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What Are Chloroprene Gloves? A Guide to Disposable Gloves

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what are chloroprene gloves

Most disposable work gloves are made of either nitrile, vinyl, or latex. These gloves are helpful when we need to avoid direct contact with dirt and hazardous elements. Therefore, they are of excellent use on many occasions, as long as we choose the right pair.

Nitrile or latex work gloves are familiar with numerous users, but chloroprene gloves sound like some newly-invented pairs for many. However, that is not the case, as chloroprene gloves are also known as neoprene work gloves.

So, let’s find out ‘What are chloroprene gloves?’ and learn more information about these hand protection pieces.

Important Things to Know About Chloroprene Gloves

First of all, chloroprene is a colorless volatile liquid, mainly used to make polymer polychloroprene. It is a synthetic rubber material with features resembling natural latex, which makes excellent disposable gloves.

Also, most people know about chloroprene gloves as neoprene or polychloroprene gloves. These products are for medical practices, meeting requirements for protection, comfort, and dexterity. For example, in healthcare services, chloroprene exam gloves are essential pieces for workers.

Chloroprene vs Neoprene: Are They the Same

Yes, they are. When you ask for chloroprene gloves, but the seller brings out a pack with Neoprene written on it, do not be alarmed as they are the same thing. Also, Neoprene is the trademark name branded by Dupont®.

Best Attributes of Chloroprene Gloves


Regarding chloroprene gloves, we can trust them due to many excellent features:

  • Safe use with no latex – Chloroprene gloves are usable for people with latex allergies. These pairs are an excellent replacement for latex gloves while ensuring a high level of protection and durability, just like the latter. If you like vinyl and nitrile gloves for their latex-free construction, you should try chloroprene ones as well.
  • Good comfort and fit – Many workers rely on these gloves for long-hour tasks as they deliver comfort. Unlike nitrile, chloroprene, with its low modulus, offers a soft feeling to our skin. Plus, they are stretchy and tight, allowing a snug fit to our hands. We can utilize these gloves to enjoy excellent touch sensitivity.
  • Durable and strong – Chloroprene gloves are indeed strong, mainly because of their elasticity. In detail, these gloves meet the testing requirements for tensile strength and elongation.
  • Great tensile strength indicates its ability to be stretched significantly without breaking. Meanwhile, elongation shows how far these gloves allow stretching before reaching their breaking point.
  • Reliable protection – Durable chloroprene gloves resist cutting and puncture well, and thus are perfect for handling sharp tools and instruments. Besides, neoprene gloves can withstand high temperatures and flame.

They are also formulated to shield against body fluids, harmful chemicals, and corrosive agents. So we can indeed wear these gloves to handle acids, alcohols, and cleaning solutions without hurting our skin.

What Is the Difference Between Chloroprene and Nitrile Gloves

Many ponder over choosing between polychloroprene gloves vs nitrile ones. However, they are both excellent work gloves for protection, formulated without latex for safe use. Also, we can wear them to resist a wide range of threats, including punctures, cuts, toxic chemicals, and corrosive agents.

However, Chloroprene gloves have a higher elongation percentage than nitrile pairs, which means they can handle more stress with a lower chance of breaking.

Between chloroprene gloves vs nitrile gloves, we suggest that users wear the former for industrial food processing. Meanwhile, the latter is useful in medical applications like urgent care, dental services, and more.


Now you have the full answer to the question ‘What are chloroprene gloves? The important points to consider are how beneficial these gloves are for our daily work.

First, you should know that they are superior choices for latex-free use, have excellent tensile strength and resistance against many threats. Furthermore, they are great alternatives for other disposable gloves due to their good durability, comfort, and flexibility.

If you decide to go with chloroprene (or neoprene) gloves, make sure to choose a reliable brand for purchase. Also, please know that we appreciate every comment and share from readers. Thank you for reading!

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