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Why Is It Wise to Wear Gloves When Spreading Fertilizer?

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why is it wise to wear gloves when spreading fertilizer

In the whole process of growing your beautiful roses or any kind of plant, spreading fertilizers is highly advisable. Just the right type of fertilizer will allow the plants to grow and bloom like we want.

If you already pick the suitable one, let’s get started with the task. But first, let me tell you, “Why is it wise to wear gloves when spreading fertilizer?”

It is Not Safe to Touch, Breathe in, or Digest Fertilizer

Fertilizer is known to cause skin irritation, especially to people with sensitive skin. It contains Nitrates, which can be toxic to animals and humans. Accidentally inhaling and digesting the ingredient will result in being poisoned.

Furthermore, there are various chemicals in the fertilizers, including nitrogen, potash, micronutrients, and potassium.

There are often phosphoric acid, sulfur, ammonium sulfate, lime, and more chemicals in commercial plant food. They can burn our skin and hurt our eyes upon contact. If we inhale a large amount of those poisons while spreading fertilizers, it’s likely that we hurt our lungs. So frequent gardeners must look out for this issue.

There are many parasites, fungi, mold, and bacteria in homegrown fertilizers, which are organic products from compost. Without a glove, the bacteria can enter easily when we are accidentally scratched by the rose thorns or some sharp glasses.

What Should We Wear When Spreading Fertilizer?


Safety glovesGarden gloves that resist moisture and scratches are an excellent pick for spreading fertilizer.

A mask – We wear a mask to avoid inhaling toxic chemicals and naturally occurring bacteria, thus protecting our lungs. Besides, we don’t want to smell an unpleasant odor, especially from homegrown fertilizers.

Safety goggles – It is also wise to wear protective sunglasses to shield against UV rays and accidentally spray chemicals.

Long pants and long-sleeve shirt – Wearing such an outfit ensures as little skin exposure to chemicals as possible.


The long list of hazardous elements in commercial and homegrown fertilizers shows us the importance of wearing gloves. Now, if some new gardener asks you, “why is it wise to wear gloves when spreading fertilizer?”, you already have the perfect reply to them.

Enjoy your time gardening and make sure to protect your health from chemicals used in growing your beautiful garden. Feel free to share the article!

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