So, you just discovered that a recent change in floor loads is going to require upsizing the floor joists. Since the plans call for the joists to be hung with hangers you now have to order new hangers, but first you need to find the part number. It used to be you’d go to the office, dig out the vendor’s book and look it up. But now, all that’s a thing of the past, and beyond structural connectors, we’re probably going to be seeing a lot more of this revolutionary trend — vendors supplying their catalogs as apps that run on iPads, and smartphones.

This one is from USP Structural Connectors and is its complete catalog of hangers, anchors, and connectors. It includes product and application illustrations, installation instructions, fastening schedules, and load ratings. EWP and plated truss connectors also included. It’s available for iPads at the iTunes store. USP says to simply search for its name, which didn’t work for me. But, here’s the URL I found. The company says all its products are compliant with state and national building codes and supported by its own in-house engineering staff, technical assistance teams, and customer service organization.


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