Many of you are no doubt familiar with Trus Joist, I know I’ve specified its products many times to cut down on weight and to increase spans. In August 2009 its commercial division got a new name with its separation from Weyerhauser. Now called RedBuilt, it had a laundry list of needs that caused it to move to the cloud, not the least of which was lower cost. This is a one-page overview of what it wanted from the cloud and what the results were.  The star of this one is NetSuite, and while the case study is not very in-depth it will be especially beneficial to those who might be considering migrating from a SAP on-premise solution.  RedBuilt LLC case study

(This category is a service for those who are already here at the site and who want examples of how construction-related firms are using and have adopted cloud offerings. These case studies are provided by companies that sell cloud services. There is no intention to endorse any of the products or services and companies do not pay to have their case studies placed here. Some companies that provide case studies that are posted here may also buy advertising on this site. The case studies are provided for informational purposes and to supply balanced coverage of the topics.)

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