For those using Google Docs/Drive there is now a way to capture any type of digital content to share or collaborate with anyone, on any device, in the cloud. Called CaptureToCloud, the service links seamlessly to Google Docs/Drive so you can easily move the content and even convert those items you picked up using CaptureToCloud, to formats that work in Google Docs/Drive. It also connects to Dropbox. According to the CTC press release:

CaptureToCloud changes how people work with content and moves beyond the traditional file-centric mentality. There is no longer a need to convert content from its original format into a file, or to keep important but different types of content in different places. With the click of a button, users can capture Internet content or drag and drop items from Google Drive or files from Dropbox into their social workspace. Users can then organize content into topical or thematic collections and share them with anyone via email, Facebook, Twitter or CaptureToCloud while retaining control of their content. Users can engage others in private conversations that include people from inside and outside the firewall and integrate relevant content to work smarter and transform information sharing and decision-making.

For people in the AEC industries this simplifies sharing and collaboration in a pretty easy fashion without having to subscribe to multiple collaboration services. You can put all the relevant content for one project in one place that is integrated with Google’s real-time document collaboration suite. CTC is also mobile so it captures mobile web pages too. Mobile users not only have access to their content libraries, but can send, share and comment from their mobile devices while on the go.

“We deployed CaptureToCloud across our organization to make our team more productive,” said Oscar Garcia, CEO of the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce. “CaptureToCloud makes it easy to capture virtually any type of content in our normal workflow and work collaboratively with anyone in or outside our organization. The integration with Google Apps is a huge plus and being a cloud app makes it easy to install and manage.”

This service is also so well integrated with Google Docs/Drive that once you sign in to Google, you’re also signed into CaptureTo Cloud. For those who want an automatic record assembled of what content they’ve found while surfing, the browser plugin includes a DVR capture. Turn it on and all the sites you visit are automatically stashed in your CaptureToCloud storage space. The plugin so far works with Firefox and Google Chrome.

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