horror story on a short video. The contest requires civility so bashing another company is out and the rules require keeping the story anonymous. Meghan Dempster, WPC Brand Manager sums it up like this:

“The goal is for our audience to feel comfortable presenting their story. We’ve encouraged them to share by simply recording and uploading through their smartphone, iPad, laptop; whatever device they have readily available to capture their angst! They can get as creative as they please (think puppets, alternate characters, etc.).”

Once the video submission period ends on December 16th, 2011, voting commences and concludes in early January.

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