Even in this era of nail guns there is still a lot of nailing that goes on using the old standby – a 16 ounce claw hammer (20 ounce if you aren’t a lightweight and you desire just three hits for a 16d nail). For those small nails though you might save your other nails from damage if you use the ThumbSaver Magnetic Nail Setter. These items have been out of stock all over the place because of a glitch at customs, but sources say they should be available again starting today.

A lot of construction workers like to travel light when it comes to keeping things in their pockets on the job. So, a money clip can easily serve the purpose of holding some cash along with an ID and eliminate the bulk of a wallet. This is one nifty money clip that has construction written all over it. Plus it comes in a variety of colors.

There’s just something soooo efficient about tools that do multiple things and construction people like efficiency especially when it saves them steps or the time involved in looking for a particular tool. So while this is a tool that’s been around for awhile it still bears strong consideration when trying to pick a gift. It’s the multi-tool. They are made by many companies but they all have some similar items in their handles. This particular one even includes a couple of saw blades and metric and standard rulers.

For contractors that do some, or all, of their own designs, and for designers and architects, there is now a tool that will help with picking and recording colors on the job. Called Color Savvy, this tool matches up to 23,000 colors from major paint manufacturers. But, that’s not all, since you can also use it to scan colors and textures and then it will suggest coordinating colors.

There is a great book out this year that has a lot of information that anyone in construction management, architecture or engineering would leave dog-eared in short order. It’s Choosing Project Success by J.F. McCarthy. For those who might spend their days driving nails but in their spare time they are studying to move toward management or other positions that involve designing and planning this book is a must have.

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